Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold List from August 2014

Original vinyl pressings dominate the Top 5 Most Expensive Items Sold List of August 2014. The number one spot goes to the 1972 UK release “Swaddling Songs” from Mellow Candle on Deram Records. Number two belongs to an obscure, single-sided US release from Easy Chair, featuring a member with ties to 70’s funk band Towers Of Power. Early 90’s hip-hop represents the three spot with Dope And A Gun’s “Who Got The Flava/I Get Open”, a scarce US 12” release. Some classic US funk represents itself with a rare 7” from Wally Coco at the number four position, while punk band Spiny Norman’s Mind Games rounds out the top five with single “Sorry About That Chief!” on the same format.

A Japanese 40 CD single set from Madonna finds its way on to the list this month, as Ryan Adams has a box set of his own at number 18. A limited US vinyl pressing of the Inception soundtrack from Hans Zimmer makes an impressive stamp on the list this month fetching a handsome price.

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