Gwizski’s Top 10 Modern Funk Songs

Discogs is proud to once again support the Modern Funk Fest. The third annual MFF, taking place on June 16th, 2018, in Los Angeles, CA, features performances and DJ sets from many of the finest representatives of the Boogie Funk scene from the West Coast and abroad.

In anticipation of this epic event, Gwizski, head of Omega Supreme Records, who will be spinning a set at Modern Funk Fest, gives us a rundown of his Top 10 Modern Funk songs.

Gwizski's Top 10: Dam-Funk - Candy Dancin

Dam-Funk featuring Mark de Clive-Lowe – Candy Dancin

From the box set that started it all, this song stood out the most to me as far as opening up the lane for Modern Funk – pure sophistication!

Gwizski's Top 10: Devonwho ‎– Keepthafunkalive

Devonwho ‎– Keepthafunkalive

This is the first Modern Funk song I heard somebody striking out on their own and creating a new dialogue for producers to speak the language of this Funk.

Gwizski's Top 10: XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster - Night Time Is Coming

XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster – Night Time Is Coming

This shit right here! XL had sent me some music by the time I heard this but this had me falling out of my chair! This might be the first song I point to when people ask me about Modern Funk, this is the first peek of XL Middleton’s masterful song arranging!

Gwizski's Top 10: Turquoise Summers ‎– Out From The Shadows

Turquoise Summers ‎– Out From The Shadows

This is a personal favorite, being from Reseda Karate Kid has always been one of my favorite movies growing up, and the chords from Cruel Summer are among my favorite ever. Turquoise Summers took the whole vibe and created a five-minute structure that will melt your body!

Gwizski's Top 10: Moniquea ‎– I Don't Wanna Get Used To It (Diamond Ortiz Remix)

Moniquea ‎– I Don’t Wanna Get Used To It (Diamond Ortiz Remix)

I was already crushing on Moniquea before I heard this remix, but this might’ve been the song that had me fall in love with her completely. The way her beautiful voice spills game, checks off all the musical fantasies for me and the dance floor alike!

Gwizski's Top 10: K-Maxx ‎– Eye On U

K-Maxx ‎– Eye On U

K-Maxx is so low-key but one of the most powerful sounds in Modern Funk! This song embodies everything great about K-Maxx, from the intricacy in the masterful song arrangement to the way his super soulful voice (that might be the best in the west) drops sophisticated game!

Gwizski's Top 10: Brian Ellis ‎– All I Know, All I See

Brian Ellis ‎– All I Know, All I See

This is the song that made me stop and say who the fuck is Brian Ellis?! From the infectious bassline to his smooth voice, I knew this was just the beginning of something real special!

Gwizski's Top 10: Max Kane featuring Zacky Force Funk ‎– Out Of My Mind

Max Kane featuring Zacky Force Funk ‎– Out Of My Mind

Living in the bay from 1996-2001, I always had my ear to the 41Funk crew, so when I saw this Max Kane single I had to scoop. Turns out this would be the first time I ever heard Zacky Force Funk, and this is one of my favorite collaborations ever! This song slaps so if you don’t have this in your collection yet, go back and get it!

Gwizski's Top 10: Psychic Mirrors ‎– The Bells Of Saint Christopher

Psychic Mirrors ‎– The Bells Of Saint Christopher

From the elders in the game comes some of the most masterful production ever! It wouldn’t be Modern Funk without Psychic Mirrors.

Gwizski's Top 10: Sasac ‎– Telemark To The Alhambra

Sasac ‎– Telemark To The Alhambra

This song is a masterpiece and exemplifies every level of sophistication, proving it doesn’t have to be dance floor Boogie to be sophisticated Funk! Sasac creates the space for both every time!


Southern California native, Portland based DJ and Omega Supreme Records founder, Gwizski has been holding down Hip Hop and Funk residencies in the Northwest for the last 18 years, DJing alongside many west coast Hip Hop luminaries such as Aloe Blacc, Blu, Exile, People Under The Stairs, Del, Souls of Mischief, and many others, as well as providing support for the growing Modern Funk music scene which includes Dam-Funk, The Pendletons, K-Maxx, XL Middleton, and west coast Funk institutions and residencies such as Funkmosphere and Sweater Funk. As Omega Supreme Records celebrates over 36 releases over the last six years, Gwizski continues to push the needle to the record by providing an outlet for a growing scene of talented musicians who are moving DJs and dance floors worldwide.

Gwizski: Discogs | Facebook | Instagram
Omega Supreme Records: Discogs | Official | Facebook | Twitter

Modern Funk Fest 2018, presented by Discogs, takes place on June 16th at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Los Angeles. MFF ’18 will feature performances by many of the top movers and shakers in the Modern Funk scene, including: The Egyptian Lover (with live band featuring XL Middleton, Brian Ellis, and Ghost), Beverly Girl, and Zackey Force Funk, and DJ sets from Gwizski, Hotthobo, Mamabear, Funkmosphere DJs, Austin Boogie Crew DJs, and more. The festivities will be hosted by Moniquea

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