YouTube House: An Introduction To A Weird Wonderful World (Part 2/2)

Last time in our YouTube house breakdown, we spoke with Petite Douceur and OOUKFunkyOO about what brought them to choose YouTube as a medium for music discovery and promotion. Today we’re continuing our showcase of these YouTube channel owners by speaking with definite party material and Slav, based in the UK and Poland respectively.



definite party material


  • Joined February 17, 2014
  • 3,775 Subscribers
  • 264 Videos

Channel Description

yo i’m ian and these are my favourite bits from my record/music collection.
resident on noods radio bristol, catch me 8-10pm every other sunday (you can find my old shows on my soundcloud).

submissions/bookings/general music chat:
(please don’t email me asking for rips)

the material on this channel does not belong to me, it’s uploaded to promote the work of the artists. i dont monetize anything. if you have a problem with any material you can email me.

Who are you?
I’m Ian DPM (three guesses what that stands for) and I run Definite Party Material, I guess haha.

Where are you located?
Bristol, England.

What is the purpose of the definite party material channel?
The most important purpose for me is to showcase music that I find exciting. I either try to shed light on artists/releases I’ve dug up (or been sent, getting a lot of unsigned producers sending me stuff which is great!) that people might not have heard or tunes that I feel are really special for one reason or another. I search for music a lot so it’s nice having somewhere I can immediately share things I enjoy.

Why did you decide to create this account?
I wish there was a deep explanation but I literally just had the idea at a friends house before going clubbing. One of those times where you’re doing whatever you do before you go out and taking turns picking out tracks to show everyone else & set the mood for the night. I wanted a more structured way of sharing the stuff I liked that maybe you couldn’t easily find anywhere else. It’s basically just me indulging my inner “annoying guy that always takes the aux lead at parties”.

Many of the YouTube channels I follow to discover new house music don’t place nearly as much of an emphasis on physical releases as yourself. What do you think is the role of vinyl as a recording medium in dance music today?
DJs are performers so music collections hold a lot of value, you could say they’re like a part of the DJ’s instrument. Vinyl, at one point, was the format to DJ with and it’s kinda just stuck since then, I think. Digital files can feel a bit disposable but with records you can literally reach for a track you want to put on. I feel like there’s more way value in a piece of music when you can hold it, look at the sleeve, place it on the turntable and put the needle on the track. I can remember where and when I got 95% of my records. Judging by the amount of great vinyl only labels popping up at the moment and the market for second-hand records, I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. Mixing on vinyl is funner too! I got a load of angry messages online once for saying I thought vinyl DJ’s were technically better but I still stand by that haha.

That said, do you have a Discogs account and/or use the site regularly?
Yeah, I find myself falling into Discogs holes quite often just looking through old labels or artists discographies. I don’t usually buy stuff unless I’m ordering like a handful of records though and I’ve never paid anything crazy for a record! One thing I don’t do enough is keep my catalogue updated though.

Do you produce or DJ yourself?
DJing is pretty much my favourite thing in the world to do. I’m a resident on Nood’s Radio here in Bristol so I do a 2hr show every fortnight (Sundays: 8-10pm, had to get a little plug in there) and I’ve started getting a few bookings in Bristol so hopefully that picks up a bit more! I’m working on a club night with my friends too but that’ll be under a different name and it’s still being organised.

I studied Music Production when I was younger but for a long time never had the patience to really finish anything off haha. I’ve kinda found my sound DJing now so I’m getting back into it, I’m starting to put together a few rough tracks & edits for sets & radio so who knows, maybe I’ll actually put something out soon.

Do you have any experience in music promotion outside of YouTube?
I’ve had a few internships & done a few bits in the industry but nothing major.

Do you run any other channels, or have you run others in the past?

What do you think this “YouTube scene,” so to speak, offers that isn’t possible on other platforms (e.g. Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.)?
Most other platforms are very linear, you just have them on passively in the background but with Youtube there’s discussion in the comments and a whole bunch of other content to check out on the side. It’s a lot more aesthetic to me and you see people selecting artwork/making visuals for tunes as well which is pretty cool (I prefer to just present them how the label/artist’s presented them personally). It’s a lot easier to explore I think and that’s what I would want someone to do when they find something I’ve uploaded. Not necessarily just go through my channel listening but use it to discover more music, same way you can get in a hole on Discogs. I’ve been playing around with randomly live-streaming mixes and stuff too which has been pretty fun.

