Updates on V4 – 04-Apr, Removing Releases and Auto-reverts

Removing releases from the database is now possible again. To initiate the process you need to go to the history page and click “Remove Release” on the right. The next steps are:

  • A history entry is added to the release: “Removal Pending”
  • Contributor and users who have it in their collection/wantlist get notified
  • Voters and users with the release in their collection are able to vote Yes/No (from the history page)
  • Edits to the release are blocked while the remove request is pending
  • After there are at least 70% Yes or No votes (minimum 5 votes total) the appropriate action will be taken and logged in the history. (example, there must be 4 Yes out of 5 votes to take action)
  • If removed, the release will go back to draft status.
  • All users who voted or have the release in their collection and wantlist get notified of the outcome

If you go to My Submissions there are two new links to view pending remove requests, and recent removes that were completed.

Now, about the voting system. The process is designed to be a linear progression of submissions, updates to those submissions, and votes. This is different from the previous system. Recently there have been three areas of the system that have caused problems, all of them where something has automatically happened after a particular action:

[b]Auto-revert[/b] This function switches data back to a previous version after a vote of Entirely Incorrect. It was originally intended to take one of two routes: switch back to a good edit after a bad edit, or switch a new release back to draft. But that second part of the processs did not work consistently and so we’ve removed it and replaced it with the Remove Release function (see below).

To trigger an auto-revert you simply need to vote “Entirely Incorrect” on an edited release. It will scan the history and find the last known “good” version. This is intended to make it easier to undo bad edits while also logging a low vote score for the user who did the bad edit.

[b]Edits automatically cast a “Needs Minor Change” vote.[/b] This function was created to try to extract information regarding the quality of contributions, but it is causing problems in the day-to-day workings of submitting and voting, and so should be removed for the moment until a more satisfactory solution is found.

[b]Remove Release[/b] For the initial adding of a release to the database, votes of “Entirely Incorrect” were putting the release back to a users drafts (in other words, it was rejecting the new release from the database). Problems have been encountered with this function for a number of reasons:

  • An add release is edited, thus the release is now “accepted” into the database, and no combination of ‘Entirely Incorrect’ votes would remove it.
  • With no delete release function, submissions that are entirely incorrect got stuck in the database
  • Confusion between the ‘Entirely Incorrect’ vote to delete a release, and the “Entirely Incorrect Edit”” to revert.

This function will be changed so that votes of “Entirely Incorrect” will bring up the “Remove Release” function.

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