Weekly Top 40 Trending Releases

Week of April 4th

Pearl Jam debuts at #1 with their new album Gigaton. If you haven’t read our history on Pearl Jam’s discography, check it out here!

It should surprise no one that the mighty Pearl Jam’s single Dance of the Clairvoyants lands at #2. Variety writes, “the angry and sometimes experimental Gigaton might be Pearl Jam’s most fully realized album since Ten.”

Bon Iver drops in at #3 this week, with a limited-edition anniversary reissue of his 2009 album Blood Bank on red vinyl. Stereogum has stated, “Blood Bank is arguably the most consequential EP of the 2000s.”

Code Orange creeps up to #4 with their latest release, UnderneathConsequence of Sound says “Underneath spreads its tendrils in every direction, reaches into the coffers of diverse genres like grunge, industrial, death metal, intellectual dance music, and assimilates them all into a cohesive whole.”

Tame Impala’s “polished disco-funk” album The Slow Rush drops to #5…

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Top 40 Weekly Trending Albums

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