Undo: How To Revert An Edit

Do not watch this film casually if you are not prepared.

Everyone makes mistakes. That is a common fact of life. Here at Discogs, we understand that sometimes steps were taken out of order and now there’s an edit on a release that should have started with a Copy To Draft.

Fear not! It’s not the end of the world! Thanks to the Revert function, you can quickly undo that accident. Once that sinking feeling subsides, head into the release history via the edit button on the page.

top link, available on the right hand side of every release page

Scroll up until the most recent Edit Release event before the accidental one. On the right side of the page, there will be a Revert button. Clicking this will load the submission form with the edit that was made prior to the accidental one.

The link on the right hand side will allow the subform to be loaded with the prior edit

From here, explain why the incorrect edit was being made in the submission notes, hit the preview button, then submit and bam! The submission has been reverted to the state it was prior to the last edit.

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