Queens Of The Stone Age Songs for the Deaf album cover

The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of January 2020

New year, and a new tweak to the script that compiles the top 50! This shouldn’t have an effect on how the data gets counted, but there may be some minor hiccups between this and December’s charts for those of you who pay attention to those things. On with the list! A lot of Black Friday RSD releases changed hands, getting rock perennials Pearl Jam, QOTSA, and Oasis back into bins and accessible for collectors. Plenty of decent underground releases sprinkled throughout and, as always, Tracy Chapman. Check it out!

U2 - Three album cover

#49. U2 – Three

12″, Single, Ltd, Num, RE, RM, 40t
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msuci appreciator
  • Mar 26,2020 at 17:05

    I admit, I’m surprised that Michael Jackson is there twice?? Top 50 best selling albums of Jan? Really? Bad and Thriller. It would be interesting to know the actual number of copies sold.

    As Groundhog_1 suggests, the list is jam packed with same-old / same-old titles and predictable titles. I know the market cannot be influenced by Discogs, but it gets tiresome seeing the same things over and over. But they are what they are, and if people are buying them, then so be it.

  • Mar 25,2020 at 20:06

    I must be getting old but I don’t know 28 of the artists listed. Out of the ones I know most were over-played when they came out and now I can’t face putting them on the turntable. Born in The USA: far from his best.Never could get into Michael Jackson’s music. Dire Straits: over-played. Oasis & Pink Floyd: way over-played. I wouldn’t mind hearing The Doors LP though.

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