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We’re Updating the Discogs Marketplace for the 2020s

Update: We hear your feedback and want to assure you that we’re taking it on board. We’ve put together our responses to some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns around the announcement. Check out the FAQs here. We also removed PayPal requirement date. Since the publication of this announcement, we’ve created resources to help you fill out your Shipping Policies:

With over 54 million music releases for sale in the Discogs Marketplace, it’s become the place to find pretty much any record you could ever want. To many sellers, it’s a much needed additional revenue stream or even a primary source of income (in the epic battle of record stores vs. 2020, we’re siding with record stores).

Many music sellers and buyers rely on us — not only for the love of music but also their livelihood — so we’re stepping up our commitment to our marketplace to ensure a more secure and intuitive way to buy and sell music online. By updating the marketplace, we want to make it easy and accessible for everyone to get the music they love and to maximize music discoverability.

Two points that frequently come up in conversation with buyers and sellers on Discogs is transparency around shipping costs and the checkout process (and subsequent invoices). Since the start of 2020, we’ve made a lot of improvements to our Shipping Policy editor to make adding shipping more efficient and effective for sellers, as well as more intuitively displayed to buyers. Today we want to give you a bit more context around what we’ve been building, why, and what’s coming next.

Here’s what updating the Marketplace means for you in real terms.

Clear shipping rates on every single item in the marketplace — before you Add To Cart.

If you buy anything online, you’re used to knowing exactly how much you’re expected to pay for your full order — including shipping — before checking out. Soon, you’ll get the same experience on Discogs. You’ll see full shipping costs below the sale price on every item in the marketplace.

  • For sellers: This means Shipping Policies will be required for every item listed in the marketplace by November 1, 2020 (please note, this timeline was recently adjusted from October 1. Read more about this update here). Learn more about Shipping Policies here, including step-by-step set up guides, video tutorials, postage rate templates, and more.

Pay at checkout with more security.

Breeze through the checkout process, pay immediately, and get that new find added to your Discogs Collection faster! You won’t have to wait to receive an invoice after you check out.

  • For sellers: No more invoices from you to the buyer, or from us to you. Receive payment from buyers straight away with fees and taxes automatically deducted. We’re consolidating our payment methods and launching a deeper integration with PayPal. You’ll be invited to make the switch soon. We’re aiming to complete this transition before the end of this year. Keep an eye on your inbox for news as it comes out.

Get on board with the next phase of the Discogs Marketplace.

This direction comes as a result of countless conversations with buyers and sellers on how they want to shop and sell on Discogs. We’re passionate about ensuring Discogs remains the best place for music fans to buy and sell music online. We want to thank you all for making Discogs what it is today, and we’re grateful for your support in continuing to build the premier spot for music fans online.

Looking for more info about Shipping Policies? Find everything you need — set-up guides with video walk-throughs, shipping rate templates, webinar recordings, FAQs, and more — right here.

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  • Nov 28,2020 at 17:27

    … Furthermore, as the numbers of vinyl increase per order, so as does the size of the parcel; and as does the (unpredictable) value of the order. These attributes affect the shipping costs/insurance costs & are only possibleto execute without the buyer under/overpaying if weighed & packed per ‘ad- hoc’ order. So come on Discogs, answer this please with a solution?

  • Nov 28,2020 at 17:23

    Shellac’s. They weigh a ton & the packaging needed to ship safely weigh’s a ton. Totally different to a ‘small’ or ‘large’ vinyl (small & large, who designed these policies & overlooked them? Certainly not a record enthusiast!!!!) Does Kevin have anything to do with his creation still today? Or did he sell Discogs on? 13 years I have lived here, & I am baffled by this latest direction, as it is completely impossible to automate shipping prices without getting stung somewhere down the line. A real shame, & I am waiting to see these 300+ negative comments answered.

  • Nov 12,2020 at 07:58

    September 2020 – No ASP – 46 orders – 4000 EUR
    October 2020 – No ASP – 51 orders – 3000 EUR
    Mid November 2020 – Setting ASP – 2 orders – 30 EUR
    Thank you Discogs for destroying our business !!!

  • Nov 10,2020 at 23:36

    Stop paying the fees invoices!!!
    I guess this is the only way discogs will understand!
    Contact the stuff by forwarding the payment reminder to support@discogs.zendesk.com and explain clearly that you won’t pay any fees until they disable this mandatory setting of an ASP.
    The stuff shall forward the issue to the responsible person(s).
    Request more time to pay your invoice until this issue is clarified.
    I received already 2 more weeks time without having a temporarily deatived account which doesn’t matter anyway if all your articles are “unavailable”.

  • Nov 10,2020 at 12:31

    Have you noticed that all the negative comments have been removed from their Facebook page ? It’s another proof that Discogs is now ruled by bad people. I just wish they will bite the dust with these ridiculous new rules. We should stay on this s****y place as they have a nearly monopolistic position, but time roll, and things will probably change one day.

  • Nov 10,2020 at 06:03

    Simply put I was going to sell through you. Then I found your shipping policy. It simply is not possible to do what you say. I have 1000s of records at 100s of different prices. How am I supposed to put in the insurance? I watched your video and decided you had no idea what you were talking about. So having filled out my Shipping Policy and realised it will never work I have abandoned the idea of selling through you, which is a shame, but honestly I just can’t see how it is possible. What you have done is make life impossible for sellers and introduced a scammers paradise from the buying point of view. Genuinely I couldn’t have come up with something this pants if I had tried. I also notice that despite the fact that every single comment on here is screaming at you THIS WILL NOT WORK you have not deigned to respond.

  • Nov 4,2020 at 10:16

    Hi people. Don’t give up! Leave your opinion on his gb page:


  • Nov 3,2020 at 09:50

    And now they thank the people who made their 20years possible. What a mockery and Big Lie to “thank” the people and on the other side they throw out my complete listing with over 10.000 items now…why i hdo not wonder that this is happening in a Country with a head of state like this… shame on you…

  • Nov 3,2020 at 09:16

    Reply to : TheRevealer (since Discogs blocks replies ATM)
    The Blog post ‘MYTHS’ does not dispell myths. IN the rhetoric it SUPPORTS the myth in each section. Rediculous

  • Nov 3,2020 at 09:13

    What happened? Did the people of CHAZ migrate to Discogs h.q. and decide to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of normal decent progress and attempt to destroy what is true community grass roots? Communism is not cool. I see a very small percentage agreeing with the draconian push… writing on the proverbial wall Discogs share holders!! Anyone have the roadmap – or is just another sarcastic reply stating we are ‘whining’ from 3 members who say they worked it out easily while holding the engineering schematics close to their breast.. but we all know the schematics don’t exist.

  • Nov 3,2020 at 02:45

    Its unberable to watch how Discogs is lying, lying and continuing to lie, driving itself ever-deeper in its ugly lies.

    The newest blog: „Dispelling Common Myths About Discogs Shipping Policies“ is full of blatant lies again. They really think the Discogs community is stupid.

    They claim they were not bought by paypal and were not forced by paypal to introduce the Automating Shipping Shit. Who cares if Discogs has been bought by Paypal or if both only have arranged a love marriage in order to suck dry Discogs sellers and buyers??? The outcome is 100% the same.

    Discogs has already casually announced in several blogs that they will force all sellers into PayPal as the only allowed payment option in early 2021. Everyone who still doesnt see the truth what this is all about will have his second nightmare awakening once Discogs will „invite“ or shall I say blackmail you again to accept paypal as the one and only allowed payment option in 2-3 months latest.

    And in order to being able to blackmail every seller into the paypal only payment option thing they have introduced the compulsory automated and fully corrupt shipping shit where paypal will soon collect all discogs fees directly from each individual automatically processed payment. Thats all this whole ugly thing is about, guys and girls. But Discogs will keep on lying and lying about it.

    On every recent blog concerning the corrupt autmated shipping calculator Discogs has turned of the comment function. Like an authoritarian tyant or dictator they censor and try to silence and gag their subjects. Did you see it? On their recent blog „Thank you for 20 Years of Discogs“ countless fucked up sellers immediately left plenty of bitter wishes and criticism over the corrupt automated shipping policies and discogs marriage to the shark paypal. DiscPal was very fast to delete all those comments in order to appear as the beloved peoples champion. Criticism is not anymore allowed here, only brainless ovations are appreciated. Discogs, the community built site that still brags about its allegedly „cherished“ community, has turned into an authoritarian and soulless megabusiness shithole. Shame on you, Kevin and your fellow DiscPal tyrants. You have ruined Discogs to a 100%. Really hope you will realize it the hard way someday.





  • Nov 2,2020 at 22:54

    Please, Discogs. Please. I am begging you here. As a loyal contributor for a decade, PLEASE don’t sabotage your own website by turning it into another copy of the algorithm-dominated web that we see everywhere else. PLEASE don’t let your out-of-touch developers convince you that you need to ‘update’ your functionality to ‘keep up’ with the trends of the rest of the web. Discogs has employed a nearly-perfect formula as long as I’ve been a part of it. The horrifyingly awful new shipping policies tool (and the responses to it) could not make this case any more clear. YOU DON’T NEED TO CHANGE THINGS! PLEASE DON’T FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FACEBOOK AND SO MANY OTHERS. The needless design feature ‘upgrades’ just make everything harder to use, and inevitably push users away. Make no mistake, they WILL abandon you and use different platforms.

    PLEASE stop sucking. PLEASE. You were great the way you were.

  • Nov 2,2020 at 06:01

    Sad to see here tons of comments since weeks sayings people will leave Discogs and so on … And finally, I found today exactly the same quantity of items for sale in my wantlist than last Saturday …

  • Nov 1,2020 at 13:39

    Unfortunately your tools and tutorial have no real bearing on how mist of set up our shipping. If you had wanted an auto shipping mechanism you should have allowed us to set by media and then set specific post prices for expensive items. This system is so clunky and user unfriendly Im not going to bother changing to it.

  • Nov 1,2020 at 05:59

    Complete nonsense, so complicated, so complex, so theoretical, time consuming and finally not designed to work properly.
    Discogs, we buyers and seller are not working in your company. We are not going to waste our private time on your books full of confusing tips and video trainings. Make it simple and user friendly.
    Completely pointless move for people who are selling few pieces a month or a year.
    Wake up guys, talk to sellers not to your management.

  • Nov 1,2020 at 05:55

    Complete nonsense, so complicated, so complex, so theoretical, time consuming and finally not designed to work properly.
    Discogs, we buyers and seller are not working in your company. We are not going to waste Out private time on your boks with tips and video trainings. Make it simple and user friendly.
    Completely pointless move for people who are selling few pieces a month or a year.
    Wake up guys, talk to sellers not to your management.

  • Nov 1,2020 at 05:12

    “+1” on nearly every comment here expressing their dissatisfaction for making this a mandatory feature rather than an optional one.

  • Oct 31,2020 at 17:16

    Discogs PLEASE RECONSIDER this stupid shipping policy before you lose all your sellers. We won’t use that stupid tool.

  • Oct 31,2020 at 14:29

    Yes, everybody should have shipping policies. It automates 95% of orders. What you are asking us to add, however, is technically impossible – a shipping method that covers up to an infinite weight and insurance value.

  • Oct 24,2020 at 01:24

    Plus, the instructions are beyond confusing and make no sense at all. For example:

    Under “Method applies to”, the “All my items” option should be selected for at least one of your Shipping Methods, not the specific formats.

    This is totally absurd!! How can you make one of your postage options apply to ‘everything’ you sell?! 7 inch, 12 inch, cassette, CD and DVD? you would then only have two choices: rip off yourself, or rip off the customer. Either way, by including a method that covers all items, but then also having separate options for the diffrent formats, you’re just confusing the hell out of the customer! this is beyond moronic. Whoever thought this nonsense up needs to be sacked, as it could send your organisation under.

  • Oct 24,2020 at 00:47

    Completely unnecessary and extremely painful for a system that works just fine as it is. Blatantly obvious this is about Discogs relationship to Paypal and nothing else. This will lose Discogs thousands of sellers, and ‘millions’ in revenue. As one of the most popular stores in the capital of Australia, I will be jumping ship if this complete and utter nonsense is enforced.

  • Oct 22,2020 at 12:29

    Painful! You couldn’t come up with something more practical? Please fire the person who created this mess. TY!

  • Oct 22,2020 at 03:28

    Cannot understand why they do not listen to the problems sellers do have… at the moment all is completely confusion because of covid19 and they continue zo pressure the sellers to change where Nothing’s clear these days… Shame on you…

  • Oct 20,2020 at 09:43

    Why change a system that was working just fine? I’m seriously thinking to stop selling on Discogs.

  • Oct 19,2020 at 20:22

    Nope – u listing my entire inventory too as a F U for this bull

  • Oct 17,2020 at 02:55

    I attempted to set up the new shipping policies today, after hours of frustration and wishing a painful death on the idiot who devised this rubbish idea, I gave up. If Discogs don’t reverse this stupid policy I will move my business to eBay (at least their shipping policy set up is sane).

  • Oct 14,2020 at 16:28

    seriously thinking about terminating my seller account. ain’t nobody got time for that.
    plus – with ever changing pricing and destination options it is simply not feasible to keep updated.

  • Oct 8,2020 at 05:30

    as an aside, I had a 300% sales increase last month, nothing to do with automatic shipping settings, it was how hard i sourced and how attractively i priced my hand picked inventory that sealed the deal. Next month 0% sales i guess (and 0% discogs fees too)

  • Oct 8,2020 at 05:29

    oh wait, there are 4 testimonials from sellers that approve. I take it all back.

  • Oct 8,2020 at 05:27

    +1 for a flawed deployment. Overcooked and unintuitive, really jurassic interface, impossible to navigate all permutations of shipping requirements. Example, i wish to ship 12″s as cheap as possible, setting the standard rate low, but i want to ship my higher value items with trackng and insurance only, i can currently specify this in the item description, but cannot evidently disable or specify shipping rates for such items in the proposed shipping settings automation. What would the work around be for this? Cancel the order, relist the item, contact the buyer and inform them to select the correct shipping rate from the dropdown list. And how exactly would that improve the transaction not to mention the buyer/seller relations? A message to the devs, please step away from your IDE on this, just because it can be done does not mean it should be done. And to the committee, listen to your clients on this, cos lets face it, in terms of revenue that is what the sellers are.

  • Oct 7,2020 at 11:49

    What, perhaps, the people who control this site may not have factored in, is the ill-will and resentment this asinine ASP has/will create and which will quite likely demotivate people from wanting to contribute to the database, which is what makes this site so attractive in the first place.

    Less contributions/additions/corrections = less visitors = less income.

  • Oct 6,2020 at 11:35

    This is f#&^$ terrible and is going to drive people away from selling on Discogs.
    How are us people who aren’t professional sellers supposed to deal with overseas shipping?
    I have found that the same set of 5 records can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 to ship depending on the countries.
    So now I need to spend 20 hours a month researching shipping to 192 countries to make sure I’m not going to end up coming out of pocket $40 to mail something to someone?
    Most of the people who have bought my records have been overseas, so it looks like I’m going to have to limit to U.S. only, which will only reduce the money that Discogs makes.

