Updated Discogs API Client

Today we are releasing a new, updated version of the our Python API client!

Since we are deprecating the old API endpoints on Friday, August 22nd, an update to our API client was necessary. This includes the addition of OAuth support and much better coverage of our API, as well as documentation updates (including a simple workflow of how to get authenticated).

Our Python client is open-source, and we’d love to see community members contribute! Our pull-requests page has been a bit stale for quite a while, but we will be monitoring these more frequently with the release of our 2.0 client.

If you find any issues or have suggestions, send us a pull request!

We also have a list of both community-driven client libraries and examples of API usage on the home page of the API docs in a variety of languages. Check them out!

Rodney | Discogs.com

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