Top 30 Most Expensive Records Jan 2017

Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold On Discogs for January 2017

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Thanks for coming to Discogs; you’re undoubtedly here to follow the tale of our new sales record in the Discogs Marketplace. While we are just as excited as you to see records set around the music we love, this one proved a bit too good to be true. As most of you have seen on NPR, SPIN, Stereogum, or other new outlets across the internet, the release in question had a bizarre story. Only after diligent research by one of our Community Engagement Specialists, we found that the sale was in breach of our Terms of Service.

What makes Discogs so unique is the accuracy of our data and the passion of our Community. Discogs’ priority will always be preserving the integrity of our user-built database. With hundreds of thousands of contributors, buyers, and sellers, putting their trust in our community, Discogs’ mission will continue to be built on the love of music, not the duplicitous nature of the hustle.

For those of you here to see this month’s Top 30 Most Expensive Records List, remember that this is all possible because of our Community’s tireless efforts to maintain the most exhaustive, accurate music database in the world. I’m incredibly proud to say that our Community Success team steps up to match the devotion in our Marketplace by staying on top of fraudulent activity, making Discogs’ the best place to buy music online.

Discogs exists to build the world’s largest database of music; the fact that we get to connect people from across the globe through music both familiar, and new…that’s the gift we’re lucky to receive from you.



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