Updates on V4 – 30-Mar


I’m sorry about the lack of updates on V4. After it went live I was frantically fixing things and working on improvements. Soon after I caught a bad flu and have been out sick for over a week. Looking back, the deployment of V4 was not planned well and came off quite sloppy. This is my fault and I’m sorry about the trouble and confusion it caused. I’m now working on getting things back in order. It’s also become clear that the technical aspects of Discogs are too much for me to handle on my own, so I’m looking for another developer. There will be a job listing on the site in the next few days.

Now, about V4 itself. The reasons for doing this have been explained before. But in summary, it’s because [b]Discogs must accept varying degrees of data quality[/b]. Discogs has had to continually change to keep going, and this is the next change. I feel it is a matter of survival for Discogs and this is how we’re going to operate from now on. There will be no rollback to the previous version. With that said, there are still some major problems with the system. These will be fixed, along with many improvements to the system. WE WILL MAKE THIS BETTER! So please be patient while we work through the issues. For those confused about how we’re going to maintain the quality level in Discogs, I think the best method is to actively monitor changes to your collection, items for sale, and artists/labels of interest. If you think there is anything I’ve overlooked and hasn’t been mentioned before please post or PM me (PM is the fastest way to get in touch with me).



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