Update to the submission limit

As of now we are working with a new system to help us manage the number of submissions in a much more dynamic way. The first stage of this system has just been turned on, you may notice a fairly radical reduction in the number of submissions and updates you can make.

The reasons for this shift is to reduce submitter and moderator frustration with the length of the queue, and to try to make the queue shorter and more free flowing as a result. I don’t believe it does anyone any favours by letting items sit in the queue for months only to be rejected, it makes the site submission process feel sluggish and overwhelms moderators.

This will be the first in a series of behind-the-scenes changes to the submission limit. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be working further with the whole system to try to make a much more accurate submission limit for everyone. We are planning to make the submission limit variable on a per user basic, taking into account the quality of each users submissions by various means.

This new system does not use the existing rank points system. The existing ranking system should now be seen as a legacy system that will probably be removed altogether at some point. I don’t believe that we should be trying to ‘reward’ or encourage submissions based on points scores, and that this only leads to problems such as rank hunting.

This new system will give users (who make complete, accurate, well documented submissions and updates) a higher submission limit. It will also lower users submission limits who fail to make acceptable submissions, or who make submissions that need a lot of moderator work to be accepted.

It is vital that the Discogs system is seen as a fair, open to all system that rewards conscientious users who take their time with their submissions, and understand the need to enter accurate information and to make moderation as easy as possible.

I apologise in advance for any annoyance felt with the reduced submission limits, and I beg you to bear with us as we tinker with the system and try to hone it.

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