  • Oct 5,2020 at 12:49

    I like many others have chosen to boycott the new shipping policy as it is not fit for purpose. Make it an optional add on, otherwise you will lose many loyal sellers!

  • Oct 3,2020 at 02:03

    I really hope that as many sellers as possible won’t set this stupid policies up and discogs and paypal will lose hundreds of thousands bucks in november alone. this could be fun. I’m in!

  • Oct 3,2020 at 00:44

    I think that all sellers and contributors should have had more of a say before we were required (more like force) to change our shipping policies.

    I sell US only. I followed the video, read the FAQ answers & still had problems. After 5 hours and several tries I finally was able to “break the code” and get a policy without any “error messages”.

    The biggest advantage of the new system is that it will be easier to change shipping charges that will inevitably be coming with the upcoming USPS “overhaul”.

  • Oct 1,2020 at 13:54

    i tried it, and failed. This is impossible.
    S T O P your painful Shipping Policies system !!!! i will stop to sell on Discogs.

  • Oct 1,2020 at 12:53

    so my fees are up for payment. but i’m not gonna pay because the result is the same: i’m not able to sell here anymore. that’s super sad. so we all will wait for another platform to open up (and that will be soon) and then switch. great move, discogs! i applaud you!

  • Oct 1,2020 at 06:53

    A recurring GEMM flop? This ASP is a real ballache for small canadian sellers, shipping fees will be more costly for buyers and the only one to win is Paypal(refund fees…). Let at least the buyer to choose the shipping option he wants tracked/insured or not, and be RESPONSABLE for their choice, HEAR THAT PAYPAL !!??!!
    I feel very sad and strong empathy for the real builders of this site that feeds in the amazing data collection, I thought Discogs was a COOP !!! Wrong !!! Discogs CEO seems to understand only $$$ so I’m out for a while and will wait to see if their postponed deadline will become permanent. Boycott from sellers is the only way to put sand in the gears of these Amazon-like fatheads. What will they impose us next? Prime time delivery? Scary.

  • Oct 1,2020 at 05:15

    The new postage rules are counterproductive. Many sellers (possibly most) are unhappy with this. To this day it worked perfectly. Please stop this madness.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 22:28

    Hello Discogs, Well I’m ok with what ever is better for both the buyer and the seller, so here is my opinion, Yes I love to go shopping on line and fill my cart, then pick my choice of shipping then click and pay and I’m done with it, that would be great if it could be done on discogs I wish My discogs store was like that just like amazon, problem is I try to set it up and I just can’t get it right, I think its something the site should do for its sellers. it would be great if discogs set it up and all its sellers have to do is print the shipping label and ship the order when we’re instructed to do so, the buyer should have a drop down to pick his shipping method which should be setup by the site not the seller its just to frustrating and time consuming and hard to understand. Yeah I think its a great idea if it works, but why doesn’t discogs just set it up for the sellers and we just “Print and Ship” they can collect the taxes the shipping cost and also pay the seller for the order. just wondering why it can’t be done this way, why??? it’s frustrating when I spend time sending an invoice and we have to wait for a response and in some cases lose the sale because the buyer doesn’t reply to the final invoice but I will say its not often most buyers respond within one day so I’m still okay with the current system; also if discogs gets this to work I wish they would also update their shipping printing method I always have a hard time using standard shipping labels I can only print it correctly from paypal which of course cost more :( .
    This is a great marketplace I hope the new updates work out. I also hope to be here for many years to come :)
    Thank you Discogs

  • Sep 30,2020 at 15:14

    reve1 jajajjajajjajajajajajjaj
    That kaos have mounted, they do not believe it or they for smartass ….. now they are not playing ping pong or table football. They and their hired mercenaries are with shit, as field laborers. They will continue with their goal, but seeing that they have backed down twice is already a triumph … with a lot of love for locomotoro dj CEO.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 14:20

    I made a complete cock up of setting up my asp and received lots of orders for records as it appeared I was giving free shipping to the whole world. I was then forced to contact buyers and refund them their money all of which were understanding thankfully. Ive now closed my discogs shop

  • Sep 30,2020 at 12:08

    Cinism is to say “incredible response” from us, when we want to abolish this painful system they want to force us…

  • Sep 30,2020 at 12:07

    Copied from user TheRevealer:




    I agree!

  • Sep 30,2020 at 11:09

    I read the rationale/basis for introducing ASP. But they are erroneous as well as displaying the misunderstanding by the site’s owners, of this marketplace as it pertains to this site and this aspect of online shopping.

    Firstly, trying to equate other online shopping with buying recorded music, is, I believe, erroneous, because I think most buyers of recorded music do not buy recorded music like they buy items on ebay or amazon, store websites, etc.
    I doubt we have a high volume of buyers who are adding several releases to their cart like they would on other sites and I suspect 1-3 items is probably the most common sale size (but perhaps other sellers can confirm their sales experiences).

    Secondly, large shopping websites have complex programming & real time data for their items for sale, which can therefore change easily or carried out automatically by the programming built into their data, as changes to shipping costs/rules change, or to the various elements of the items that they sell.
    This site is, somehow, expecting private individuals to have the resources and capabilities as these large shopping websites do, which is simply not possible and this aspect is a key defect in the thinking & basis for creating an ASP.
    In addition, given that the Discogs ASP system is an unusable pile of stinking junk, it does not enable an individual to properly create what the dung-heads at the helm of this site want them to. You simply cannot demand that ordinary individuals to provide for every eventuality AND expect them to keep upto date with every eventuality too. I understand that there are also large sellers/businesses that sell from this site, but I think the number who will not/do not have any problem with ASP is likely to be very tiny.

    A bad idea/system will remain so, no matter what deadline you dream up.

    But, of course, the “above the line” rationale for demanding ASP from every seller, does not reveal the “below the line”/hidden motivations that the people at the top of this site have for demanding what they are.

    Lastly, the blogs from this site are written in a way that is clearly out of touch with reality and with the many views expressed by sellers, which is corporate/management speak (aka bullshit/fake) and which shows how detached and out of touch the people at the top of this company really are.

    Discogs: stop being 1st class, A1 a*****oles and simply cancel the “its not broke but we’re gonna fix it anyway” change, or your site will go the way of other sites that lost touch with their users, customers and reality did.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 08:47

    I don’t understand a thing.
    Absolutely unclear/time consuming.
    Plus with COVID all sanitary limitations are evolving on a weekly basis and generally postal systems are weaker.
    All worked well so far for me and my customers (and Discogs’ 8% commissions) ; plus all records don’t have the same weight ; my packages/envelopes can vary etc, making stable settings complicated to set.
    A huge downer here Discogs, looking more about forcing people for your own convenience/benefit than actually improving the system.

  • Sep 30,2020 at 04:37

    Did everyone already read the newest Discogs blog statement wherein they postpone the requirement of the automated shipping policys to November 1st?

    Very interesting to read what they say.

    They lie by saying: „The response has been incredible…“ a bad joke, haha

    furthermore they say: „We have had amazing feedback from the community and greatly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.“ Another bad joke. None of our feedback was really answered and honoured. Thousands and thousands of complaints and questions of upset and disgusted sellers as well as buyers remain unanswered.

    And worst of all and CRYSTAL CLEAR FOR EVERYONE WHO DOUBTED MY WORDS once I revealed in the two newer “ASP-blogs” that the compulsory implementation of the automated shipping editor is only the pretext and necessary tool in order to force everyone into Paypal and MAKE PAYPAL THE EXCLUSIVE AND ONE AND ONLY ALLOWED PAYMENT OPTION IN THE DISCOGS MARKETPLACE read what Discogs writes in the newest blog:

    „While our focus has been on Shipping Policies, we continue to work on integrating PayPal Commerce as our primary payment platform. Please know we will not require sellers to move to the new PayPal platform in 2020 as originally announced. We will share more details soon and will be here to help you through this change as well.“

    So DiscPal has finally again publicly announced that they are going to become 100% DiscPal very soon. They announced that they will not force sellers into their PayPal only monopolist giant corporation machine in 2020. oh what mercy you show for us! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, mighty and merciful DiscPal! SO YOU POSTPONE IT TO EARLY 2021 TO FORCE EACH AND EVERYONE IN THE DISCOGS MARKETPLACE INTO THE OPPRESSIVE AND RIP-OFF PAYPAL MACHINE. BIG THANKS FOR NOTHING @ SELL-OUT DISCPAL!!!

    biggest middlefinger you can imagine for this FUKKIN SELL-OUT!




  • Sep 29,2020 at 11:37

    Fantastically patronizing.

  • Sep 28,2020 at 12:17

    just to try it, i set uk shipping for 1 to 7 large records at £3.50. just got an order for 2 x lps, 3 x 12″, 1 X 10″ and 1 X 7″, 7 items in all and the asp charged the buyer £9 for shipping

  • Sep 28,2020 at 12:16

    Further to my email posted below, i have sent the following to Russ who replied to me, but as yet no reply.
    Russ can you please tell me how i set up the following
    2 orders the same in weight and number where one is for £10 and the other is £100 (dearer shipping due to value)
    How to set up standard shipping by weight or number when records are not standard weight and the weights are wrong in discogs
    what about 2cd’s which go as a large letter and a double cd which goes as a small parcel
    From UK there are 6 weight variations, so 243 countries that is around 1,500 shipping prices for each category (large vinyl, small vinyl etc) all of which i would have to look up before setting up
    Prices are changing all the time, so i would have to regularly check 6,000 prices
    No facility to set up for both standard and tracked shipping, some buyers you might only decide to send tracked only after order is placed because of indifferent feedback or value of order
    How can you sent up one shipping policy for every eventuality?
    I can send 9 x 12″ singles as under 2kg, but 6 lp’s might be over 2kg, so i would have to set the 2kg weight at 5 items, so buyers and sellers would both lose out, as buyers do optimise the weight, so now someone who buys 12″ singles can only buy 5 to make the most of the parcel weight, whereas before they could buy 9. I cannot set shipping by weight as the weights are not correct on discogs listings, to get would have to weigh 14,000 items

  • Sep 28,2020 at 12:16

    my first email to discogs and the reply i got:
    The new shipping policy is a disaster, there are too many variations for it to work properly, i do not know if you have read the many scathing blogs on this policy from both buyers and sellers, i doubt it as it seems you are ignoring all the users who have built up discogs over the years, I was in the process of expanding my office so i could double the amount of records i list on discogs, at the moment i have paid over $30,000 in fees, and i currently sell around $10,000 a month, but from the 1st October i will be suspending my listings. Like all the other users who have voiced complaints over the new system, i expect you will just ignore my comments as you have not replied to a previous email i sent. Hopefully many sellers will do the same as the only way you will come to reason is through your profits
    The Reply :
    Sorry that you feel that way, if your opinion changes, please get in touch and I’ll help you get set up

  • Sep 28,2020 at 02:30

    After much toiling and cursing I managed to create “shipping policies” resulting in 0 sales since then

  • Sep 26,2020 at 05:27

    Also i’m buying records on Discogs since 13 years. And i never had problems with shipping prices set manualy. That worked fine!

  • Sep 26,2020 at 05:25

    That’s sad! I’m selling records on Discogs since 13 years. I was setting shipping prices manualy all the time, and it worked perfectly through all the years. Now i will stop, as it seems not possible for me. I don’t get it why you don’t let the sellers choose how they like to work.

  • Sep 26,2020 at 00:16

    Why fix something that ain’t broken? As a buyer, I’m happy the way it goes now: I just read the shipping information and understand where the shipping costs more or less are going to land. The invoice system gives the opportunity to have direct contact with the seller, discuss when shipping takes place, expected delivery etc. I don’t mind to wait a couple of days to go through this, I don’t find this a painful process.

    I just hope that Discogs has after 1st of October still enough to offer: I don’t want to buy secondhand records on eBay because I miss the link to the version of the record and on top of that I don’t trust sellers on eBay at the moment.

    All in all, just retract the “shipping policies”-obligation and change it into an optional feature. If you’re so sure it’s the right way to go for Discogs, reward the sellers using it. If they see the advantages, they will use it.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 05:29

    This is impossible.

  • Sep 25,2020 at 04:49

    i tried it, and failed. Maybe my english is not good enough, or my brain too small.
    Especially i don´t understand the – Complete shipping Policy. Nobody needs this.
    Maybe you may offer a german translation.

    I checked out 429 offers ; and 165 did not have a shipping policy installed.
    So, about 38 % don´t have one. I guess this is a serious problem.

    And this is just a starter.
    If you check the shipping prices from some of the sellers there are some insane
    offers, up to € 10.00 for a CD within Germany. It should be about € 2.00.
    This will also cause a lot of problems, if the shipping costs are not correct.

    So, for the time being, you should postpone the decision to cancel about a third of
    the offers.

    Kind regards

  • Sep 24,2020 at 17:35

    This is just a huge unwanted headache right now.
    For Discogs to be forcing these changes on sellers
    right now while we’re still in the middle of this pandemic
    is very misguided. It shows very poor moral conduct on
    their part.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 15:03

    As a long-time buyer, but just recently starting to sell a few things from my personal collection I agree with everyone else that this sucks. Figuring out what I’m going to charge (as a first time seller, btw) for every possible sale beforehand is ludicrous. And, as a frequent buyer, I have to ask what problem is this solving? Everytime I bought from anyone outside of the US, there was an estimate of cost and the total cost was always right around where I thought it would be. So, what’s the problem exactly?

  • Sep 24,2020 at 08:59

    I am not a seller on discogs but a buyer. I think this is a very bad move and is going to restrict my buying. I am EXTREMELY upset with the fact that there will be no communication between buyer and seller and I have to read this massive change in a blog!! I do not recall receiving an email or an article in the newsletter of this change. A survey would have been nice!!! It may have guided you to make a better decision. I would highly suggest another revamp! If it is not broken ……. don’t fix it. “This looks like a solution that sadly benefits discogs only and not the seller, or even the buyer for that matter if sellers move to other formats.”

  • Sep 24,2020 at 08:08

    If you don’t start paying more attention to the deluge of comments you’re receiving about this, you are going to end up decimating your sellers market.

    No one has addressed the variances in inter-provincial rates in Canada, leaving sellers like me to either delist it as an option, or jury-rig a solution that will reduce interest from buyers in my own country. And with 30 records in my inventory, I’m not taking hours to pore over European postal rates that vary by as much as $15 between EU nations.

    This thread shows that the company’s decisions on this have been driven by data: https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/823769?page=5

    Numbers aren’t selling and buying records on your platform, people are. Get your collective heads out of the sand and listen to them.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 06:49

    I will definitely find other platforms to sell my records with this change. However, I will keep my Discogs profile to have an overview of my collection.

