Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold On Discogs – November 2017

Remember when we almost hit a new record last month? Well, IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! A 7” single by Sex Pistols sold for a staggering $14,690 in November 2017. This price tag was only $67 below the record-breaking single published by Lennon and McArtney (sic). Not bad at all, and it seems like after all: Punk’s not dead (nor dad).

Well below that, in the second position, we can find the New Zealand psych-rockers Serenity. And closing the Top 3, maybe you’ve heard of them, The Velvet Underground & Nico, anyone?

Scroll down to find not just one, but two limited editions of the first record of California rockers Queens Of The Stone Age, joined by the usual suspects Nirvana, The Beatles, Joy Division, Bob Dylan, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd

The mix couldn’t be any more eclectic: besides our regular guests, the presence of Pedro Santos has definitely caught our attention. His 1968 album “Krishnanda” is in the Top 5, right above a rare Italian hardcore 7″ and black metal institution Bathory. Poetry and non-music also have a privileged spot in our chart, by the hand of Yves Klein.

Congratulations to all Discogs users who scored these treasures. Enjoy your finds, and for the rest of us, scroll down to dig into our complete list of most expensive records sold in our Marketplace in November 2017!

Most expensive records sold in November 2017 on Discogs: 7. Bathory - Bathory

7. Bathory – Bathory

Sold for $1,897.00

Most expensive records sold in November 2017 on Discogs: 5. Pedro Santos - Krishnanda

5. Pedro Santos – Krishnanda

Sold for $2,536.00

Most expensive records sold in November 2017 on Discogs: 2. Serenity - Piece Of Mind

2. Serenity – Piece Of Mind

Sold for $2,800.00

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  • Jan 11,2018 at 19:09

    I wonder if the Sex Pistols that got sold is the same one that was sold in Japan, with a seller here acting as a proxy?

  • Jan 11,2018 at 11:58

    What about [r2660567], sold on Nov 16?

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