Mose Expensive December 2021

Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in December 2021

The December 2021 most expensive list has landed and it’s full of black metal mayhem, straight-edge hardcore, and far-out psychedelic sounds. Looking at the most expensive items purchased around the holidays can surface some extra high prices and this December was no exception — the most expensive release sold on Discogs fetched more than $8,000 USD! Before skipping ahead to No. 1, let’s take a look at some of this month’s trends.

Black metal was a standout genre this month with classic releases from Burzum and Mayhem making the list. A 3-way split featuring Mütiilation, Drowning The Light, and Satanic Warmaster also sold for big bucks. The picture disc pressing featured here is limited to 100 copies and 25 of them originally came with a statue of Baphomet.

Straight-edge hardcore was another genre that stood out in December 2021. A third press of Chain Of Strength’s True Till Death reached a new highest price on Discogs. With only 500 made, this particular copy was one of only 200 from that pressing that was made with a silver sleeve. Judge claimed an even higher spot on the list with a copy of Chung King Can Suck It selling for top dollar. With a single pressing of 110 hand-numbered copies, this is not an item you see for sale often and when you do, you better be ready to throw down some serious cash.

Other notable releases include the mind-melting psychedelia of C.A. Quintet and an obscure psych-pop gem from Sunlight.

Arzachel - Arzachel album cover

No. 30. Arzachel – Arzachel (1969)

Sold for: $1,700.00

Soul Vibrations - The Dump album cover

No. 30. Soul Vibrations – The Dump (1973)

Sold for: $1,700.00

Burzum - Aske album cover

No. 26. Burzum – Aske (1993)

Sold for: $1,750.00

Mayhem - Deathcrush album cover

No. 25. Mayhem – Deathcrush (1987)

Sold for: $1,810.87

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin album cover

No. 23. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin (1969)

Sold for: $1,956.52

Louis Smith - Smithville album cover

No. 16. Louis Smith – Smithville (1958)

Sold for: $2,173.90

Motörhead - Motörhead album cover

No. 13. Motörhead – Motörhead (1977)

Sold for: $2,380.95

Nirvana - Bleach album cover

No. 9. Nirvana – Bleach (1989)

Sold for: $2,750.00

Taylor Swift - Red album cover

No. 3. Taylor Swift – Red (2012)

Sold for: $3,900.00

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