  • Sep 24,2020 at 06:06

    You have to simplify this system . It is not fit for purpose.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 15:19

    I’ve been with Discogs for so many years and had very few problems, as many of you all say if it’s not broken don’t mess around with it.
    Many of the messages on here are not going to be answered because the hierarchy at Discogs want to go the same way as ebay and make as much money as possible, even if it means losing so many valuable customers. I couldn’t work out the shipping policy either, it’s way too complicated and doesn’t cover each type of order. That’s what made Discogs such a nice place, to work out the best solution in your own time with the Buyer, as each sale is individual and can’t be standardized. Discogs wants everyone to overcharge on your postage so they can make a bigger cut on each sale with Paypal, what a shame..!!

  • Sep 23,2020 at 11:50

    This is insane! There is no way to figure all this out. There are so many options for mailing things even within Germany, and it depends not just on weight, or the number of items, but also on size. And then add to that mailing something to the rest of Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, etc… This cannot work! I am afraid I am going to be the next one that will be forced to give up Discogs.

  • Sep 23,2020 at 03:21

    hello discogs!

    it doesn’t work how you planned it to be.

    thousands of sellers will leave this place if you really go forward with this.

    please think about it.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 15:40

    Worst Idea Ever… A complete nightmare !!!!
    Been here since 2002.
    Maybe it’s time to say good-bye.

  • Sep 22,2020 at 08:39

    “Don’t be a ‘myspace’”

  • Sep 22,2020 at 08:38

    Listen to the people Discogs! We don’t want your new system! As someones says: “Ignoring and disregarding customers’ feedback is the best way to run a business into bankruptcy.”

  • Sep 21,2020 at 20:53

    Yes a very helpful webinar!!!
    It shows how to set the shipping prices for all formats, like:
    – special USB-Musicsticks (discogs knows in which bag and for which price i can send it !!!!!)
    – all kinds of boxsets (CDs, 7”, cassetes, LP and so on) (discogs knows all sizes of off all boxsets and tells me the right size of the shipping box for sending with Hermes)
    – this shipping tool can handle, 8-tracks, VHS-cassettes, 12″-CDVideos, shellac, CDs inside small or large books, CDs or 7″ which are together mit magazines and many many more (discogs shows now always the right shipping price, because it knows the right sizes for the shipping box with Hermes)
    – you can combine all formats and discogs knows always the right shipping price
    Solution could be: set the shipping price for all formats to 1000 €.

    So from 01.10.2020 all these formats and combined orders will never be sold on discogs.

    From my collection of over 30.000 records, i have a minimum of 2.000 of such special formats,
    Most are rar and expensive.

    Again this ASP is nonsens. I’m a software developer and i know that you can’t program such an automatic shipping tool which works.

    To the decision-maker who came up with this crap: the programmers have certainly told you several times that you can’t program that. Listen to the programmers who can think logically. Unfortunately, people who are greedy for money can rarely think logically.

    And again, i don’t fill up this stupid policies for all formats.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 15:19
  • Sep 21,2020 at 15:17


  • Sep 21,2020 at 07:44

    Ignoring and disregarding customers’ feedback is the best way to run a business into bankruptcy.

  • Sep 21,2020 at 03:55

    Terrible idea! I will withdraw my items from sales on Discogs.

  • Sep 20,2020 at 03:13

    At least a clear discrimination against the people from the Republic of Cyprus. Even a look at the list of states of the European Union on Wikipedia was too much for people at Discogs?

  • Sep 20,2020 at 00:43

    hey discogs,

    this policy just won’t work proper since there are to many different options/shipping prices from to many postal services – shipping from germany to different countrys means hundreds of different price ranges/options.

  • fds
    Sep 19,2020 at 22:40

    It seems that Discogs wants to be a standard evil corporation now.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 16:45

    You now have 10 days to stop this nonsense. Otherwise you will have big financial losses every day from October 1st, 2020.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 16:44

    Ihr habt jetzt noch 10 Tage Zeit diesen Unsinn zu stoppen. Ansonsten werdet ihr ab dem 01.10.2020 täglich große finanzielle Einbußen haben.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 16:29

    Ok at the moment there are still 54 million records for sale on discogs. I’m curious how much there will be from October 1st, 2020.
    Good luck with your automatic shipping calculator and your marriage to the shark PayPal. But without me and possibly hundreds or thousands of other small salespeople.
    I will sell my 30,000 records collection on my own website and on Ebay. I don’t have to live on it either, it’s just a hobby for me, like many other small salespeople here.
    But I’m sorry for the many small record stores that have to make a living from it. You destroy their existence.
    In the end, however, you chop off your own legs and destroy a wonderfully functioning collector’s platform.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 14:20

    I don’t think you are listening Discogs. As a buyer and a seller the current system is fine. I look at a record I want, then check the sellers shipping policy in their terms. Simple. I can talk to them if I want tracking, or combined shipping and it all gets worked out easily. This new method is annoying for buyers and confusing and annoying for sellers. Please reconsider this madness. I for one will be leaving what was once an excellent site for buying and selling. Don’t be a ‘myspace’.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 06:24

    I have been buying and selling on Discogs for 10 years – it’s worked very well for me. The optional shipping policy worked fine – I have saved time and probably gained more sales by setting up shipping prices for simple orders of single items. For more complex orders I simply weighed the package and billed the customer. No complaints – customers were billed a fair and reasonable price for their shipping.

    The new compulsory policy is completely unworkable in its current form. I spent some time yesterday trying to ‘complete’ just my UK shipping policy – which ought to be the simplest. And yet the orders I’ve received today from UK customers *don’t have the shipping price added*. So the system that seemed to be working fine now doesn’t seem to work at all. Presumably at the beginning of next month no-one will be able to order anything from me.

    I’m in the UK and postage prices have already increased twice this year – which as far as I know is unprecendented. This was really not a good time to roll this out…

    Please reconsider this policy change before it’s too late.

  • Sep 19,2020 at 03:17

    I agree with e.g. ZzzirK in all aspects. The website for entering the shipping conditions is not only incredibly poor to use but also flawed: at discogs they don’t even seem to know the European Union or deliberately ignore it.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 14:15

    It is AMAZING the way uppity board-members in American companies act.. take your pick of an 80s movie and it’s still spot on today at Discogs in 2020.

    “I have an idea” says some big cheesy gimp”. He’s pretty big in the company, and seeing all the spineless weasels lower in the company hierarchy it’s applauded and welcomed. Even though all the low maggots know it’s a crap idea and will only cause problems. Oh well.. better just keep sucking up and ignore the community and push more down their throats, it’s not like they weren’t choking from out last portions of insanity (i.e. changes)

    I’ve seen Discogs go downhill for years, not in revenue, no they make a ****load of money. No in the way the community is treated.
    Recently we had the Discogs spotlight “incident” where the community was lied to, ignored, lied to some more, ignored some more until they gave in, but only when it become clear people were done with getting messed around and a slight revolution was beginning to form.

    I believe Discogs is now so unbelievably rich they think they can get away with everything now. If it all collapses the top boss won’t sleep less, he can retire and live a long happy life.
    Perhaps a new eBay will emerge, or another selling site, which can just link to the discogs database but has proper seller terms and doesn’t just think of moneymoneymoney in the midst of a pandemic.

    I’ve stopped selling here and will cease buying for a bit as well. If we all chip in this way then who knows, maybe they’ll come to the conclusion as to how Discogs started, and what made it what it is today.

    I’m sorry it’s all greed from them nowadays, how times change eh…

  • Sep 18,2020 at 12:20

    If you were unable to attend this week’s webinars, please utilize the replay to set up your shipping policies:
    US | https://youtu.be/LHY41pillVE?t=536
    EU | https://youtu.be/4zxe6x0t4uo

    This is demo is meant to help you understand the new editor. Discogs by no means dictates what world regions you are required to ship, that is up to each individual seller. However, you ARE required to have a complete policy for regions you choose to sell to by Oct. 1 otherwise your items will show as “unavailable for sale” in incomplete regions.

    If you are having trouble or need assistance, please email your seller rep:
    North/South American Seller Lead, Christopher | cmasagatani@discogsinc.com
    European Seller Lead, Russ | rryan@discogsinc.com

  • Sep 18,2020 at 12:09

    Hola, I have worked for a while with the automatic pre-established shipping price system, and I have encountered various problems that forced me to stop using it. I don’t know if Discogs has consulted the vendors before implementing a highly improvable system:
    1.- The weights of the products that have been entered in the database for many years are estimates. When Discogs automatically estimated the weight, it chose a weight many times less than the actual weight. For example, Discogs estimates a weight of 85 grams for a CD, which corresponds to a digipack or single CD. However, most CDs are jewel boxes and weigh more than 100 grams. Between one format or another, the cost of shipping varies considerably.
    2.- The packaging is essential to send a recording in the right conditions; however, its weight is not added at any point in the process to the rest of the order. The package I use to ship an LP weighs approximately 150 grams, I don’t understand why it is not taken into account.
    3.- With these deviations in the weight Discogs automatically issues an invoice that most customers pay immediately with Paypal. They are unaware that you have not intervened in that bill. They think that everything is correct in order and they do not expect – nor do they understand – that I can make changes in the shipping cost that they have already paid.
    4.- After the invoice is issued, it may happen that the weight is not correct and that the cost is higher than the one invoiced to the customer. During this process there is no time for the seller to check the availability and review the status of the products. In these aspects there may also be incidents that entail modifying the conditions of the invoice issued and paid.
    5.- Many sellers work with shipping cost comparators that work with various courier companies to obtain the best price. However, the prices are very variable. The cost of shipping a 1000 gram package can be € 8.00 and in a short time, for unknown reasons it can be worth € 12.00 or that service has been eliminated. In Spain the most stable prices are the national postal company. However, for shipments of less than 1000 grams they are usually more expensive than courier companies. All this will represent an increase in prices and a decrease in sales. In Spain shipping costs are already expensive.
    In short, I propose that improvements be made before forcing an imperfect system to be used.
    Why doesn’t Discogs automatically review the weight of the products that are being sold? Why don’t you distinguish Digipacks from jewels, for example? Why is the weight field not added when a new product is added to the database? Why isn’t a package weight automatically estimated for each order? Why does Discogs, taking advantage of the volume of shipments made through its website, not negotiate a fixed shipping price for the most used routes? Between European countries, for example. This way we would get prices lower than those that the sellers get individually. Why is an automatic process not established for this and the payments for the shipments and the generation of the labels are made on the Discogs platform itself?
    I also think that it should be noted that the invoice is made from estimated weights of the products.
    I hope that all this serves to improve the system and avoid misunderstandings between buyers and sellers. I believe that business benefits should not be the argument for implementing a system that is going to worsen the service that the company and the sellers have been giving correctly to record collectors.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 07:18

    Discogs also forces us now to treat brand new users the same as recurring users. Are you kidding? Also the option I give buyers to have it sent as cheaper standard post when paid by bank, is gone..

    Discogs, what happened to the personal way of trading? Is this your approach of the 2020’s? I think the problem is here that you compare yourself with the big platforms. You underestimate yourself: you’re much more exclusive.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Sep 18,2020 at 02:45

    This is hilarious in a tragic way. Local restriction block me from sending to a lot of countries due to the pandemic. I cannot offer simple discounts on shipping and I did have a fully working ASP _before_ this crap that allowed for changes, per item settings and similar.

    Why change a functioning concept? WHY?

  • Sep 17,2020 at 23:59

    Even e… cannot force you to accept and do payments over paypal ONLY. So it seems it is really against the law. And the dream of fast and easy money will be a dream only, but they earn enough although…

  • Sep 17,2020 at 15:39

    It’s a very bad idea. There isn’t the same thing to ship a 20$ LP and a 150$ LP. There’re insurances, packages aren’t the same… and what’s about if a customer decide to cancel the sale as Paypal keep their fees since 2019 ? I can’t stay in a such marketplace if this decision of ASAP isn’t cancelled.

  • Sep 13,2020 at 18:00

    To clarify for everybody, espescially European Sellers, what these new rules actually really would mean for you besides the total hassle with the automated shipping calculator: THERE WILL BE NO CHANCE ANYMORE FOR ANY EUROPEAN SELLERS TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS BY FREE IBAN/BIC BANK TRANSFERS because discogs announced that they will directly take their fees and taxes from the automated paypal checkout that you are forced to accept and that they won’t send you their monthly invoices anymore. And since discogs surely doesnt accept to loose any of their fees they will surely start to block and prevent any transaction wherein buyer and seller agree for a free bank transfer or any other payment option than their gigantic paypal monopolist. this means a whole bunch of extra paypal fees for every seller that up to now received a certain bigger or smaller percentage of his payments through other payment options than paypal. This adds to the amount of additional paypal fees that automatically amass due to the countless refunds and cancelations that each seller will be confronted with once this corrupt mandatory automated shipping calculator comes into effect.

    This also means that buyers and sellers alike that either cannot (and these are many) or don’t want to offer paypal as a payment method will be excluded and banned from the discogs marketplace. A big discrimination thing! Personally, I guess its illegal to force everybody into paypal. At least it should be against EU-law. But I am no lawyer, perhaps someone else has a better judiciary knowledge?

    It is obvious that paypal and discogs did some maths during their negotiations and realized what an „easy“ and „brilliant“ way this whole thing would be in order to suck of endless money from discogs sellers. Likely they agreed to share the profit of this exploitation of discogs sellers and so you have the result that awaits you from October 1st. TO POINT THINGS OUT VERY CLEARLY: THE AUTOMATED SHIPPING CALCULATOR IS MOST LIKELY JUST THE NECESSARY TOOL FOR THESE TWO COMPANIES TO IMPLEMENT THEIR PLAN OF MAKING A LARGE BARGAIN BY SUCKING IN ENDLESS PAYPAL FEES. We gotta face the truth: This is big corporate soulless reasoning by two soulless companies that give a shit about discogs community, sellers, buyers and contributors.

    What can be done if you oppose all this? You can either leave discogs directly and sell and buy your stuff elsewhere and surely this will happen to a certain extent. Or you could start an organised strike. Or you could simply, silently or openly, agree upon not complying and simply don’t set up these crazy automated shipping policies by October 1st. Lets see what happens. Lets see if discogs really marks items as unavailable if you do not set up the shipping policies. And if they indeed mark them as unavailable: The vast majority of sellers oppose the obligation of the automated system and every day discogs de facto blocks sales of these sellers will hurt them badly. Very badly if enough sellers decide to not comply in the first weeks. Hopefully it will hurt them badly enough that they are forced to abolish their ruthless plan altogether.

  • Sep 13,2020 at 12:25

    “We heard your feedback”. I wasn’t asked to provide feedback, was I?

    I have gradually started listing more and more items at discogs, and making purchases here, because it felt more personal, more flexible, LESS CORPORATE than those “other places”.

