Most Expensive March 2022

Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold on Discogs in March 2022

The most expensive items sold in March 2022 include a few classical albums, rare 7-inches from well-known bands, and an essential Ethiopian LP.

A sought-after classical album from 1960 and the one and only pressing of Trios both attracted the attention of serious collectors. Classical records don’t always pop up on the most expensive list, so when two appear in one month, it’s definitely worth noting.

In addition to obscure 45s, this month’s list includes hard-to-find 7-inches from some of rock and roll’s most celebrated artists. The debut single from AC/DC sold for big bucks as this is the only release that features original lead vocalist, Dave Evans. A promo copy of the Pink Floyd See Emily Play single also went to a new home with a hefty price tag.

One of this month’s most intriguing releases is the original pressing of Hailu Mergia And The Walias’ Tche Belew. The album was recorded and released in the wake of the Ethiopian revolution that began in 1974. Up until a vinyl reissue was made available in 2014, this classic album was extremely difficult to find. Reissue or not, collectors are still more than happy to pay top dollar for this timeless masterpiece that reflects the shifting political and social landscapes of 1970s Ethiopia.

Soul Bros. Inc. - Pyramid album cover

No. 22. Soul Bros. Inc. – Pyramid (1972)

Sold for: $2,375.00

Agincourt - Fly Away album cover

No. 19. Agincourt – Fly Away (1970)

Sold for: $2,500.00

Onecut - Cut Commander album cover

No. 12. Onecut – Cut Commander (1998)

Sold for: $2,989.47

Babeez - Dowanna Love album cover

No. 9. Babeez – Dowanna Love (1977)

Sold for: $3,071.43

Minor Threat - In My Eyes album cover

No. 7. Minor Threat – In My Eyes (1981)

Sold for: $3,400.00

Enough - かいらん盤 album cover

No. 6. Enough – かいらん盤 (1975)

Sold for: $3,452.81

Nirvana - Bleach album cover

No. 4. Nirvana – Bleach (1989)

Sold for: $4,000.00

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play album cover

No. 3. Pink Floyd – See Emily Play (1967)

Sold for: $4,736.84

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