The Most Collected, Desired and Expensive Disco Music

We’re in the 1970’s and Disco is the new kid on the block. From humble beginnings in off-the-radar clubs in the United States, the four-on-the-floor beats make their way across the world, heading both East and West, and become one of the earliest dance genres to achieve worldwide fame. In doing so, Disco crowns new royalty and represents, in a brilliant duality, the voice of both the marginalized and the privileged.

Disco was so wildly popular that its influence is still frequently seen and heard nearly a half-century later. Albums such as Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, the most collected album on Discogs from the 2010’s, borrowed heavily from the style, even pulling in Disco legends like Giorgio Moroder for vocals.

More so, Disco’s influence can be seen in the physical manifestation of modern electronic dance music. If it wasn’t for Tom Moulton’s experiments with remixing disco tracks as a DJ, and José Rodriguez’s mastering ingenuity, we might not have the now-ubiquitous 12’’ single format playing in clubs around the world today.

Disco is one of the top 10 most collected and top 5 most wanted styles on Discogs by volume. We dive into the data available on the more than 325,000 releases tagged as Disco on Discogs to see how this influential style is collected, desired and sold worldwide.

Most Collected Disco Albums

As many of you pointed out in our recent list of the top 200 most collected albums of the 2010’s, the most collected albums do not always represent the best ones. However, popularity does signify what mainstream culture is fed and ultimately appreciates.

Michael Jackson - Thriller album cover

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Collected: 146,009

Released: 1982

The sheer dominance of Thriller on this list is a testament to the success the record achieved. It’s in more than 2.5X as many Discogs Collections as the second most collected disco record. Michael Jackson has recently, rightfully, come under much criticism for his predatory behavior, but that was mostly unknown or swept under the rug during his heyday in the 1980’s.

The Rolling Stones - Some Girls album cover

The Rolling Stones – Some Girls

Released: 1978

Collected: 58,072

Michael Jackson - Off The Wall album cover

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

Released: 1979

Collected: 55,385

Madonna ‎– Like A Virgin album cover

Madonna ‎– Like A Virgin

Released: 1984

Collected: 49,373

Blondie - Parallel Lines album cover

Blondie – Parallel Lines

Released: 1978

Collected: 49,179

Daft Punk ‎– Random Access Memories album cover

Daft Punk ‎– Random Access Memories

Released: 2013

Collected: 47,333

Daft Punk - Discovery album cover

Daft Punk – Discovery

Released: 2001

Collected: 39,571

ABBA ‎– Arrival album cover

ABBA ‎– Arrival

Released: 1976

Collected: 30,597

Stevie Wonder ‎– Hotter Than July album cover

Stevie Wonder ‎– Hotter Than July

Released: 1980

Collected: 29,009

Most Desired Disco Albums

We used a simple equation of wants/haves to find the most desired Disco releases. Disco was at the forefront of globalization, which is evident from the release countries of the records below. In the 21st century, electronic dance music is often untethered to a place. In the 2010’s, much of the music played in clubs in the Global West is comprised of deconstructed sounds that have little geographical connection. Disco is a juxtaposition to this trend and is a great style to showcase regional sounds in a medium and atmosphere accessible to a global audience.

Arts & Craft - I

Arts & Craft – I’ve Been Searching

Want/Have Index: 65.73

How fitting is it that the most desired Disco album on Discogs is titled I’ve Been Searching? I’m sure plenty of you have dreamt about coming across this one in the crates. This release, a test-pressing, is ultra-rare. It has never been sold on Discogs. Even when looking at the only other official release, the median sale price is a whopping $150.

Rupa - Disco Jazz album cover

Rupa – Disco Jazz

Want/Have Index: 48.54

Released: 1982

LP, First pressing. This extremely rare Indian-Canadian Disco album has a median price of more than $770. Luckily, legendary curators Numero Group secured rights and released it in what is one of the best reissues of 2019.

Oluko Imo - Praise-Jah (Psalm 150) album cover

Oluko Imo – Praise-Jah (Psalm 150)

Want/Have Index: 47.95

Released: 1978

7″. It’s not everyday that you come across a Disco 7” from Trinidad & Tobago.

General Lee - Pleasure / We Did It Baby album cover

General Lee – Pleasure / We Did It Baby

Want/Have Index: 46.00

Released: 1979

7″. Spage-age soul that is a steppers classic. Truly enjoyable, especially “Pleasure.” It has sold for $1,200 on Discogs and more than $1,500 on eBay.