    This post from discogs changes that. I’ve seen other comments say that this new policy might work for one item, as you could set individual shipping prices for each item if you wanted to, and I assume customize that individual price depending on what domestic or international location.
    But, as soon as you start combining items, you start running into trouble. This kind of a move by the powers that be is one I’ve seen before, and one that speaks to the powers that be desiring more profit, at the expense of both sellers and buyers. Maybe someone could post here other options to start moving product to…. ?
    One site stopped allowing me to list a whole host of things for sale, that site is seeing record profits (corporations who are allowed to sell those items at higher prices that I would also seem to be doing well). Another site shut down altogether.

  • Sep 10,2020 at 15:24

    They dont reply or comment because they dont want to. Silence is being used for there own protection – bit like the powers that be in most countries – by saying nothing and neither confirming or denying anything in relation to the the comments being made here, they leave everybody all fighting amongst themselves whilst they just carry on unhindered and without having to endure the hassle of explaining things!! They’re making themselves beyond reproach and really not caring what everybody in the community possibly thinks. JUST BOYCOTT THE SITE AND LEAVE EM TO ROT. THEY’LL SOON REALISE WHERE THEIR BREAD WAS BUTTERED WHEN THE MONEY STOPS ROLLING IN !!!! ITS THE COMMUNITY THAT MADE THIS SITE FUNCTION AND GROW!! NO COMMUNITY – NO MONEY OR BUSINESS FOR THEM – SIMPLES!!!

  • Sep 10,2020 at 12:57

    No reaction here from the discogs staff, they do not care, only making pressure again in their”newsletter”…
    Why they cannot see it is not makeable for many sellers?

  • Sep 8,2020 at 02:34

    Reading slot of the above comments, this could be the end for Discogs and it’s community of Buyers and Sellers alike. Including myself! Simple solution seems to be offer a vote to all members, to avoid mass distruction!

  • Sep 8,2020 at 01:29

    For one item it is possible, but if you have to chose from different shipping companies, different products to have the best price and save on shipping… You need a multiple complex shipping calculator combining size, format, weight and insurance value. Now it is not possible. (Not to speak about Covid-19 – I always could order in the US, but since Covid-19 they want no parcels from Europe. You have to check all few days.)

    I don’t like Paypal, in many cases they take more vees then Discogs. They took the global online trading over (now proudly 2.49% vees + 0,35 + 4% sort change – costs are hidden terms and condition texts that you feel careless). Their service is very low. The rules for refund are arbitrary and shadowy. But they have the global power of online payments, they tell where to go.

    All people came to sell on Discogs because it is the biggest. Vinyl prices went down. We will see.

  • Sep 7,2020 at 13:51

    This is a very bad idea the reason why I went from ebay to Discogs was these kind of things, nothing wrong with how it works now. As long as you have shipping prices listed it should be ok.

  • Sep 7,2020 at 08:35

    Well it was fun while it lasted …

  • Sep 4,2020 at 11:35

    Ill tell you what the owners are doing and why they’re doing it – they’re sitting quiet, letting everyone throw their comments out and then they’ll just carry on imposing this pathetic course of action. Once it has been implemented, they’ll monitor the response by the Discogs community – seeing if people start leaving in droves or not – and then if they do, they’ll put out a statement probably saying something like “We realise the value of our loyal members here so we have heard what you’ve said and we’ve decided to stop the new scheme going ahead.” If the community just accept it all, they’ll start rubbing their hands with glee and think – those suckers are still gonna keep using the site, we’re gonna start creaming the money in with Paypal by our side and the plan’s worked out great for us – Yipeee!!!!!



  • Sep 3,2020 at 08:14

    If in any way you can do without this – ask to set automatic shipping costs just for a single record , was it a lp, 12 , cd or other.For any multiple order, lets everything as it is.!!

  • Sep 3,2020 at 08:10

    Even trying to set shipping for a single LP is problematic. LP’s vary hugely in disc weight-same for LP covers. Some LP covers are larger than 12 x 12. Some single or double LP’s are in a single pocket-some could be in box sets with booklets. Point is that weight-and occasionally size-are FAR from uniform. The weight of a multiple item order of the same format cannot be predicted in advance.
    Discogs allows us to list virtually all of the historic formats of recorded music. How can we offer a price in advance for a customer who orders multiple items & multiple formats? What if the order combines 8-tracks & 78’s? What if it is a large stack of CD’s and one LP? There are safety & breakage issues, packing decisions-which box to use, bubble wrap, cardboard flats, perhaps a custom box or package for an unusual order? Right now, Discogs sellers have the option to respond to each individual order, while taking the time to pre-pack and calculate the cost and decide the safest way to ship the goods.
    International shipping is now at an all time high. Small differences in size and weight have HUGE consequences for shipping costs. I cannot imagine being able to set up shipping policies intricate enough to navigate this without these consequences:
    Please add your voice if you oppose the new Discogs policies that would force us to offer ‘automated checkout’. It’s going to be a nightmare.

  • Sep 2,2020 at 13:38

    Hi. Yes they are listening, but Kevin and all his freelancers are quiet. Let events overwhelm you. People who buy records will continue to buy records and if we move to sell to other platforms they will follow us … it’s that simple. At the moment I am already selling on ebay, facebook and wallapop. It’s all set phrases, blatantly lying, it’s not for the benefit of the entire community, it’s for your benefit. How is it possible that most of your workers are self-employed or external trainees without pay? How they allow this type of conduct that is prohibited in other types of companies.

  • Sep 2,2020 at 11:41

    Discogs fails, just before I was going to start my own Discogs store with thousands of CDs! The new rules will make it impossible for buyers and sellers.

  • Sep 2,2020 at 01:50

    I live in France, I think I am a good seller on Discogs. Why did I come to you? First of all for seriousness and confidence. Because I manage my shipping costs myself, whether for the weight, the number of items, if I can remove the jewel case if the customer wishes to pay less. A French site, CD&LP, has totally lost the market partly because of this: the shipping costs are already calculated on their site. If you do this, another site will be created. Too bad Paypal tells you what to do. After reading all of the reviews I think you will understand that most buyers / sellers are against this new policy. Do not forget that this site exists thanks to the participative …

  • Sep 1,2020 at 00:13

    Totally Bad, NO option to send without jewelcase, what happens if the record is sold by other way?,(i mean if you don’t have it..or can’t find it? you get the money and is your problem expain the the buyer that you can refund him) more complicated, “compulsive sales”? imopsible in that way,sometimes you can fit 2 records for the same shipping costs, now it’s imposible, totally unfriendly way to force sellers to place shipping costs. I think is time to start my own webpage, I don’t agree with this.

  • Aug 31,2020 at 05:44

    Funny how the FAQs completely fails to answer what must be the most frequently asked question, “why make shipping policies compulsory?”

    Not got an answer that can be spun to look beneficial to your users?

  • Aug 31,2020 at 02:48

    There are some small changes that could make Discogs even more effective, such as :

    – Require all sellers to have at least a few shipping rates in their “seller terms”, so buyers may have a good idea of what they will be charged before receiving the invoice,

    – Rename the “Seller terms” link : why not call it “Shipping costs & seller terms” or have 2 links : “Shipping costs” & “Seller terms”,

    – Allow to attach pictures with each item description in the sellers’ store.

    … And I guess one could find some other useful features !…

    … And instead of that, you want to impose an automatic shipping costs editor which appears to be :

    – only-USA centered (even your neighbors from Canada can’t use it in a satisfactory way !!),

    – Almost unusable as is by European sellers (“Europe” divided into 4 sections north/south/east/west, no “European Union” section, in any case today august 31),

    – complicated, unfriendly, inaccurate, & so on…


    If you lose a lot of mini-sellers who have time to contribute to the marketplace, you will lose them TWICE : as sellers AND as contributors (as a good many of them are, I guess)…

  • Aug 29,2020 at 10:00

    So here we are, the weekend before the apparent changes to the site… And not one peep from Discogs, against hundreds of unhappy sellers. I am surprised they will not budge and are unconcerned for the people who make them money.
    I have lost most all of my respect for the site and the people that run it.

  • Aug 29,2020 at 08:51

    I left Fee bay completely for Discogs .
    Up to this point the site and staff have been great .
    I just hope Discogs is not shooting itself in the foot with these policies. It would be a shame to watch the best record site self destruct

  • Aug 29,2020 at 07:54

    Seems that I am the only one who don’t care at all. I am small seller who accept PayPal only, and I do my sales basing on “all included”.

  • Aug 29,2020 at 07:30

    A terrible idea. I believe this will kill Discogs. Please reconsider

  • Aug 29,2020 at 01:21

    Why changing something good, already working for all. Make it OPTIONNAL only !!!
    Don’t need to copy e-bay or amazon… worst announcement ever made by Discogs team :-(

  • Aug 28,2020 at 07:30

    Hi, I have stopped using PayPal because it only protects the buyer, not the seller. My free online bank offers me the same service as PayPal, but – euhm – for free. And I can handle postal issues with the shipping company myself.
    If I need to use PayPal to sell on Discogs, I will find myself another way to sell my records. And I will be very sad too.
    Kind Regards,


  • Aug 27,2020 at 02:09

    I don’t see how I can do this. I am selling from the Netherlands, where postal rates are based on weight and may change during the year. Some clients prefer registered shipment, others do not. Some want shipment without jewel case to lower the costs. It’s custom made, a fixed shipping price is impossible.

  • Aug 27,2020 at 01:09

    This will not work, the UK postal service is geared to weight, insurance and method of delivery. If rates are set and I need to ship an order say around 300.00 £UK Sterling to the good ol’ USA then the cost would be £25.00 approx. Using the method set up by some kid straight out of University trying to make a name for himself will be a disaster for many and for DISCOGS, it will cost me £7 for DISCOGS luxury of dictating to the people who feed them clothe them etc, the amount of commission they make will be reduced considerably which in turn means the kid will be fired for costing the company millions of dollars,
    I will Un-list my inventory last day of September and watch what happens and in the meantime list on EBay, Facebook Marketplace and probably start doing record fairs again which I do miss, I will also watch for the guy who will do a Kevin Lewandowski and start another market place for all the disgruntled Discogers to join, it will happen, there are more Kevin’s in the world than he thinks and this is the prod they need as Discogs as it is meant it was too good to try and take over.
    Kevin, you are a collector first and foremost, listen to the people who made you and have you the wealth you deserve, stop listening to your guys and take an added interest in YOUR COMPANY. Stop this ridiculous idea now before it is too late and stop listening to PayPal, their day may come if the top banks in the world get together and start the their own version of PayPal.
    Kind regards,

  • Aug 26,2020 at 09:09

    What a nightmare. Just over 1 month until ASP must be implemented but still NO postal options for Sellers outside the USA. Also… no consideration given to countries (like here in Canada) who have postal code to postal code shipping rates meaning I cannot set firm postage costs for weight or # of items as the cost is different based on both the weight AND the postal code it is being shipped to. So… I guess I won’t be able to ship within my own country.

  • Aug 26,2020 at 03:17


  • Aug 26,2020 at 03:17

    Okay! Let’s do a Yes No Vote……Yes: great Idea Postal Change By Weight & All Payment By Paypal..No: It Sucks! Just Yes or No…No Comments needed.

  • Aug 26,2020 at 02:32

    What a stupid idea.

  • Aug 26,2020 at 02:22

    I will use my account, but only as a database. Don’t expect me to buy or sell using Discogs.
    Plz listen to your users. Without buying or selling using Discogs, your company can’t get money.

  • Aug 25,2020 at 20:25

    It looks like that this shipping policy will be affected to sellers who care about the low shipping cost for the buyer.

    I always try to make three shipping options from Japan for customers so they can choose by themself:

    Small package Economy Airmail – cheap, take a longer time
    Small package Airmail
    EMS – expensive but track and trace and fast and insured

    Before I write shipping options with the shipping cost, I weight the record with packing material so the customer can get exact shipping cost. It is fair for the customer because of the lowest cost for shipping.
    It looks that I will have to put some price which will be more expensive than real price. I feel it is not fair for the customer!

  • Aug 25,2020 at 10:43

    I was shocked to hear about this update. Please reconsider. This is crazy and wrong :(

  • Aug 24,2020 at 21:13

    boycott discogs buying and selling 10/1

  • Aug 24,2020 at 12:28

    Hi Discogs users…
    Please, let’s choose some day for a 24h strike, unlisting all our stock!
    We users are the power! Not greedy staff from Discogs & PayPal!!

  • Aug 24,2020 at 11:44

    I too will be shutting down in a month after what’s been a great experience until this – beolw is what I posted on my page this morning, adios discogs:


    ***Please note that I will be shutting down this account on September 24th in advance of Discogs’ ridiculous new shipping requirements – It’s been great, but don’t drag your feet – much more to be listed in the coming days too so please check in often between now and then***

  • Aug 24,2020 at 04:28

    Hi Discogs. I am a seller and buyer from the Netherlands and also lived in the USA for years. Needless to say I ordered and sold tons of records in the USA and in Europe.

    The reason you are going to change the shipping policy is based on feedback of USA sellers and buyers or worldwide?

    I understand the change will work in the USA because you more or a less have a flat fee for CDs/Tapes and LPS (it doesn’t really matter if you order 1,2,3 or multiple items).

    In Europe this is totally different because e.g. the Netherlands the postal rates are changing during the year and differ in weight category (this also is possible to change during the year). Sometimes it really is valuable to ship without jewelcase. Etc multiple options are possible.

    I would agree with the comments above to not use the new shipping policy as it makes it difficult for sellers.

  • Aug 24,2020 at 03:08

    I totally agree that this is a stupid, unworkable idea that feels like it’s inspired by greed rather then anything else. I always did fair business through discogs, selling from home and when I still owned a shop, and the strength has always been communication between buyer and seller and customization. I feel this shows disdain for the record selling and buying community. I don’t expect an H&M kind of service when I buy here and neither do the people who buy or have bought from me. If this will be how it looks I won’t be selling anything anymore. Life’s too short.

  • Aug 24,2020 at 01:35

    I have a pile of items to list that are not already listed, Mostly Sound library CD’s not great movers but some people want them, I am listing them on Musicstacks with a scan of the track listings, Dave at Musicstacks & Ebay must be rubbing their hands with glee, No more listing new items from me, I will also be deleting all the expensive items from Discogs (No point having them on here if there is only one postal charge by weight)……..PLEASE Discogs WE! built you by adding items onto your data-base & thank you I have made good money from this site & so have you with commission…You always acted like the cool hip bosses leaning back on their chairs & being the good guys BUT! you have with this stupid idea made yourselves look very greedy! I really hope you take on board whats being said on this blog & the forum & change this stupid rule being enforced on us…….IT AIN’T GONNA WORK!

  • Aug 24,2020 at 01:02

    PS : also I heard that soon Paypal will change system … they’ll stop pay back fees in case of refund ! so if I got a payment for an order, but item is not anymore on stock (that arrives !!) I’ll have to refund money to buyer. And then I’ll loose the fees already paid !! it’s not acceptable.
    Also we have buyers not paying by Paypal, how they’ll do ?
    Please stop your machine now !!

