Discogs Top 30 Expensive June 2017

Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold On Discogs – June 2017

June’s Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold in the Discogs Marketplace starts (as should always be the case) with a fleet-fingered guitar solo.

This month’s most expensive record comes to us courtesy of venerated sideman Caleb Quaye. Before he started backing up some of the biggest names in the rock world, including Sir Elton, Sir Paul, Sir Mick, and some guy named Pete, Mr. Quaye just called himself Caleb. In ’67 he released Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad, a prime slice of psychedelic pop complete with phased backing track, cavernous drums, and the aforementioned killer six-string break. For some reason, the single didn’t garner much attention at the time. That failure to make an impact on the charts means there are a limited number of extant copies from the original pressing run. Combine the rarity with a kinder historical appraisal of this three-minute gem and you’ve got a $3029 price tag.

This was the first ever Discogs sale of ‘Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad’ and Caleb’s first appearance in the Top 30 Most Expensive Records list. Also sold for the first time in the Discogs marketplace while making their initial Top 30 appearance are two other items in this month’s top five: Io Uomo, the only full-length release from heavy Italian proggers Ricordi D’Infanzia (#4, $2054), and Smithville, trumpeter Louis Smith‘s second release on Blue Note (#5, $2035).

The rest of the top five is filled out by some old favorites. The second most expensive item sold in June was a copy of Electronic Music, a 1971 box set containing the artful bleeps and bloops of composer Phillip Werren released as an edition of only 100. That explains the $2250 asking price and highlights why this particular release has popped up in the Top 30 most expensive records four times (three in just the past six months). Finally, this month’s third most expensive item, Beat Bop from Rammellzee and K-ROB, fetched $2240. The early hip-hop collaboration, featuring cover art from Jean-Michel Basquiat, makes its sixth appearance in the Top 30.

What else is going on this month? We’ve got the return of Banksy (remember him/her?). We’ve got Peter Gabriel‘s first appearance on record. We’ve got early an early David Bowie rarity and an early Led Zeppelin rarity, as shocking as that might sound. We’ve got my all-time favorite collection of songs from an American G.I. band. We’ve even got the biggest box set of black metal I’ve ever seen. Because nothing says fun like hours of existential angst! Speaking of which, find your happy place and take a little time to check out the rest of the Discogs Top 30 from June to see what else of note is going on in our marketplace.

 Check out all the most expensive records sold on Discogs in June here:

#1. Caleb* – Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad / A Woman Of Distinction

Sold for $3029.00
Label: Philips Format: 7″, Pus Country: UK
Genres: Rock, Pop Styles: Psychedelic Rock

#2. Phillip Werren – Electronic Music

Sold for $2250.00
Label: Not On Label (Phillip Werren Self-released) Format: 4xLP, Album + Box, Ltd Country: Canada
Genres: Electronic Styles: Musique Concrète

#3. Rammellzee, K-Rob – Beat Bop

Sold for $2240.00
Label: Tartown Record Co. Format: 12″ Country: US
Genres: Hip Hop, Funk / Soul Styles: Electro, Hip Hop, Funk

#4. Ricordi D’Infanzia – Io Uomo

Sold for $2054.00
Label: Cetra Format: LP Country: Italy
Genres: Rock Styles: Prog Rock

#5. Louis Smith (2) – Smithville

Sold for $2035.00
Label: Blue Note Format: LP, Album, Mono Country: US
Genres: Jazz Styles: Hard Bop

#6. David Bowie – Rubber Band

Sold for $1954.00
Label: Decca Format: 7″, Single, Promo Country: UK
Genres: Pop Styles: N/A

#7. D.R. Hooker – The Truth

Sold for $1903.00
Label: On Records (3) Format: LP, Album Country: US
Genres: Rock Styles: Psychedelic Rock

#8. Alphataurus – Alphataurus

Sold for $1862.00
Label: Magma (2) Format: LP, Album, Tri Country: Italy
Genres: Rock Styles: Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock

#9. Mark Fry – Dreaming With Alice

Sold for $1800.00
Label: IT Format: LP Country: Italy
Genres: Rock, Folk, World, & Country Styles: Acoustic, Psychedelic Rock, Folk

