The Echo Nest and Discogs Deliver Crowdsourced Music Data to Apps

We’re excited to announce The Echo Nest, a music intelligence platform powering smarter apps across the web and devices, has incorporated Discogs into its Rosetta Stone platform, a universal music data translator that facilitates “big data” integration into apps on all platforms.

As part of the deal, Discogs’ rich database of user-generated music information — one of the largest sources of music information in the world, especially for electronic and vinyl releases — is seamlessly incorporated into The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone. This allows developers to access all of that data at a deep level, safe in the knowledge that they’re matching the appropriate artists on Twitter, Facebook, or Spotify (more partners listed below) to Discogs’ extensive information on music releases.

The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone also hooks into Discogs’ marketplace, where music fans buy and sell music on any physical format. With Discogs’ artists mapped into Rosetta Stone, app developers can include in their apps not only Discogs’ information on millions of releases, but releases offered for sale in the marketplace.

Developers can now access release dates, artist credits, labels, album covers, marketplace inventory, and more, for any artist on Discogs, and match that to the artists on any or every other Rosetta Stone platform, offering potential for never-before-seen music apps.

In addition to Discogs, The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone includes 7Digital, EMI, Facebook, Free Music Archive, JamBase, LyricFind, Musicbrainz, MusixMatch, Playme, Rdio, Seatwave, Songkick, SongMeanings, Spotify, and Twitter.

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