  • Aug 24,2020 at 00:57

    I hope you at Discogs will read all those negative comments about your change of shipping policy.
    For me it’s the same, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do !!
    Too many products, too many different weight, too many prices, countries…also with Covid-19 one day you can ship to a country like Puerto Rico, and when you bring package at Post Office they refuse it…
    Some buyers want CD with jewel case, other without, there is some package over 3cm thick, some not…
    DISCOGS is going well because your actual system. Change it…you’ll loose many sellers and buyers !
    Honestly I really can’t change my actual system. I work with a few other plateform and I’ve too much trouble because what they invoice is always wrong, in both direction. 1 time not enough, 1 time too much…
    And I don’t have the time to check all my thousands products 1 by 1 to enter his information of size and weight.
    And at today Discogs is maybe 90% of my sales. If you change policy, you’ll kill my society !!!


  • Aug 23,2020 at 11:41

    As almost all comments so far: A big “NO” from me too!!
    From Norway, this will be impossible.
    The Norwegian postal service has letter rates in three (confusing) size categories, in addition to weight and destination. Sometimes is better to send package, instead of letter.
    An LP with normal thickness, without gatefold or insert, OFTEN goes within the 350 gram rate. But sometimes not, and then the postage will be much higher to the next rate.
    A 7″ normally goes within the 100 gram rate. But sometimes not. And it might depend on if I find suitable cardboard at the moment.
    You argue that it will be easier to sell more if the buyer knows in advance the cost. In reality, it is opposite, as this will be impossible for me, and means that I have use other ways to sell my several thousands of records and CDs !!

  • Aug 22,2020 at 14:58

    Discogs has clearly stated here that almost 50% of sellers use ASP, that obviously means that the majority of us don’t – less than 50% is a minority.
    Tried to do it a couple of times, but the combinations don’t work out. Good communication is a feature of my positive feedback, this will obviously go out of the window as communication regarding shipping, options, etc. will no longer be available to suit each individual needs or requirements.

  • Aug 22,2020 at 13:42

    Why? why? and why?
    This is a stupid idea…
    I will probably stop selling here…

  • Aug 22,2020 at 13:24

    Did you realised, we have covid19-times?
    Since over 2 month i cannot send anything to USA or canada
    Before some times also China, Japan, South Korea, Australia or Hongkong could not be delivered…

    still had bad comments when i had to cancel an order…

    The pandemic problems are long time NOT over, so the confusion on some transactions will still continue…

    So hey there you guys who want to change the system which is completely fragile at the moment. Wake Up!
    It will not work…🤔

  • Aug 22,2020 at 07:40

    Amazoning Discogs and eBaying your community?
    Excellent visionary idea and awesome out of the box thinking with regard to Discogs brand refinement. You guys really believe in “free” market, aren’t you?

  • Aug 22,2020 at 05:54

    So what does discogs do if everyone refuses to create shipping policies and stops buying on October 1? Apparently they’re listening to us, though I see no sign whatsoever that they’re hearing the message from 99% of the people who’ve posted here, which is DON’T MAKE SHIPPING POLICIES COMPULSORY, WE NEITHER WANT NOR NEED THEM. Time to send a message they can’t ignore?

  • Aug 21,2020 at 23:53

    When will the updated shipping policy editor be available?
    I tried multiple times to implement shipping policies, but had to stop as I was not able to find the correct parameters.

    Without any changes this will end up in even more confusion for the customers.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 23:23

    Not a good idea at all. Why does Discogs continue to treat its sellers with contempt?

  • Aug 21,2020 at 22:10

    I can only offer an exact shipping fee once I have discussed with the buyer what kind of packaging, and which of the many Royal Mail shipping options they require. As for forcing the use of PayPal, that just sucks.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 18:55

    Forcing us all to use only Automated Shipping Policies, and forcing us all to use only PayPal.
    Two absolutely abysmal ideas for the price of one!
    It’s a bargain!

  • Aug 21,2020 at 13:39

    OK discogs execs, you’ve seen the near 100% opprobrium for your new system and all the posts explaining how it will be impossible to charge fairly/correctly for shipping in so many instances, how you’re making life near impossible for sellers in Canada and so many other countries.

    Don’t you think it’s time for you to have the guts to come on here and explain honestly how you think this benefits sellers and buyers? I’ve seen nothing to suggest this isn’t purely for your benefit and PayPal’s, not ours. Why are you giving us the big middle finger like this, after we created your database for you – FOR FREE?

  • Aug 21,2020 at 10:29

    “Soon, you’ll get the same experience on Discogs.”
    I don’t want this experience here on Discogs – and I am not alone. Used records are a totally different experience than used shoes, used video games, used whatsoever mixed with new electronics, books and clothes. Record collectors are a community with a shared passion, shared principles, shared history and shared emotions.

    Embracing new buyers who are not interested in the beauty and peculiarities of record trading and at the same time expelling many sellers by taking their freedom to handle every issue seperately is a big f**k you to these common values and an obvious move to rise profits and fees with rising record prices and maximized shipping rates and to handle and process the numbers in a more convenient and investor friendly way.

    Discogs did already side with paypal once, when additional paypal fees had been declared illegal by the Discogs rules under the threat of exclusion from the market place for sellers who practice them or mention them in their seller terms, although paypal’s terms did allow extra paypal fees (except in the UK), if the buyer is noticed before purchase. For many reasons this had been a disadvantage for sellers, albeit a bearable one. Now we are witnessing the next level of corporate assimilation and analyst obedience.

    It’s a sad process when freely evolved humane trade is squashed by market optimization logic. I always thought the communist approach to standardization is most inhumane, but this feels same same now.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 09:15

    My vote is NO too…

    Who is doing (and did) the most work here on discogs who did realize that it had grown like it is…

    Who does have the Problem when there is something wrong in the order procedure…
    People can change here contributions like they want, to sell their own (different as it was inside) items, so it is not the first time i sold “a wrong” item….
    So as a seller it is always nightmare to cancel a wrong paid order.
    Lots of problems, neg. Feedbacks and pure Frustration is programmed when it goes like you qant to do..
    So please listen to experienced people who are deeö in the order procedure, every order is unique, and this is something that cannot be done bycthecway you want to do..

    Focused on “the 30 or 50 most selling Albums this month” it is not the only Motivation to do work here

    There is a big difference between financial workers and sellers here on this platform, so i really hope it will be seen…

  • Aug 21,2020 at 08:30

    Bad for both sellers and buyers.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 08:10

    Selling from Canada and as mentioned before, shipping rates vary from coast to coast not to mention huge price differences between rural and urban areas. I’ve spent the afternoon trying to work this out and it is a total nightmare. One format I simply can’t find anything for is the All Media like these Third Mind Vault box set…how do you set it up as it contains vinyl, DVD and so on. How about setting up signature when items are expensive or better yet insurance? This move is designed to minimize the interaction between buyer and seller and to fast track the buying process. One more very important thing…MOST buyers don’t bother to read the sellers terms and THAT’S a big problem…a simple thing like having the same shipping address in Discogs & Paypal is something I struggle with on a regular basis, this will only result in more refunds and cancellations that might affect our feedback . Being an international seller it is a requirement by Paypal that shipping addresses must match they (PayPal) also require that I must have the buyers phone number in order to ba able to print a shipping label and sometimes I have to chase customers for days to provide that information. As expressed by most/all sellers here the current system works fine…don’t fix it ‘cause it ain’t broken!

  • Aug 21,2020 at 07:20

    “…we want to make it easy and accessible for everyone…”

    It’s a lie!
    Discogs deprives the buyer of choosing the optimal delivery method.

    For example:
    Shipping options from Canada to Germany (rate for 0.5kg):
    $16.00 – Surface (delivery time 4-12 weeks, no tracking)
    $28.00 – Air (delivery time 6-10 business days, no tracking)
    $59.00 – Surface tracked (delivery time 4-12 weeks)
    $66.00 – Air tracked (delivery time 6-10 business days)

    How is it possible to show only one variant?
    PayPal recommends using only tracked shipping, which means charging the buyer the maximum cost.
    Of course, this increases PayPal’s profits, but making a purchase for a buyers will be incredibly expensive and unrealistic.
    Discogs would like to use the same way.
    But such a solution will not create more convenience, it will only reduce sales and lose many sellers and buyers.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 04:03

    My vote is ‘no’.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 03:26

    tried setting shipping policies early this year – doesnt accommodate setting weights for relevant forms of packaging, so only taking the weight from the catalogue won’t give a true price. also, UK post (royal mail) uses dimensions to define different size packages, and that can’t be automated by discogs current shipping policy system. unusable, in its current form. either causes over (or under) estimation and therefore buyers and sellers can’t get the accuracy which adds far more to satisfaction than speed or automation does. as discogs works on a percentage, i’d fear they don’t take issue with forcing higher overall prices, but they’ll be disappointed with the loss of sellers and buyers from not accommodating very different and complicated shipping services used across the world.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 02:43

    “TAKING MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE” is a beautiful song by Richard Thompson… it also may be reality on october 1st, when hundreds of sellers would leave Discogs…

    Because, sorry, but your shipping policy editor is what we call in France “Usine à gaz” (gas plant)!! I’ve tried several times, but it seems to be incomprehensible to me… and the fact that it’s because I’m French seems to be a short explanation, ah ah ah…

    And particularly I don’t see the point of imposing this “thing” on sellers ! Their feedbacks are about 99 % negative, & such an unanimity should make you think, am I wrong ?

    It seems Discogs is becoming too big, and thus you seem to forget your origin (a COMMUNITY)… and of course you come out with clichés such as “Deeper integration with Paypal”.
    I don’t dislike Paypal & have used them for more than 15 years without issue, but they must not become the only way of payment… & Paypal payments work well without this “wonderful” shipping policy editor of yours !
    In the European Community, bank transfer is another safe way of paying, and it must stay a payment option for buyers.

    Buyers at Discogs are collectors too, most of them are searching for a precise release… they may take their time to get THE release they want : I don’t think they are spoilt children who want their toy “right now or I’ll get very angry !!”

    And then, if on october 1st hundreds (thousands ?) of sellers have not edited their shipping policies (as myself, I guess) , ah yes buyers will waste less time… because there will be less records to purchase at the marketplace : is that what you want ??

  • Aug 21,2020 at 02:37

    Respectfully, I don’t think this is a good move.

  • Aug 21,2020 at 02:30

    Are you going to implement any seller performance metrics on cancelling orders in pre-shipment (like Amazon does)? Will I be able to cancel an order without any impact to my metrics?

    An order is placed and I (seller) want to cancel it because I conclude that the shipping charge in insufficient. Will I be able to cancel it without any impact to my seller account?

  • Aug 21,2020 at 02:28

    Dear Discogs.

    Just because only a few hundred of Discogs users have commented here does not mean the rest agree with the changes. Most of us cannot word our opposition better than what is said within these comments.

    Take note of what is being loudly told. You are about to kill off the Discogs selling market (which means your 8% commission) and you will revert it back to a logging-only database.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 22:42

    I feel this change will be very damaging as shipping prices change regularly and with rarer records the need for insurance etc. is essential. The only way this will work is if everyone selling records charges the maximum shipping amount available for worldwide postage (tracked, signed for etc.) regardless of where it is being sent to. That way when postage prices increase the seller only has one price to update per size of record. Don’t think many buyers will be too happy with that! :(

  • Aug 20,2020 at 15:36

    eBay is going to be soooo happy.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 14:59

    So I guess if I don’t implement these “shipping policies” changes by October (Which I don’t intend to do) as it’s far too complicated) my whole list of records for sale will be removed from the site???
    Can I also add that weights vary so much with records, formats etc and if I sell a RARE Expensive record I like to ensure it is very well packed to prevent any damage in transit, which can I add is WELL COMMUNICATED to the buyer so they have a choice before they go ahead with the sale.
    As a buyer also I communicate with the seller so I know the shipping/postage costs before making a purchase.
    DISCOGS isn’t broke, don’t try to fix something that doesn’t need fixing.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 14:22

    It’s The End Of The Discogs As We Know It (But I Don’t Feel Fine)

  • Aug 20,2020 at 13:51

    putting your stock on hold as a protest seems an excellent idea. if enough people do that, someone has to listen. ultimately, discogs relies on sellers and users for revenue and content. without those, it goes the way of other abandoned marketplaces before them..

  • Aug 20,2020 at 13:28

    Discogs probably has to get all this in place before they get bought out.

    I’m not laughing, or even joking.

  • mjb
    Aug 20,2020 at 13:13

    USPS has a $400 value limit for First Class International Package rate. If the value of the order exceeds that amount, the seller *must* use a much more expensive option for international shipping. This has nothing to do with quantity or weight. What am I supposed to do?

  • Aug 20,2020 at 13:00

    I have read app. 50 of the nearly 200 comments left and NOT ONE was even remotedly positive about this change, NOT ONE! I agree with each and every of the comments I read and I am indeed happy to see that the discogs-community is very alert and can easily look behind the veil/curtain of cororate “blabla”, which is nothing other than trying to sell us changes, which are definitly NOT in/to our favor, but in fact against our interests, which is to keep the buying and selling of rare (!) records as flexible as possible, whilst at the same time still giving each partner of the deal the amount of security s/he needs.

    What discogs is trying to do is simply to put us in the “chains of paypal”, their interest is not ours, theirs is to maximize profits for two companies and to get in their share as soon as posisble, regardless how the deal between the two main parties (buyer and seller) develops.

    I like it the way it is, payment after app. 1 month, when I get the discogs-bill, which is AFTER the deal has been completed and the record has been received and approved by the buyer. If the discogs-percentage is dedcuted immediately, but the record returned, what happens then? I lost 10% or have to go a complicated way to get the fees back??

    You claim to fix something, which isn´t broken, and I am 100% sure you never talked about this with any part-time record sellers!

    Listen discogs, I know you give a shit about what buyers and sellers here think, I am 99,999% sure it will come your way and no comment here can change that, but as many others above already pointed out, you will go the same path as ebay, but for you it´ll be worse. Ebay does not care for records being sold on their platform or not, that´s a 0,0…-percentage of their sales and profits, but you/discogs only deal(s) in vinyl. Your platform is great, yes, a one-stop shop, but don´t be too sure about people staying, if only 20% leave, it´ll hurt you. There are alternatives and other platforms will also develop … I bet on that, discogs is not the end of the road, just one step and other steps will follow.

    And last but not least it is really a shame that you take all the free input from people, who love their hobby, but when the right time comes, you kick them up their a….

    I am just glad that I only contributed maybe 20 or so items to your database, and that I only did because I had a spare for sale! Considering that with photos and all infos to type it takes app. 20 minutes to add an LP to your database, I am terribly sorry for all the caring record-lovers, who spent countless hours to further YOUR BUSINESS without getting any return and are now rightly and completely understandably pissed by your corporate profit-maximising behaviour, which I assume you willingly timed in the midst of this pandemic-crises (which is some kind of a hoax, but that´s another story). I also bet you did not see that reaction coming, but here it is. We will see what you make of it …

    No luck this time!

