The Top 10 Weird Record Store Names

The names of record stores worldwide can be wild. And they can be wild because most of them are independent and don’t need to be vetted by big corporations’ focus groups and marketing execs. It is a similar trend with comic books stores and our dearly departed friends, video rental stores (RIP).

Our ability to discover the record stores out there with weird or funny names is limited, so we decided to check with the worldwide community of collectors in our three main social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We knew right from the very beginning that we were set up for success, and you all took good care in replying to our question with hundreds of record store names.

Record shops need your help! Social distancing efforts have many record shops temporarily shuttered. Discogs has waived transaction fees for March and April for record stores and created a page to find local record shops near you.

It’s been tough to stick to just 10 weird record store names given the incredible amount we’ve received and the outstanding creativity of record store owners to name their babies. Whether it’s puns, double meanings or straight up scatological dirty business, we were surprised by the number of record stores unafraid of make an impact in their customers with some of the most unforgettable names ever.

Before we go ahead with our top 10 weird record store names, we don’t want to leave out all the other record stores which didn’t make the cut but that also deserve to be mentioned in this article. Here’s a full list in alphabetical order:

To be fair, we made sure that all of the record stores in the Top 10 were mentioned by many different users:

Top 10 Weird Record Store Names

angry mom records in ithaca, ny

Angry Mom Records

Ithaca, New York

bucket o blood record store in chicago, il

Bucket O Blood Books & Records

Chicago, Illinois

criminal records in atlanta, ga

Criminal Records

Atlanta, Georgia

end-of-an-ear-record-store in austin, tx

End Of An Ear

Austin, Texas


Hot Poop

Walla Walla, Washington

human-head-record-store in NYC

Human Head Records

NYC, New York

magnolia-thunderpussy-records in columbus, oh

Magnolia Thunder-pussy

Columbus, Ohio

stinkweeds-record-store in phoenix, az


Phoenix, Arizona

the-electric-fetus-record-store in minneapolis, mn

The Electric Fetus

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Vinyl Resting Place

Portland, Oregon

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