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Top 10 Community Voted Best Releases In My Collection

I don’t have a lot this week. I’ve got a few really interesting projects in the chamber, but nothing worth reporting yet. As I’m due to for something, I whipped up this list the top ten community voted best releases in my collection. It’s an amazing mix of funk, disco, psych and electronic-ish music. I was going to do the bottom rated releases, but, the potential chance to ruffle some feathers was a little too high for my own personal taste.

On my end, it’s been a busy few weeks here at fox manor. Last weekend I made 65 subs, 112 release edits, and 640 images. Coupled with the 330 images I ground in last night, it makes for quite the burst of activity. I don’t encourage this level of concentrated contribution over more than just a few short bursts as it’s not sustainable. I’m getting deep into stuff I’ve picked over a dozen times out of my to-do dump. So much main-stream jazz, traditional folk, budget classical, box sets, and other cultural detritus.

That might be a little harsh. The idea of altruistic contribution is that the work done will benefit someone, somewhere, at sometime – bare minimum. It can be more valuable knowing that a record isn’t worth taking a risk on. We’ve all accidentally bought duds thinking they could be interesting. I’d rather spend my time contributing genuinely interesting material rather than providing examples of what not to buy.

You should, though, check out every record on this list. They are all amazing records and I highly recommend every last one of them. What are your favorites? Tell us!

Community voted best record, Gary's Gang - Let's Lovedance Tonight / Showtime

21x 5.0 ratings – Gary’s Gang – Let’s Lovedance Tonight / Showtime

The A-Side of this record is an absolutely classic piece of disco. It’s been a staple of my sets for years and I highly recommend it. It’s definitely a little more on the roller disco end of things, but it’s still an absolute gem.

Community voted best record, Del Shannon - The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover

15x 5.0 ratings – Del Shannon – The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover

Having had a hit with ‘Runaway‘, Del Shannon released this psychedelic masterpiece seven years after his initial hit to very little fanfare.

Community voted best record, Julius Brockington & The Magic Force - This Feeling

14x 5.0 ratings – Julius Brockington & The Magic Force – This Feeling

I picked this up in Chicago and the dealer told me he got it from Cut Chemist himself. How true that is, I don’t know. I do like a good story, though. I’m pretty sure at this show I was approached by someone asking if ‘Benson’ records were selling and I said ‘probably’ because I didn’t make the connection. I think it was George Benson himself. I have my regrets.

Community voted best record, Bionic Boogie - Tiger Tiger (Feel Good For A While) / Take The Boogie Home

13x 5.0 ratings – Bionic Boogie – Tiger Tiger (Feel Good For A While) / Take The Boogie Home

“For mile after mile, you’ve been a fox on the run” — hey this song is about me! This record has been floating around my collection for years. I don’t play it out enough. It’s really good.

Community voted best record, Arica - Audition

12x 5.0 ratings – Arica – Audition

Long time want, short time have. Amazing music. Some might call it new age, but that term can be contentious. I’ve had a VG copy of their other record, ‘Heaven‘, for years. This one was nice and included the insert too.

Community voted best record, Joe Bataan - The Bottle (La Botella)

12x 5.0 ratings – Joe Bataan – The Bottle (La Botella)

Fantastic early Salsoul cover of the Gil Scott-Heron piece. Also worth checking out is the Brother To Brother version.

Community voted best record, The Evolution Control Committee - Rocked By Rape

10x 5.0 ratings – The Evolution Control Committee – Rocked By Rape

This was super influential in my early days of really getting into music. It’s a great intro to plunderphonics and other illegal music.

Community voted best record, Roommates (2) - National Anthem

10x 5.0 ratings – Roommates (2) – National Anthem

I scored this for ten cents. This was in a huge bin of indie 7″ singles that where being blown out by a record store about ten years ago. Ultimately, most of those records that I grabbed turned out to be duds, but this one was an absolute winner.

Community voted best record, Kenny Knight (2) - Crossroads

10x 5.0 ratings – Kenny Knight (2) – Crossroads

A quantity of deadstock of this record was discovered a few years ago. I don’t often drop a c-note on a single record. If I do, it’s my hope that it’d be at least this good or better. It’s almost Grateful Dead-esque at times.

Community voted best records, Kano - Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)

10x 5.0 ratings – Kano – Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving)

This was the only record on the list I wasn’t already intimately familiar with. I am pretty familiar with the rest of Kano‘s discography and this fits the bill nicely. It sounds like it’d pair nicely with Heartbeat.

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