  • Aug 20,2020 at 12:50


    I agree it seems odd that the reply function isn’t working. Does anyone know who to contact to fix this bug? I tried the help tab and got a DNS resolution error :/

  • Aug 20,2020 at 11:59


    As already mentioned, i dont sell much on here or in general anywhere, but what i had on here i took down this morning and it will stay that way until they see sense.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 10:16

    OMG – this is terrible…. :-(

  • Aug 20,2020 at 09:11

    Its quite obvious to me whats behind this, its what most of you have already outlined on here but, its also about big brother knowing what, when and where everybody is/are doing with money!

    With Paypal, all transactions are centralised into one big place where the powers that be (throughout the world) can analyse and check up on people making money without paying taxes on earnings from record sales etc!!! The other benefit (if you can call it that) is that it will allow the corporates to analyse and infiltrate this marketplace for there own benefit and monopolise it. They’ve already infiltrated and destroyed the internet for there own gains (advertising, brainwashing and capital gain). Nothing is sacred – money talks, and for Discogs to sell out to a greedy corporate entity like Paypal (who are gonna profit like hell from this) is nothing short of disgusting!!!!

    Look at how the fees have rocketed on eBay – they have a cut of everything – it makes selling on there fkn worthless!!! Discogs users now will have to succumb to all the bullshit rules and regulations that Corporate giants enforce (for the so-called protection of consumers and to give consumeres a better “experience.”)

    Its all about keepin an eye on the fkn money !!!!! WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!!! Somebody start a new marketplace and lets get back to how it was before this crap was forced upon us all. There wasnt any real problems with how Discogs functioned as it was – IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT TRY AND FIX IT !!!!!!!!

  • Aug 20,2020 at 08:55


    That’s a good idea.
    Can anyone tell me if the “reply” function on these posts is working for them? I’ve tried 2 browsers without success.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 08:45

    How about every seller that disagrees with this put there stock on holiday mode for 24 hours on a certain date & time, Then if it continues 48 hours & so on till they realise without us selling & adding to the data-base Discogs will go the way of Gemm…….Please listen to us we are your meal ticket…Not paypal..!

  • Aug 20,2020 at 08:14

    will be out of here by october 1st. take care y’all!

  • Aug 20,2020 at 08:10

    Okay here is what I’m going to do, As soon as this kicks in I will move all my cheap stock into my stall at an Antiques centre & the more expensive I will sell on ebay (I can choose what price postage can be)! At this moment I have 5,665 feedbacks, I have nearly 10,000 items listed, I have sold nearly 16,000 items I have uploaded thousands of items/pictures all for the cause of discogs & myself and now this fiasco! Please reconsider this stupid idea (Please look through this thread)! Please someone start a petition against this obvious sell-out to Paypal!

  • Aug 20,2020 at 07:49

    If this is compulsory, it’s a very stupid idea, but I think the people who came up with it will be to proud to admit it and back down. The customer can be offered the option of shipping policies set out as suggested, but there is no reason for a seller to be forced to implement them. Even without the temporarily prohibited countries and constantly shifting time-frames for delivery during this period, it’s still a dubious idea, that in a sane world would just be a seller’s individual choice to implement. I’m always looking for the best deal on shipping for my customers. The shipping information I have is self-explanatory. The time I spend messaging buyers to ask if they require the CD jewel case or not(which is a big price difference from Spain) is time better used than wading this quagmire of an idea would be.. I don’t recall any complaints about my shipping terms.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 07:40

    Your plans are a disservice to the users. I have contributed to Discogs by submitting a few hundred new releases, correcting existing ones, submitting thousand of images, and supporting the removal and merge process on a regular base. This stops now.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 07:36

    Wow, just wow. Over the years since the app has come out, it it has been becoming more and more apparent that the people behind these decisions are seriously lacking. To bleat on at your sellers who, let’s remember, are the sole reason your site exists, about fixing something that has worked perfectly for many, many years is frankly preposterous. You speak as though we are stupid and do not recognise that this is about your own corporate gain via alliance with PayPal. For a start, who wants to encourage buyers who have such menial faculties so as to not be able to deduce their shipping costs from the sellers terms? Millions of successful orders over many years and now you come out with this crap. I personally use PayPal, but to take away the choice from buyers and sellers is deplorable, not to mention the depravity of your feverish alliance with a company that treats sellers like crap and is constantly found to be in breach of that which is lawful, and facilitates financial fraud with it’s lackadaisical approach to fraudulent buyers. Discogs is like one big record fair. It is not like Ebay or Amazon, and it shouldn’t be.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 07:27

    Horrible idea in so many ways. Less customer contact. Less sellers. More frustration for sellers when shipping weight is higher then estimate. etc. etc.
    Most of us are just music lovers, not professional sellers. It’s the end of Discogs as we know it …

  • Aug 20,2020 at 06:44

    How it began… as a platform for infos about records for interested people…
    Now what, the smell of money, anything that counts…
    Welcome in reality…, what a sad thing..

  • Aug 20,2020 at 06:32

    I don’t think Discogs are giving us sellers long enough to implement this. I have 1,400 items listed on Discogs in many different formats with varying weights, so it seems like I’m going to have to weigh everything. The automatic estimate for CDs at 85g is wrong, as most CDs are 100g, some are 120g. Also it estimates LPs are 230g, yet Longhair LPs are 270g and gatefolds are 350g, and how do we factor in packaging weights?

    I haven’t even looked at how to use the shipping policies editor yet. But I can imagine this is going to be a huge task, and a steep learning curve, and using up precious time I had planned on doing other things. Or, so I do it the easy way and over estimate on everything just to be safe? Whatever, this all means that customers making larger orders are going to have to pay much more on shipping than they did before.

    Like loukash says. Shipping prices are changing almost monthly at the moment with the impact of COVID-19, and sometimes we don’t hear about the changes until going to the post office.

    And then there’s the extra costs from PayPal on US states charging tax. It’s all just too much to factor in to a set of shipping policies. So, we’ll just have to charge the extra to US customers whether they have this tax added or not.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 06:29

    If there are any Discogs alternatives (that isn’t eBay), please reply to this comment so sellers know where to go if this BS is implemented.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 05:57

    as for now im not very stoked about my discogs music – buying and selling – future! Making things easier is cool but putting on more restrictions and making paypal mandatory …come on! Even tough i use paypal quite a bit im not a fan of having no choice!
    maybe this is on of those situations where something new comes along and i immediately hate it and later it turns out to be half as bad. i doubt somehow that thats the case here …. please dont turn into another ebay here! (RIP eBay)

  • Aug 20,2020 at 05:44

    Rolling out these changes will mark the beginning of the end for Discogs.

    I really hope the owners are reading these comment from users and perhaps realize what a terrible idea all of this is. But I fear the deal with PayPal is already sealed, there’s no turning back at this point.

    Myself as a EU citizen, I want to be able to offer fee-free payment methods for other EU buyers, in the form of bank transfer, and payment in cash from local buyers. I can’t stress enough what a ridiculous idea it is that another EU citizen, or a buyer within the same country, or a local buyer, is required – no, FORCED – to pay via PP instead of fee-free bank transfer or cash at pickup. It’s just insanity.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 05:26

    Hello Discogs, your new policy changes are a total horrendous nightmare!

    I think there is no need to repeat the countless totally accurate reasons why establishing mandatory shipping policies through a generator causes tons of problems.

    Summed up: It’s 100% impractical and unwordly. It totally denies the complexity of different shipping options throughout the world and the countless often marginal yet postagewise totally important differences in weight each individual item and packaging material has. It will either lead to scare away potential buyers as sellers need to raise their shipping costs as a precaution in order not to pay extra on shipping out of their own pocket. Or it will just do that to sellers – forcing them to pay extra on shipping out of their own pocket countless times in order to render discogs buyers what you think is a „perfect“ and „fancy“ and „up to date“ shopping experience. Its is not! And it will create unspeakable problems, inaccuracies, faults, controversies, cancellations, bad feedbacks and maybe worst of all totally end the friendly and personal contact amongst buyers and sellers that is the esscence of Discogs. (which by the way alongside with a good customer service leads to returning customers and not the complication and anonymisation and new inaccuracy of everything)

    even worse and the real scandal is that you want to force buyers and sellers into a single payment option. Inside the European Union and especially inside Germany we have payment options like the iban/bic bank transfer which are free of charge for everyone and are widely accepted and trusted. And also throughout the world there are many different payment providers, many even with a good reputation…

    Did you by the way ever recognize that not even the big soulless mega-companys like amazon, ebay and the likes which you obviously plan to convert Discogs into force their members into one single payment method? They of course respect the indiviual descisions of their members to decide what their most suitable payment options are. They respect the freedom of the market and competition which you plan to undermine.

    Basically, you want to deprive those who have made discogs what it is, namely its long time members, buyers, sellers and contributors alike, of their freedom of choices and with that of their personal interactions which constitute the charm of discogs and distinguishses it from soulless Amazon and Wal-Mart mega-companys.


    Please listen closely Discogs: You have started to talk to us like you are the lords. Treating us like we if were dumb unknowing cattle that needs be forced in line for its alleged own good. In fact it is only for the alleged good/benefit of Discogs (which it is totally not in the end!!! please wake up and realize this!!!) and your new monopolist payment provider. This is the way an autocratic or totalitarian regime like the communist party of China would treat its citizens. An encroaching mixture of a Stalinst / Orwellian enforced cooptation scenario in its most alarming sense. I want to remain objective and factual but honestly: What have you become, Discogs? Respectively, what are you going to become? This is a total shame! Therefore, I urgently appeal to you and your common sense to STOP! AND ABOLISH! THIS NIGHTMARISH POLICY CHANGE! I don’t want to give up hope yet that the site I used to love for many many years wakes up, corrects a big mistake and refrains from turning into an autocratic and soulless machine. Though, given the language and attitude with which you advertise and introduce the announced policy changes and the new way you dictate over your members I doubt that you even at all appreciate the strong dissent you get for your horrible plans. Rest assured that protest and outrage will become much bigger and louder the more people actually realize what your policy changes actually mean for them and what Discogs is apparently up to here. I strongly recommend and beg you to TRULY LISTEN TO US! otherwise you WILL scare away countless of your most trusted sellers, buyers and contributors.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 04:47

    Here’s a little clue: If you want sellers to watch a webinar, so they can learn how to set new shipping policies, it’s too fucking complicated.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 04:09

    Agree with all, selling and buying here is very different to Amazon etc, shipping and packaging varies from item to item, so this means i will have to advertise the most expensive packaging and postage to cover any variable, thus penalizing the sellers, which results in less buyers, finally less sellers and out ome of no Discogs, please speak to buyers and sellers who use Discogs for years as we understand the problems.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 04:05

    Simple get round for all – document your collection and sell from it privately!
    How you like me now DiscPal!!!

  • Aug 20,2020 at 03:51

    Awful, this is purely for the benefit of PayPal – I offer bank transfers within the UK to combat the ludicrous charges from PayPal. Why should a seller pay 3.4% of cost of item/shipping +20p on every item to PayPal when a bank Transfer exists for FREE?

    The fees from PayPal on shipping higher value items are taken out of Sellers Profits so this will mean I have to increase prices on items which is even more time and effort.

    The variables on the price of an item and the cost to ship internationally also causes a massive headache. Which will price me out of the international market completely.

    PAYPAL are SCUM! I thought more of Discogs than to be bullied or to take whatever back hander they are getting.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 03:16

    Would it not be possible to set the standard for “the whole world” with a comment referring to sellers terms?

  • Aug 20,2020 at 02:54

    Only thing we really need is the chance to add a picture. THAT would save us from canceled orders

  • Aug 20,2020 at 02:37

    As much as I hate Ebay which I long ago abandoned, if Discogs continues with this ludicrous decision I will be moving my inventory back with a heavy heart

  • Aug 20,2020 at 02:00

    I wrote on this forum an hour ago and after reading everybody’s comments, can Discogs please explain how I can input the following differences into the automated shipping rates that I have on my seller terms (the text in quotes)?

    “I will predominately use Sendle (cheaper than Auspost) for shipping most items, but if it works out cheaper to use Australia Post, I will provide that option (e.g. a 7” single or 1 CD posted within Australia works out a few dollars cheaper as it is sent as a large letter rather than a parcel (although it won’t have tracking). However, do open the following link to the Sendle website to ensure they deliver to your location particularly if you live remotely as they do not deliver to certain regions. If they do not ship there, I can give you a quote using Australia Post.”

    Within Australia alone, Sendle have three different pricing options these being same city, national and remote deliveries. The difference in cost to post one item to someone in my city and to someone in a remote region is $6.95 and $21.50 respectively. There is no option to put this into the automated shipping rate as it only offers shipping within Australia only.

    “Items up to $100 value are automatically insured by both Sendle and Australia Post, anything posted of a value over that needs to be adjusted with extra cover. Sendle Extra Cover MUST be purchased for $1.95 for each additional $100 and this will be included on the invoice.”

    “If wanting a 4th or 8th record and you want to check the weight stays under for the postage rate, let me know what albums you are after and I will weigh them before you place your order.”

    I don’t understand how a potential buyer would not be able to work out the postage by reading my sellers terms, they are pretty succinct and they also have an option to communicate with me before placing an order.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 02:00

    insane,…….at this moment with worldwide shipping problems due to covid,time to go i think…..stupid

  • Aug 20,2020 at 01:26

    count me out on 1 oct.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 01:01

    I can’t believe what I’m hearing/reading/seeing.
    I’ve been using Discogs for years without a problem
    My inventory is around 2,000 and much more to be added.
    I am not a big business and I have a life outside of Discogs and I can make it to the post office once or twice a week.
    I sell world wide different quantities to 4 different postage zones. There are so many variables I can’t see how I’m going to fit it all in. It would mean withdrawing my inventory altogether while I study each variable and work out how to fit it in to this new system
    A major headache which I don’t have time for
    Carry on like this and I’ll be taking my inventory elsewhere
    Judging by the comments I see above mine I expect I’ll be joining a mass exodus of sellers
    I am really angry because I have contributed so much towards Discogs with scans of records and sleeves over the years and I fear it’s going to be all for nothing
    A total waste
    This looks like the end of Discogs for me unless they take notice of all their disgruntled sellers and stop this foolishness

  • Aug 20,2020 at 01:00

    As many, many, many people have already stated, PayPal are a corporate menace. The shipping situation will be a nightmare to implement, especially for multiple purchases.
    Please think long and hard about what you are doing, especially with PayPal, this move could be the beginning of the end.
    I’m a buyer not a seller, and I didn’t ask for this…
    Stop. Before we leave.
    We, the users, built this database, not PayPal.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 00:39

    Wow, what a TERRIBLE, AWFUL, TIME-WASTING idea. You guys need to fire whoever decided to institute this shitty idea. Way to go, morons.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 00:26

    This is ridiculous. I literally spent 2 days this week writing up my shipping costs as I have decided as a buyer on Discogs since 2009 that I would start selling some of my collection off. I am also waiting on a shipment of 450 vinyl mailers to arrive from Sydney tomorrow.