Shadow - D

Shadow – D’ Hardest

Want/Have Index: 41.32

Released: 1980

12″. Another Trinidad & Tobago gem.

Kiki Gyan - Feeling So Good album cover

Kiki Gyan – Feeling So Good

Want/Have Index: 37.79

Released: 1979

LP, Album. Excellent funk and disco from Ghana. A 2018 reissue has made this record much more accessible.

Steve Monite - Only You album cover

Steve Monite – Only You

Want/Have Index: 36.62

Released: 1984

LP, Album. Widely considered the “holy-grail” of Nigerian funk. Reissued in 2017, though original copies still sell for close to $1,000.

Brian Bennett - Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) album cover

Brian Bennett – Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)

Want/Have Index: 36.43

Released: 1978

LP. Space disco. It took nearly 40 years for a proper reissue, but it finally arrived in 2017.

Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Malik album cover

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Malik

Want/Have Index: 35.58

Released: 1976

LP, Album. The saxophone on track “Darkest Light,” was later sampled by Public Enemy for “Show ‘Em Whatcha Got.” This album was recorded in France by an American group. One of the more affordable desired disco records.

Bileo - You Can Win / Let

Bileo – You Can Win / Let’s Go

Want/Have Index: 35.46

Released: 1979

7″, RP. Groovy disco and soul 7”. Affordable after a 2014 repress by Edinburgh-based reissue label Athens of the North.

Most Expensive Disco Albums

Going back to the thoughts of regional influence on the style, many of the original African and Eastern disco releases failed to make it out of their regions in the 1970’s and 1980’s. We’ve seen a resurgence in reissues in the last decade that has made these available to a wide audience, but pristine copies of the original pressings can command astounding prices.

LaRom André Baker - You

LaRom André Baker – You’re The Best (1978)

Highest Sale Price: $6,000.00

7″, 45 RPM, Single Sided. You can score the double-sided 7″ with the B-side track “Love Will Make You Better” for much less. Only one copy has made it to the Discogs Marketplace, and although it was VG+, it still sold for $6,000.

Dynamic Five - Love Is The Key album cover

Dynamic Five – Love Is The Key

Highest Sale Price: $4,250.00
Released: 1978

LP, Album, Test Pressing. Only pressed once outside of this test-pressing, any variant of this record is exceptionally rare.

Mistafide - Equidity Funk album cover

Mistafide – Equidity Funk

Highest Sale Price: $3,896.10
Released: 1980

12″, 33 ⅓ RPM. Original Pressing. Reissues are common and much more affordable.

Marlon Hunter - It

Marlon Hunter – It’s Summer

Highest Sale Price: $3,333.33
Released: 1980

LP, Album. First and only pressing. More soul and funk than disco, the music holds up 40 years later.

94 East Feat. Prince - Be My Fortune Teller/ I Just Wanna Be album cover

94 East Feat. Prince – Be My Fortune Teller/ I Just Wanna Be

Highest Sale Price: $3,250.00
Released: 1977

7″, Test Pressing. Only the test pressing is listed on Discogs. We’ve written about some phenomenally expensive Prince records in the past and this 7″, which credits Prince as the guitarist, is another to add to the long list.

Jack Ashford / Robert White - The Name Of The Game Is...Blackjack album cover

Jack Ashford / Robert White – The Name Of The Game Is…Blackjack

Highest Sale Price: $3,111.11
Released: 1978

LP, Album, Soundtrack. From prolific Motown producer Jack Ashford.

Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion / Lypso Illusion album cover

Stephen Encinas – Disco Illusion / Lypso Illusion

Highest Sale Price: $2,400.00
Released: 1979

12″, 45 RPM, Single. Yet another Trinidad & Tobago 12″ disco single. Invisible City Editions repressed this in 2013 and 2018.

Bee Vee And The Honey Bee - I

Bee Vee And The Honey Bee – I’m Lost Without Your Love

Highest Sale Price: $2,250.00
Released: unknown

7″, 45 RPM. Only known pressing.

Mellow Madness Band - I See It Coming / Boogie "M" album cover

Mellow Madness Band – I See It Coming / Boogie “M”

Highest Sale Price: $2,000.00
Released: 1979

7″, 45 RPM. Made while the band was stationed in Germany in the military. A much needed repress landed in 2015.

