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Unboxing The Discogs Record Crate

Since a few months, we have it in the collection of our Discogs Shop: The Discogs Record Crate. The ApplePly wooden crates are made by Lookwright and come flatpacked. Once assembled, they can be used as stand alone, stacked (horizontally or vertically), or fit inside IKEA’s Expedit and Kallax storage cabinets. For this post, I decided to put one together myself, and I can testify that was pretty easy to do! We have crates for 7″ and 12″ records, and I started off with the 12″ one, which can hold about 85 records. 

What’s in the box?

The box holds an identical front and back panel, which have the Discogs logo engraved in them, 2 identical side panels, a bottom panel, 8 dowels, 8 bolts and a hex key.

Assembling the crate.

The hex key comes in a small brown envelope that has a link to the assembly instructions on the manufacturers website on it. The instructions are shown on a drawing on the site, and are easy to follow. I start with the bottom panel and make sure the flat side is facing up. I then slide the cut outs of the 2 side panels over the tongues on the bottom panel. The sides stand up like that, which frees my hands to slide on the front and back panel. I am having some difficulty, and at that point I realize the side panels have an inside and an outside, and that I should have checked the instructions better :) So for the front and back panels to be able to slide onto the tongues of the side panel, I need to turn over the side panels. That is an easy fix, and the crate is already looking like the finished product. I fit the 8 dowels in the predrilled slots and use the bolts to secure all the sides.

After the bolts have been secured, there it is: My own Discogs record crate! All I need to do now, is to fill it up. Of course one crate is not nearly enough to hold my complete collection. These crates are custom made, and while some may say they are a bit pricey ($110 for the 12″, $75 for the 7″ version), there is a lot of work involved in the process that goes in to creating them. Replacing my IKEA storage upstairs is not really an option, but that wasn’t my intention anyway: I am using this record crate in my living room, to store my most played records. No more record sleeves randomly scattered around the place (so everybody in the house is happy ;) It looks like it’s here to stay:

record crate

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