Have you run into any intellectual property/copyright problems with your uploads, or samples contained in your uploads? If so how have you responded to these concerns?
Not really. The copyright system on Youtube is pretty solid so a lot of my uploads are getting monetised by the labels and I’ve only ever been asked to take stuff down once or twice. I’ve had whole mixes/streams blocked because of one track which is frustrating but what can you do eh? Some guy said he’d sue me because of my logo once but that never really went anywhere.

Where do you think house music will be in 10 years? Do you think the genre is headed in a positive direction?
It’s hard to say. It’s such a broad term these days, you could meet someone who says they like house too and it’d be totally different stuff to what you like. The internet’s giving smaller scenes and subgenres room to develop and it’s gonna be interesting to see where they go. There is a lot of commercialisation/watering-down happening in the “mainstream” but there’s always gonna be an alternative to that so I’m not worried. In all honesty I’d need a long time to come up with a good answer but I don’t think there’ll be a time when house music in some form doesn’t excite me.



Slav/Slav .

Statistics (as of April 3, 2017)

  • Joined October 21, 2016
  • 51,104 Subscribers
  • 111 Videos

Who are you?

My name is Oskar Koch. I’m a 19 year old house nerd who specializes in uploading clickbait house on youtube :))

Where are you located?
I live in a lovely small town based in southern-west part of Poland, called Legnica.

What is the purpose of the Slav and Slav . channels?
I love the experience of sharing new music with people and I had this strong impulse to create a platform for those who can’t spend hours daily on digging through music, yet still want to have a quality collection of records.

Why did you decide to create these accounts?
Despite YouTube being oversaturated right now with new music channels being created every single day, I haven’t stumbled upon one, who would reflect my taste in a satisfying way. Therefore I decided to do it myself and hopefully bring some value for other house enthusiasts. It’s been an exciting journey for me and the artists and it feels incredibly fulfilling to serve them and share the music I love with the community.

What is your relationship with the record labels releasing this stuff?
We always work together for the best interest of the artists. It’s like a one big family when it comes the vibe I promote. Everyone is genuinely in it for the music and so that’s our main focus. We have an honest relationship going and if someone doesn’t dig something, we don’t sugar-coat each other but give honest opinions. It’s a straightforward, but willing to help community ;)

What do you typically look for when you source new tracks?
When it comes to selection process for the channel, I can’t stress enough how important it is to spend some quality time with the track first and get familiar with every bit of it, yet still sometimes I’m guilty of uploading music on an impulse. It’s very hard to know whether you’d still dig a particular track in years to come, but sometimes you just DO and that’s what I aim to publish.

Do you produce or DJ yourself?
I do enjoy DJing and I want to go further in this direction, but there’s still a long way for me to explore here.

Do you have any experience in music promotion outside of YouTube?
As a teenager I worked for jemmradio and was the right-hand of the Music Director there. Decided to follow my passion and moved onto DJing later on (as Oskar Koch). Which led me to explore various social network platforms; Reddit, Soundcloud etc. but of course YouTube is my fav.

Do you run any other channels, or have you run others in the past?
My DJ channel which oscillates around wide spectrum of genres from neurofunk to swing music.

What do you think this “YouTube scene,” so to speak, offers that isn’t possible on other platforms (e.g. Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.)?
Very simple, there is so much records on YouTube that you won’t find anywhere else, period. Then you have a comment section which can be a powerful way to connect, discuss or simply get a good laugh with the community. Lastly, comes the obvious ease of use. What else do you need?

Have you run into any intellectual property/copyright problems with your uploads, or samples contained in your uploads? If so how do you typically deal with these concerns?
Many of our tracks are heavy sampled, so it needs to be resolved with original artists before uploading. Most producers just ask to give them credit, but some are not interested even with the financial proposals. Therefore we have many tracks which will remain unreleased, unfortunately.

Where do you think house music will be in 10 years, do you think it’s headed in a positive direction?
Well house music is a very broad term and since I unplugged a few years ago from the radio, I’m not really sure of how the scene looks mainstream-wise. What interests me is the underground scene and it’s not going anywhere, artists have been putting out quality music since the 90’s and it’s just a matter of digging deep enough to find those gems. I see many upcoming artists trying to join this new emerging “deeper side of house” movement and focusing mainly on the groove and creating melodies which can last for decades, so I’m very looking forward to the future of house music.


Despite the large number of tracks posted by these 4 tastemakers, it’s important to realize that this community is far greater than the scope of this article. If you’re interested in finding out more, I’d highly recommend you sift through YouTube’s recommendations to find channels that resonate with you. Whether or not you’re in need of interesting music as a backdrop for a party, looking for tracks to use in a DJ mix, or simply looking for a way to unwind at the end of the day, these channels have something to offer. Just remember to subscribe and buy the tracks before they’re gone!

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