Collage of most expensive releases sold on Discogs in August 2017

Top 30 Most Expensive Releases Sold On Discogs in August 2017

Top 30 favorite, Röyksopp‘s ‘Melody A.M.‘ makes a bid for the top spot with a sale of $4621, but it doesn’t even make #2. It’s beaten out by hardcore punk outfit, Negative Approach, with their eponymous 1982 release grabbing $5000. The top spot in August’s most expensive releases is wrangled by a release that goes back much, much further.

August’s most expensive releases list, as usual, is an eclectic mix of genres, styles and formats. There’s a good measure of rock and prog releases rubbing shoulders with reggae, pop, jazz, punk and more. Vinyl is king, with LPs and 7″s being the most strongly represented on this list, but there’s a few CDs on there, and even a 12″ acetate release of MC Diamond’s Bronx Started It that sold for $1349.

But none of that can quite rival the intrigue of the most expensive release of August: a 10″ shellac release of Charlie Patton‘s Delta Blues single, ‘Love My Stuff / Jersey Bull Blues‘. Unsurprisingly, it’s only counted in one collection on Discogs. Those 25 people who have it in their Wantlist had better start saving their pennies in case it ever reappears for sale again, as this release went for a fairly decent, $7132. Shellac is a relatively rare format in the Discogs marketplace, making up just over 0.1% of the total releases currently listed for sale. It’s one of the most expensive releases to be sold on Discogs all year, but can’t quite take that title from Billy Nicholls, whose album ‘Would You Believe‘ went for $10324 back in April.

Charlie Patton (also known as Charley Patton), is considered by many to be the ‘Father of the Delta Blues’ and was labelled one of the most important American musicians of the 20th century by musicologist, Robert Palmer (not to be confused with the other Robert Palmer). Patton died aged just 43 in 1934, the same year ‘Love My Stuff / Jersey Bull Blues’ was released. His untimely death didn’t come before crafting a catalog of music that has influenced countless musicians decades after his death. Canned Heat, Bob Dylan, The White Stripes, and Robert Crumb are among an impressive list of artists who have paid tribute to the blues legend.

Check out the full list of August’s Most Expensive Releases Sold On Discogs and see if you think they’re worth the price tag!

Collage of most expensive releases sold on Discogs in August 2017


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