Updates to Search Engine

Greets, we’ve been making a few changes to the search engine over the past week and have just turned on a few more. Here is a summary of all of the changes:

  • Advanced Search – this form will allow you to search for releases with fields for specific criteria

  • Results summary + drill down by type – when you do an “all” search you’ll get a summary of what the results contain: the number of Releases, Artists, and Labels. Then you can click that to narrow the search to just that type.

  • Release search results have Format and Year listed below the title (this will soon have Catalog# and Label as well)

  • You can now sort search results by relevance, title, format, and year. (this will soon have Catalog#, and Label as well). This is available when your search results contain releases only.

  • Spelling corrections of artist and label names. If you search for an artist or label name that might be misspelled, Discogs will try to find the correct one and display “Did you mean? __” at the top of the results.

  • Auto-complete in the search field. As you start typing an artist or label name results will be displayed in a dropdown below the search box. We plan on putting auto-complete in other places in the future, such as on the release submission form.

We also have a new programmer working on Discogs full time, Eric Lewandowski (yes, he’s my brother). Eric has been getting up to speed for the past two months and he’s responsible for all of these search enhancements. With a second programmer we’ll now be making more updates and faster progress with them in 2009!

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