Top 20 Most Expensive Bruce Springsteen Records Sold On Discogs

The Boss is a ******* American Treasure! An Icon. Bruce is a hero to the working class. New Jersey’s favorite son. 23 of September is the day Bruce Springsteen first breathed the New Jersey air, and today we celebrate his birth with the Top 20 most expensive Bruce Springsteen records ever sold on Discogs. It’s our small way of saying “Thanks, Boss. Have a great day birthday today!”

So, without all the words we’d shower upon Mr. Springsteen over the course of 213 releases and 2,037 records credits… here are the releases that Springsteen fans have shelled out the most cash for along the way.

Happy birthday, Bruce!

Top 20 Most Expensive Bruce Springsteen Records Sold On Discogs…

You can visit The Boss’s discography as well as snag most of Bruce’s catalog via the Discogs Database and Marketplace.

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