    I set out my shipping policies as cheap as I could get them as posting from Australia is quite expensive. I decided to use Sendle (as it’s cheaper than Auspost) and it also cheaper for me to post to a buyer in Melbourne (where I live)rather than nationally. Sendle also post to 3 zones worldwide, has a very user friendly website to calculate postage to the buyers location and I’ve already calculated the costs for everybody.
    As a seller, I have also offered Australian buyers the opportunity to pay me via bank transfer and will discount the invoice of 2.5 % (a minimum of what PayPal will charge me).

    The reason I have set it up this way is that I actually want to sell my records to as many buyers as possible for as cheap as possible. After pricing and grading my records over the last few months, I’m now expected to weigh them all? I also want to be able to offer the opportunity of add on sales, if a record is purchased and another can possibly be purchased and fitted in for the same postage rate because it is under weight, I can’t see how this new system is going to work?
    I’ll keep an eye what happens before posting records for sale, I might have to think of selling elsewhere.

  • Aug 20,2020 at 00:01

    There are wishes, and there is reality. There are so many different people from different countries with different kind of items. Postage change from one Country to an other. For some seller it can be makeable, but most do have proceed an order always unique, where it goes and what it is…Country, cd, lp, 7, dvd…., weight and amount. This is not only a selling Platform like a… or other 24/7 ones. This is powered by people for people who are into the power of music, not to fulfill financers world monopolic dream….

  • Aug 19,2020 at 23:55

    Reading the new policies I’m definitely thinking about the withdrawal of my sale items.
    There’s a huge variety of shipment options. It differs from the recipient country, weight of the package, size of the package, customs and so on. I cannot estimate the costs for each case upfront if – let’s say – someone from the Philippines might buy a CD from my stock. So, the current options and shipment options are completely fine for me. If someone really wants to buy from my stock he can ask me upfront about the shipping costs. And I’am able to look for an appropriate shipping company as well as the actual costs.
    Regarding Paypal: I only opened an account at Paypal for a few buyers from the US. Allowedly, Paypal is a worldwide payment option but it’s also very expensive for sellers, especially private (not commercial) sellers. And with its curious restrictions (like security for buyers though Paypal isn’t part of the deal between seller and buyer) Paypal is setting up legal irritations. Paypal lost an important case here in Germany – quite right.
    I hope Discogs won’t only rely on Paypal and also offers other payment options in the future.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 20:03

    “deeper integration with PayPal” So I guess Discogs is now big enough that they don’t need to care about their members, just profit above all. I despise ebay and I despise paypal; they are scum and make this world a worse place. This isn’t ebay, this is a place for old farts like me to geek out. You should have done your homework better. You’re going to lose a LOT of customers now.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 17:19

    The line you open with: “some changes to deliver the buying experience people have come to expect when shopping online.” Who wrote this crap? The buyers here aren’t just “shopping.. like, for vinegar, towels and underwear.” These are collectors looking for very specific versions of music releases and the condition of the item is extremely important. These are people obsessing over matrix numbers and such. The prices of two versions the same item will vary greatly, and so will the shipping. You can’t apply a Wal-Mart or Amazon mentality to this, but apparently you’re not listening to sellers, as 99% are against this. You will see a huge exodus of sellers as a result of this pig-headed policy.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 16:25

    Paypal is literally one of the worst companies on the planet and I flat-out refuse to use them under any circumstances.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 16:20

    That’s a nightmare.
    We agree with the common negative opinion here in the comments.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 16:15

    As I just said in a discussion on the Forum, if I have to spend all my spare time trying to work out my ASP I’m going to have no time left to contribute to the Database, if you know what I mean.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 15:51

    This is not a good idea, I suspect it’s one motivated by money rather than feedback as the current system works well. The ability to customise shipping costs is essential for me, particularly for orders over 2kg in weight as I will always look for the most cost effective courier for my customers. The rates may then change if I can find cheaper couriers and I don’t want to overcharge. Please explain how a shipping policy will cover that scenario?

  • Aug 19,2020 at 14:54

    Everyone should be able to decide for themselves how to offer their goods – the fact that I am forced by discogs to do something I do not want to do makes me angry

  • Aug 19,2020 at 14:47

    can only echo all the paypal comments, this is not a good way forward, here in europe other types of payments are used, as these are easier and cheaper

  • Aug 19,2020 at 14:45

    Selling from Canada and as mentioned before, shipping rates vary from coast to coast not to mention huge price differences between rural and urban areas. I’ve spent the afternoon trying to work this out and it is a total nightmare. One format I simply can’t find anything for is the All Media like these Third Mind Vault box set…how do you set it up as it contains vinyl, DVD and so on. How about setting up signature when items are expensive or better yet insurance? As expressed by most/all sellers here the current system works fine…don’t fix it ‘cause it ain’t broken!

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:57

    Add another voice to the already ridiculously long list of people who are unhappy with your decision to force everyone to use PayPal. As a platform, you need to be giving users flexibility and choice when it comes to how payments are facilitated. This is a short sighted change that you should really reconsider.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:45

    A very bad move against us, sellers/buyers collectors.
    Kill your uniqueness and become Discbayzon…

    You’re pointing a gun at your foot Discogs, don’t pull the trigger.

    Please listen to your sellers and DO NOT make these changes mandatory!

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:44

    I cannot see how this can work here in the UK. Every package is different depending on weight, size, destination and class of postage. I only charge the price of the actual stamp and not for packaging. My buyers know exactly what they are going to pay already and in hundreds of orders I have not had one quibble about my shipping rates.

    Also in Europe we can use free bank transfers to avoid additional costs imposed by Paypal. In some European countries, Belgium for example Paypal is not widely adopted so reduces the chance of selling there.

    Please withdraw this ludicrous proposal.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:17

    This will be the end of my discogs adventure. it was an enjoyable platform. Thanks for the good time. Bye

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:08

    As with many changes, this one is a good one packaged with a bad one.
    I am continuously baffled by sellers that treat shipping costs as a variable. No it’s not for profit. No it’s not for discounts. It’s for delivery. The costs are set by the delivery services, not sellers. A no brainer change which rewards good sellers.

    The bad, of course, is using this change to sneak in taxes and fees. I like the idea of taxes & fees being automatically being part of the purchase but if you don’t want to be eBay 2.0, you’ll distinguish between reasonable & unreasonable. Most people on Discogs are collectors. Paying taxes and ridiculous fees for items that most people collect in the hundreds or thousands is straight up wrong. It’s a hobby for most, a livelihood for some. How many items on Discogs are under $5? Do some examples of what shipping, taxes, Discogs fees & Paypal fees do to the buyer and seller for these small items. It will spur a competitor like eBay’s changes did and everything old is new again.

    In summary:
    Shipping costs known up front = Good
    Excessive fees & taxes = Bad

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:06

    Clear as mud. Unlike my shipping policies. Time to find a new platform to sell my tunes!!!!
    Adios Discogs!

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:05

    PAYPAL … this company is awful. Placing your websites future in their hands will destroy you. Just like they did to Ebay. I do t take paypal nor will I ever and let me tell you why – an ebay buyer scammed me for 4500 usd. He bought vintage guitar parts. 3 months later he said they were fake. No proof and he refused to return for refund. A month after that paypal refunded him. He still has the item and my account went negative. I tracked the guy down to his jewelry store. Called him up and he laughed in my face saying ” thanks for the free stuff” and then he had it listed on Ebay for 6000 as “authentic vintage parts” PayPal doesnt care, Ebay doesnt care. If discogs wants to go this route then people like me are gone. Also, I rarely buy from large sellers on discogs. I personally look for individuals who can grade as I seek NM orig owner stuff. These moves make discogs like Amazon, which is useless for me both buy and sell. EMT payment has worked just fine for me. I can order reissues cheaper on Amazon… I use discogs for actual people selling actual vintage Lps. I sell top notch stuff only here. Any junk I dump for cheap on local shops. Kept my feedback impeccable that way. But now? Looks like I’ll be off discogs.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 13:04

    what a stupid move please reconsider, you will lose a lot of customers (sellers AND buyers)

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:57

    Thnx Discogs, you did a good job !!
    It seems that the users are not important.
    We paid over the years a lot of fee to Discogs and also Paypal.
    Now Discogs is still very popular. Apparently you want to end this.
    I will look for a way to remove my 25.000 items.


  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:52

    Same here as lots of people above don’t do that, it will cost you lots of customers, I allready have clear shipping cost. This will just make it less interesting to sell on discogs, this should be optional.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:43

    Long ago I started selling on eBay, but with every ‘improvement’ they made, they became less attractive to use for me as a seller. Then I found Discogs and was very happy. Unfortunately Discogs is now going the ‘eBay-route’. This calls for a new platform, like eBay and Discogs used to be.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:40

    I agree with many of the existing comments. My shipping policies (as free text) are clearly stated and whilst I do recognise that not all buyers read the text (even though clearly visible) I have never found anyone bothered by it. Yes, one click payment may increase orders, but…….

    AS has been pointed out particularly for vinyl, and particularly when shipped internationally there can be a lot of weight variance. Flexibility here is likely to be in reality everything being priced at the higher end or risk losing on postage, a particular concern where the item value is low. Customers will lose out on the possibility of bulk pstage discounts (less a problem for one vinyl album, if someone is buying 10 of them the marginal differences per vinyl can really cahnge the postage band).

    Also I have a strong “measure twice cut once” approach to grading. Occasionally I get it wrong. Sometimes brief surface noise can be quite reasonably missed on the first playback. More often an item can have become slightly damaged / worn whilst sat on the shelves since listing. Currently I can have a friendly and open dialogue with a customer, offering an appropriate discount if I feel an item is compromised prior to invoicing. Now a customer will have expectations that come with “faceless one click online sales” and will surely be more likely to be upset (I cannot see ANY way they will be less upset) if I come back saying there is a problem with the item they have already paid for. And of course I am likely to be charged paypal fees on the refund.

    I really don`ty feel this helps me as a seller, I struggle to see on balance how this helps the buyer, I struggle to see how this can not have a negative effect on the friendly local record store vibe of discogs (clearly – in my mind at leasst – it will become more impersonal and entitled like ebay).

    The only winner here is paypal – and really, quite a petty marginal gain for them – surely not worth soiling the wonderful current character and flavour of discogs for, and surely not worth throwing a lot of existing users, if not under the bus, very much in that direction.

    I hope you will reconsider. I have no problem with clear seller “policies” at all, and I would agree this is to be expected, but going to de facto “the first you know of the order is when you get paid” processing seems to have a LOT of downsides for both buyer and seller, and the gains you have described seem both arguable and marginal


  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:36

    Plenty wrong and stupid …
    Saying people cancel because they don’t know the shipping costs is madness. My orders cancelled were the facts of brainless people never knowing what they do.
    I’m totally against a full automatic world, I don’t want to sit in a rocket driven by a mad computer.
    I’m an EU citizen, I want to be able to give a choice of paiement to my fellow EU customers = against only Paypal way. We have a totally free SEPA bank transfer.
    I certainly will stop to sell here if it happens (there is still quite some other websites without dictatorship – where I also already sell).
    This Discogs website started cool like Myspace and will certainly finish like Myspace did (losing people and money in the same time).
    Already sad filmogs and other siblings had to close, so may be their big brother won’t survive more when all historic users will be gone….

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:35

    These guys don’t seem to understand simple. Shipping is not rocket science, yet shipping doesn’t get any easier for sellers or buyers. This change doesn’t seem to benefit anyone but Discogs. I’m glad I’m nearly at my end with this site. The headaches are just not worth the few dollars I make here and there. I’ll stick to selling on amazon. At least there everything is out in the open.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:35

    Yet more money to the Paypal maffia… Please let the sellers offer different payment methods. and more importantly make the paypal cost transparent to the buyers !
    Most buyers don’t realise that Paypal is not free !

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:33

    As a customer, I think I will buy less, and less, and less with these changes…

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:31

    As a little seller, I am afraid of selling less, and less, and less with these changes…

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:13

    if anyone knows or is working to develop a promising alternative to discogs, please message me, i will most likely be migrating

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:07

    This is bad, it destroys all flexibility I had, especially with dealing with local buyers. Of the 4 payment methods I offered (cash, IBAN payment, payment request (in the Netherlands called Tikkie) and paypal), I only can use the most expensive one..

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:07

    These innovations are very sad. I live in Ukraine and PayPal does not work for us … I can only sell through IBAN.
    And what am I supposed to do now … ???

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:06

    I simply won’t comply with this PayPal nonsense. You can delete my store if you want. I’ll go to eBay or leboncoin. I invite others to do the same. Also, we should boycott adding, editing or updating any listing until we receive remuneration for doing so or this change in policy is abandoned.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:05

    Terrible idea. Might be time to just stop selling on discogs. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Changing and updating things are great. Making it so we have no choice sucks. No thank you. Tried the shipping polices back when they first implemented them, wasn’t happy with them, to many inaccuracies. Not every CD/tape/record weighs the same, and how has the time to weigh every single item they want to list. Not to mention the variation of the package weight due to the type of box you have to use, how you pack it, etc etc. Tried discogs shipping when you started offering that, and you screwed it up with unannounced price changes, downtime, etc. Back to my old shipping method. Tried discogs payments when you offered that, to many problems with that, don’t use it any more. Now this? Seriously, what are you gaining by forcing everybody to do this, instead of just offering it to the people who wan’t to use policies? your not “insuring the longevity of discogs”, your driving away your customers.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:02

    Didn’t ask for this, don’t like this, you implement this and I will do less and less business and find other places to buy records. In fact I have already been moving in that direction already. Thanks for the push.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 12:01

    Booo! I don’t rip off my buyers like most “Stores” do. I combine multiple formats and a number of items for the lowest rates. I will often throw in a freebie when someone buys a few items.
    You are killing flexibility. Something I enjoy as a buyer that I also like to extend to buyers.
    If you want to really bring a change we would like, bring back the “Tracks” feature you oddly killed.

  • Aug 19,2020 at 11:53

    Was only a matter of time: profits to be made, people to screw. Fee increase will follow soon, no doubt. We need an alternative to this corporate horror.

  • Aug 15,2020 at 19:12

    Yet another unwanted change being forced onto the ‘community’ by business overlords. Wake up discogs – your ‘community’ is about to rebel .No ‘community’ = no discogs. Ever heard the saying ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds’….

  • Aug 15,2020 at 18:52

    This set up doesn’t seem to benefit those of us in the Antipodes, where shipping is such an exorbitant cost and often a disincentive to buy. Paypal also puts the onus on the seller to prove an item was delivered – but what if the seller doesn’t want tracking and just wants cheap postage? And as Wolfpanther says above, it is only really economical to buy from overseas if you get multiple items, as the postage cost is too high otherwise. This is also why Discogs should provide a search function based on location of the seller.