Gboyega Adelaja - Colourful Environment album cover

Gboyega Adelaja – Colourful Environment

Highest Sale Price: $1,750.00
Released: 1979

LP, Album. Nigerian Afrobeat with a disco-tinge. Another one that is lucky enough to have gotten a recent reissue, from a Nigerian label nonetheless.

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    You can do this, but you will take a beating for it. I could suggest that all Electronic Dance music belongs more in the Disco genre than Electronic, but the anger from all the ‘boys’ would be savage.

  • Dec 20,2019 at 07:55

    Overall Disco was not only about sound and music but it was also about the dance. It was a movement in music so yes Madonnas Like A Virgin was one of the biggest. Trust me we all Disco Danced to her back in the day! She was the “It” girl not only for music and dance but also fashion. She was Disco Royalty…

  • Dec 19,2019 at 18:35

    the genre “DISCO” truly needs a review…artists in this genre off the collective radar (lipps inc,chic,duran durans- My Own Way,leif garrett,Bill Conti ‎– For Your Eyes Only (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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  • Dec 19,2019 at 18:12

    Madonna- Like a Virgin classified as disco,really….hmmm 🤨,i would believe her first album had a few links to disco than this one,but alas if it has any type of a synthesizer/keyboard sound it quiet possibly might end up by die-hard club girls 👠 as disco or even nu-disco.When one thinks about glam metal from the 1980s/early 1990s and its sound and look, just about every rock artist was classified glam metal or hair metal (❗❔❗) even tho their music had basically nothing to do with the genre (i.e bon jovi,night ranger,def leppard,Fate,Heart,Thunder,ozzy osbourne,warrant,etc,etc,etc)yet because it was during that era and it was rock/heavy rock and had a guitar it was basically classified glam metal or even metal 🙄 🎸

  • Dec 19,2019 at 08:33

    Ooof! I guess the option to edit your comment once you have posted it here, does not exist?

  • Dec 19,2019 at 08:26

    Wow, that Marlon Hunter “It’s Summer” has really gone up
    since I sold the first copy on Discogs in 2011 for $1040.00
    Musically, I would categorize it as Jazz Funk, or maybe
    soul jazz to some, but definitely not disco. I will go and remove the disco tag from the submission myself. One thing
    that has been becoming more apparent to me lately on Discogs, is that there is an alarming amount of misconception that exist’s relating to genres and styles
    that people aren’t very familiar with. So there are literally hundreds of thousands of releases in the DB
    that have been tagged with styles that are not valid.

  • Dec 18,2019 at 23:40

    One problem I noticed is Stevie Wonder’s “Hotter Than July” links to “Songs In The Key Of Life.” Another problem I noticed is that neither of these are disco records.

    • Dec 19,2019 at 01:04

      Thanks for catching that incorrect link @redr0bin. All data for this article is connected to the style tags in the Database, which users can suggest through edits. If you feel a release is tagged incorrectly, please suggest it for the community to review.

  • 4MC
    Dec 18,2019 at 23:18

    Huh, did someone make a mistake and add the wrong list to the most collected disco albums?

    I get it Madonna, blondie, even the Stones cashed in on the uptempo dance music of the mid to late 70’s sometimes called disco.

    But really, these are not disco albums even if you count the uptempo tracks as true disco, an album they do not make.

    Any disco album list that doesn’t include at least one of the Trammps first three albums, raises serious questions about the source.

    Just because Saturday night fever is listed doesn’t make up for this absence. Sigh.

    Nile Rogers and chic anyone?

    • Dec 19,2019 at 01:07

      Hi @4MC. All data for this article is connected to the style tags in the Database, which users can suggest through edits. If you feel a release is not technically Disco, please suggest it for the community to review on its Database page.

      The methods used correspond to how Discogs users collect, want and purchase these albums on the website but are not necessarily reflective of the “best” or even the most representative albums of the genre.

  • Dec 18,2019 at 23:15

    Totally agree. Can’t believe no Donna Summer’s not Barry White’s records are in these lists.

  • Dec 18,2019 at 22:18

    Very few of those most collected “disco” albums are remotely disco…

    • Dec 19,2019 at 01:08

      Feel free to suggest edits to the style tags on the albums’ corresponding Database pages, @Chavva!

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