#10. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin

Sold for $1792.00
Label: Atlantic Format: LP, Album, 1st Country: UK
Genres: Rock Styles: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Arena Rock

#11. Riz Ortolani – I Giorni Dell’Ira

Sold for $1746.00
Label: RCA Italiana Format: LP, Album, Mono, Promo Country: Italy
Genres: Stage & Screen Styles: Soundtrack

#12. Genesis – From Genesis To Revelation

Sold for $1692.00
Label: Decca, Decca Format: LP, Album, Mono Country: UK
Genres: Rock Styles: Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock

#13. Bob Ohiri & His Uhuru Sounds – Uhuru Aiye

Sold for $1542.00
Label: Ashiko Format: LP, Album Country: UK
Genres: Rock, Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country Styles: African, Afrobeat, Psychedelic Rock

#14. Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You

Sold for $1432.00
Label: Dawn-Lite Format: 7″, Single Country: US
Genres: Funk / Soul Styles: Soul

#15. Prom – Fooled Again

Sold for $1396.00
Label: New Blood Format: LP Country: Germany
Genres: Rock Styles: Hard Rock

#16. Apple (4) – An Apple A Day

Sold for $1385.00
Label: Page One Format: LP, Album Country: UK
Genres: Rock Styles: Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock

#17. Pet Shop Boys – Electric

Sold for $1343.00
Label: The Vinyl Factory, x2 (2) Format: Box, Album, Ltd + 12″, Ora + 12″, Yel + 12″, Pin + Country: UK
Genres: Electronic, Pop Styles: Synth-pop, House

#18. Ann Bogus – Don’t Ask Me To Love Again

Sold for $1319.00
Label: Statue Records (2) Format: 7″, Single Country: US
Genres: Funk / Soul Styles: N/A

#19. Second Re$surrection* – Smoke In The Disco / You Done Let Daylight Catch You

Sold for $1300.00
Label: Stanson Format: 7″ Country: US
Genres: Funk / Soul Styles: Funk, Disco

#20. C. A. Quintet – Trip Thru Hell

Sold for $1300.00
Label: Candy Floss (2) Format: LP, Album Country: US
Genres: Rock Styles: Psychedelic Rock

#21. Emperor (2) – The Complete Works

Sold for $1257.00
Label: Blood Music (2) Format: Box, Comp, Ltd + 12″, RE, RM, Cle + 12″, RM, Cle + Country: Finland
Genres: Rock Styles: Black Metal

#22. The Trend – Electric Chair

Sold for $1200.00
Label: Not On Label Format: 7″ Country: US
Genres: Rock Styles: Punk

#23. The Cure / The Tourists / Midnight Oil – A Forest/ I Only Want To Be With You/ Back On The Borderline

Sold for $1200.00
Label: 7 Records Format: 7″, Single, Promo, Smplr Country: Australia
Genres: Rock, Pop Styles: New Wave, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

#24. The Syndicate (13) – Nashville Ain’t All Country

Label: Piedmont Format: LP, Album Country: US
Genres: Funk / Soul Styles: N/A

#25. Banksy – The Banksy Years

Sold for $1171.00
Label: Not On Label Format: 12″, Ltd, Ora Country: Europe
Genres: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Non-Music Styles: Spoken Word

#26. Marconi Notaro – No Sub Reino Dos Metazoários

Sold for $1150.00
Label: Rozenblit Format: LP Country: Brazil
Genres: Rock, Latin Styles: N/A

#27. Blast Furnace (2) – Blast Furnace

Sold for $1146.00
Label: Polydor Format: LP, Album Country: Scandinavia
Genres: Rock Styles: Prog Rock

#28. Clive Zanda – Clive Zanda Is Here With ” Dat KInda Ting” Calypsojazz Innovations

Sold for $1143.00
Label: Gayap Productions Format: LP, Album Country: Trinidad & Tobago
Genres: Jazz Styles: Calypso

#29. Monks* – Black Monk Time

Sold for $1124.00
Label: International Polydor Production Format: LP, Album Country: Germany
Genres: Rock Styles: Garage Rock

#30. Wild Youth – Radio Youth / Wot ‘Bout Me

Sold for $1100.00
Label: Not On Label Format: 7″ Country: South Africa
Genres: Rock Styles: Punk

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