Updates regarding the Queue / Moderators / Submission Skill

Following from the introduction of the Submission Skill system, and looking at the way the queue and submitters have been affected by the recent changes to the system, we are making the following changes to hopefully alleviate some of the issues that have been encountered:

  • The queue size will be allowed to grow from the current level of approximately 20,000 items to around 30,000 items. This will allow more items to be in the submission queue at any one time, allowing submitters some space, and lessening the issues of wasted time (due to more than one submitter making the same draft), and inability to add updates and releases. Average waiting times will rise a little, as will the age of the queue. Waiting times will be addressed by adding more mods, the age of the queue (and especially the ‘long tail’ problem) will probably have to be addressed by different methods TBA.

  • We are on a drive to add more moderators, with the aim to have around 10% of the submitters in the mod team as a start (it is currently 6.5%). We have removed the ‘Willing To Moderate’ preferences tickbox, as only around 10% of submitters have this ticked, which is not enough to ensure a good selection of new mods. Moderators are now being added approximately every week. We expect it to take us no more than 10 weeks to get the mod team up to the planned amount.

  • We have made a change to the Submission Skill calculation that will lessen the negative effects experienced by some users. We will be continuing to review this system, and I apologise for any undue limitations or complications that have come about due to it. It is our intention that users should not be unduly limited, and should be able to add and update data in a much freer way than has been experienced recently.

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