Top 10 Most Expensive Mispressed Records Ever Sold On Discogs

This past week Columbia Records issued a notice that some of the records from the new vinyl release of Beyonce’s Lemonade were mispressed with music from Canadian punk rock band ZEX. Mispressed records usually occur in the pressing plant when the wrong stampers are used when making an album. These errors are generally caught by quality control before making it out of the plant. In some cases though, the error is not noticed until the records are in the hands of collectors. These problematic pressings are an inconvenience for some and a collectible curiosity for others!

Beyonce - Lemonade

Beyoncé’s Lemonade Yellow Vinyl Release

For some, these can also be incredibly valuable! Presented below are some of the most expensive sales of mispressed records of all time in our marketplace. Click through to the database to find out the details of each mispressing.

If you’ve got a mispress that’s not in our database and want to potentially sell it, have a look at our recent post on contributing unique items to the database using copy to draft and join our S.P.IN campaign!

Here Are The Top 10 Most Expensive Mispressed Records Ever Sold On Discogs:

Mispressed records: Nurse With Wound ‎– Salty

10. Nurse With Wound – Salty (LP, MP, Cle) – $364.93

Mispressed records: Venom - Black Metal

3. VenomBlack Metal (LP, MP, Bro) – $600.53

You can still contribute those mispressed releases or any other undocumented release during our S.P.IN campaign!

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