  • Aug 13,2020 at 08:25

    This is a stupid idea. You are essentially handing PayPal a monopoly for all payment transactions. Many people in the euro zone use IBAN payment because it is free. There are no fees. There are also no tax collection issues for transactions inside the EU. If discogs forces everyone inside the EU to pay with PayPal, you are removing consumer choice, and hindering free trade. There may be grounds for a legal challenge on this basis.

    One disgusting aspect of this debacle is the language you’ve used to describe these changes, the horrible spin you’ve put on it, like it’s for our own good. One has to wade through reams of unnecessary verbiage before getting to the nitty gritty: “PayPal is compulsory and the only option”. All this sanctimonious nonsense about safety and security and the needs & desires of the customer in the text. All Utter Rubbish!! This choice is clearly not in the interests of discogs customers.

    I challenge discogs to do a poll of its users: a simple Yes/No vote on a PayPal monopoly.

  • Aug 12,2020 at 10:42

    Discogs seems to have a very clean answer to every question, just like a multinational corporation (genocide of the staving nation)

  • Aug 5,2020 at 22:35

    All this is just a major lie. Paypal has paid silly money to make sure they get a piece of all transactions on this site and they are now setting the rules on this site, not discogs and not the sellers or buyers. From now on discogs will stop listening to the fans who use this site. This is a major knife in the back on all collectors that has spent days of their lives to ad information to discogs. Before this it felt like it was a community built up by collectors now the greedy companies comes and take over and destroy it just like they did on Ebay. BUT remember THE MUSIC LOVERS built the site and can KILL it the same way they built it. Instead of just moving to another site what do you think would happen if everyone out there starting to ask titles to be removed from the database and everyone started to vote yes for removal. That would turn Discogs into an empty shell and then we could let the happy married couple (Discogs and Paypal) do the work instead. I guess the removal option will be locked from now on. Interesting rebellious thought that i doubt anyone have thought of

  • Aug 3,2020 at 17:18

    With these “updates” it always appears that little to zero research has been done concerning what users actually would like.

  • Aug 1,2020 at 12:27

    I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I know ebay no longer owns PayPal that’s why ebay is changing all the rules and I want out. I thought Discogs was the way to go…now I’m really confused.

  • Jul 29,2020 at 13:47

    We are on this specific Discogs selling platform one of the 10 largest sellers and we like the service they deliver a lot. Over here in Europe lots of people pay by free IBAN payments regulated by the EU, and we are all very pleased with that. Paypal adds not much, and surely less value than what we pay for. Reducing payment methods and not allow IBAN payments shows us that Discogs is less committed to Europe than we assumed. Currently payment methods are growing on other platforms. Go back to only one service doesn’t make sense. Buyer can now choose for paypal or for other services. You don’t serve customers by offering less payment services.

    I’m afraid most of those IBAN customers won’t register with paypal so we might be selling less through this Discogs platform. Besides that the ones going to pay with paypal will cost us extra so prices have to go up a bit. For us this means that we need to spread riscs / sales more and connect to an extra EU platform to reach those customers who prefer to pay by our EU payments methods. Why not use Adyen payment services, they are much cheaper than Paypal or local country payment services like iDeal or Sofort etc. Wo dislike these kind of paypal vendor lock-in constructions.

    But I have good experiences with Discogs listening to the community, so I think this IBAN-BANNING will not happen. And actually I want to thank Discogs that they tell us this in advance so we can spread riscs/sales over more platforms. Regards, Peter, chairman of worldwide-records

  • Jul 29,2020 at 08:24

    Why don’t you just require sellers to set up shipping costs in their Seller’s Terms like most sellers already do? This is going to be a hassle when it comes to adding insurance and will most likely force me to no longer sell outside of the U.S. Are you really going to force me to go back to eBay?

  • Jul 28,2020 at 10:28

    If this policy goes into effect, I’ll move my current inventory to eBay (along with the many, many more records I’ve held off listing) so far on Discogs.

    The current Discogs shipping policy works fine.

    If Discogs turns this into a hassle, I might as well get the hassle on eBay. At least the prices on my rare vinyl will get bid up there to cover the inconvenience.

  • Jul 27,2020 at 04:02

    As a buyer I have no problem with the current shipping situation and plenty of worries about the new one. I have almost never ordered a single item, as shipping to Australia can be expensive I only make orders if the seller has a number of items I want in order to make shipping better value, I see no advantage to having individual shipping on each item, it does not sound like an improvement.

  • Jul 26,2020 at 04:49

    ADCD-records – I agree with you on this, i think it’s very likely this is happening primarily as part of a deal with Paypal.

    Discogs slide into creepy corporate speak is also disturbing, “maximize music discoverability”.

  • Jul 24,2020 at 15:53

    Not a good idea !!!

  • Jul 24,2020 at 03:52

    My guess is that this is paypals idea from the start.

    I don´t think that you´re dumb, BUT; Mobile phone payments (called Swish in Sweden) is totally dominating the pay/recieve market here, it´s fast (seconds) and fee free.

    This is growing, you will soon be able to use this way of paying not only within your own country but within EU. News says that Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Norway and even Switzerland that´s not in the EU will very soon join, and this is only the start.

    …..and paypal know this. They are trying to survive the best they can by binding up companies to their service. But as I said, you´re not dumb so you should have figured this out yourself.

    For me personally this is a disaster, not be able to give my customers generous combined s/h, and most of all not to be able to state s/h without the cd-case (€1.49 instead of €4.25 on one cd, even more to save on many cd,s) is going to make my business go down with 50% Using Weight is no option when Cds is stated 85 gram weighs more than 100 gram, Cardsleeves, of all sorts, are stated 80 gram, weighs 30-40 gram. The Post in Sweden has the limits 50 gram/ 100 gram etc.

    `Change the invoice´, you wrote. NO, I´m not going through all that work for each and every order, it will take too much time (just logging in to paypal every time is too much fuzz)

    I always wanted to set AUTOMATIC SHIPPING REQUIREMENT, many good things with that, but you must let us state as many s/h options as we need.

    As a couple of other sellers said:


  • Jul 24,2020 at 01:41

    As a buyer, after reading all those comments, I can only shout out „NO, discogs, do not do this!!!“ because you‘ll destroy a unique platform for those who really care about music. Why make it so difficult for sellers? I don’t mind asking about a shipping fee if it is not clear from the beginning. That is never a problem. You risk losing sellers and there will be less buyers, which would be the opposite of what you try to achieve here. I guess it won‘t be long before an alternative platform is created which will put discogs out of business sooner than you can imagine.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 23:29

    Guys, if you want the site to work like this, how about YOU do the work? Set up a set of default shipping policies for every country in the world, to every other country in the world, and let sellers alter that as needed to their own requirements?

    Alternatively, how about split the difference, and require this for domestic orders only.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 19:05

    Something I don’t think any other commenter has mentioned:

    I do flat rate shipping in the USA (1 or 100 items for the same low shipping cost) and in nearly every case can ship 2 items overseas for the same price as 1. The messages I send to buyers right after I invoice have messaging that I’ve carefully crafted over the past few years to upsell buyers, letting them know that in the USA they can order any number of additional items and incur no additional shipping cost, or overseas buyers can add a 2nd LP or CD or whatever and pay the same shipping cost for both items. I’ve been very successful with this and it’s the reason why I’ve been continually resistant to automating shipping cost which discogs has been pushing hard for at least the past year. The reasons they’ve given for doing this (less cancelled orders seems to be the big one) have always been issues that have little-to-no effect on my business, whereas the upselling has been huge for me. Please don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 17:35

    I am a small US seller (paid ~$1,000 in Discogs fees last year) and use shipping policies (based on format, not weight) for single-item orders (both domestic and international) and haven’t had issues. I charge a flat rate of $5 for multi-item domestic orders (using Media Mail) and it balances out overall with me pitching it a bit for larger orders. This gets complicated for multi-item international orders as you approach weight limits for the different pricing tiers (i.e. 8.0 oz vs 8.1 oz can make a significant difference in shipping costs) or are shipping to Canada where the price depends on the location. For international orders I would prefer to continue to manually invoice. I don’t want to have to weigh each item as I list it.

    I see several comments in the FAQ about the ability to simply cancel orders and be refunded by you. The issue, as pointed out many times in these comments, is that Paypal no longer refunds their fees for cancelled transactions. That move reminded me of when Ebay began to charge fees against shipping costs.

    Again, the ask would be to retain flexibility to do manual invoicing as a seller, especially for international orders.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 16:29

    Auto-invoicing for single items makes sense, but the hundreds of combinations of format and destination are just too vast to be contained accurately into this format. So, allow it for single-item purchases, but please keep the current policy of manual invoicing for multiple items.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 14:23

    I cannot find one comment here that is embracing the changes. Discogs contacted me to tell me I was the biggest contributor to the heavy metal listings in the world. Now I feel like they are prepping to be sold off to some corporate giant and my thousands of hours of work here was wasted time. We don’t need the corporate mindset here and we also don’t need the corporate sellers on here that wholesale to the public and chased all us “little guys” away from Ebay and Amazon. Its not broke , please don’t fix it.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 07:35

    Also ask them to contact Discogs and protest.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 07:22

    When, due to the fragility of the Shipping Policy system, partial or full refunds have to be made to the buyer (as you have suggested in the FAQ response you have made) will Discogs be picking up the bill for the money lost to Paypal, who keep their fee?

    Do you think implementing this in the middle of a Global Pandemic, which has had some affect on Postal services, is a good idea?

  • Jul 22,2020 at 05:59

    Just about everybody has posted negative comments regarding this really & truly Bad Idea from discogs.
    And if discogs still goes through with it, it simply means they just don’t give a f**k about our responses/concerns.
    Prediction for the outcome of this Bad Idea?
    What will no doubt happen is that many of us will leave disocogs for better pastures.
    Eventually discogs will suffer from the consequences of their Bad Idea.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 02:00

    BIG NO!!! My arguments: please read all the other comments.

  • Jul 22,2020 at 01:22

    I’m mainly a BUYER – very occasionally a Seller – and I’d like to add my voice in objection to these proposed changes.

    Discogs is unique; it’s not Ebay (thank God), it’s not Amazon – it’s the closest you can get to a human interaction – something that genuinely feels like a community led global record store. Precious and Priceless – and the reason for your success.

    You can see by the weight of opposition in these comments how highly valued Discogs is and how much the community CARES.

    Paypal doesn’t CARE.

    Your Investors don’t CARE.

    Continual financial growth is just capitalist dogma and habit.

    What we’ve got trancends that. Don’t lose it all for the sake of ‘modernising’ what’s not antiquated – you’re mistaking unique and personal for out-of-date.

    The ONLY thing that feels old fashioned or iritating from a buyer’s perspective is when a seller takes days to get back with a shipping price or a response; protracting the time it takes to make the purchase.

    This can be rectified by running auto shipping alongside the existing system for those in a hurry – but not replacing it wholesale for all the reasons listed above because it can’t cover every option – we’re not a one-size-fits-all habit, so stop trying to make us one.

    Secondly, by implementing an impact-free easy-cancellation button for those buyers who get pissed off waiting for tardy sellers to respond might make them up their game a bit and improve comms where required.

    And that could work both ways with no impact on feedback – which feels too big a deal and guilt inducing for tardiness. Merely the risk of a lost sale/purchase instead…

    There is NO NEED to risk our community for the sake of automation.

    Read what your users and content providers are saying to you.

    Really LISTEN.

    We don’t want it as proposed.

    We are a COMMUNITY – not just faceless revenue generators for Paypal and Investors.

    We WILL leave – there’s clearly a living to be made from a community led digital marketplace if you’re not greedy about it – sounds like a good idea to start one up if this one becomes Sony instead of Stiff.

    Please, Discogs – as SST said back in the day – Don’t Suck Corporate Cock.

  • Jul 20,2020 at 06:14

    what happens if we all refuse to implement it?

  • Jul 20,2020 at 05:29

    Discogs! see comment by: `aavolcano´ Remember the database has been created by us. Discogs would not exist without our tireless input.

  • Jul 20,2020 at 05:23

    Agree with `HectorCollector´, always been afraid the day will come when Ebay buy Discogs and make a mess of this site too. I asked Discogs about selling without using Paypal as an option (invoices seems to be going directly through Paypal) I got a blurry answer about that, so Paypal will NOT be an OPTION later on, be sure about that.

  • Jul 20,2020 at 05:15

    Got more than 10 000 items, many of them cardsleeves, listed another one yesterday, states weight 80 gram (weighs 40) and that´s only one weight that´s far from correct, THERE´S lots of them ! So using weight is no option when you already got thousands of items (with incorrect weights stated by Discogs) listed. THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA BY DISCOGS !

  • Jul 20,2020 at 00:09

    Boy, all these glowing responses to your announcement. This IS going well. What does the Discogs Marketing 8-Ball suggest doing next?

  • Jul 19,2020 at 12:24

    ‘We hear your issues and can assure you we are working towards the best possible marketplace option for the needs of 2020’. Who’s needs? Please don’t assume they are mine and, to the sound of it, many sellers buyers and contributors to your wonderful site. You are hearing but are you actually listening?

  • Jul 19,2020 at 09:43

    Looks to me like preparation to sell the business to eBay, who also own PayPal.

  • Jul 19,2020 at 01:17

    If you go through with this I will probably unlist all items. Please remember your content providers building your database (it is not the big sellers)

  • Jul 19,2020 at 00:47

    I’ve been looking at setting up weight based invoicing. It make my head hurt, but for the UK, with its size based pricing, I can’t see a way of getting an accurate price for 10″ (lp or single, not a 78), without it clashing with the right price for 3 7″s. Also the right weight for 8 lps, means limiting 7s to 31 in a 2kg parcel, when I know I can get 38 in.

    Is there any chance of reviewing average weights?
    7″ singles should be 50g not 60g.
    10″s should be categorised as an lp. So should shaped 7″picture discs (which are already a bit of a problem as they are actually trimmed 12″s).

  • R.-
    Jul 18,2020 at 02:58

    there is always that moment when a site you previously loved or spent lots of time to help build, decides to do something so stupid that it tips the balance. instead of happy customers with an occasional grumble, people will just leave. it happened to myspace, it happened to ebay (and many other marketplaces that don’t exist anymore) and it seems now it’s discogs’ turn. can’t there be a law against companies trying to fix non-existing problems? literally no one asks for this or benefits from this.

  • Jul 18,2020 at 01:35

    I’ve read the Q&A. The answer for countries with varying internal postal rates is vague. Surely this policy should be delayed for those countries until there is an answer?

    A key question for me is how this will work for these types of buyer (4 variations on a theme). 1. buys now, but wants to wait for payday 2. buys now but realises they want to build up a bigger order, but due to lack of time, they can only do it if spread that over a few days or weeks 3. International dealers who add items to an order as they are listed with the aim of getting to a weight over a few weeks which gives them VFM on postage. 4. Buyers who make offers on items with offers available, so that successful offers can then merged with an order of items at a fixed price.

    Is the answer going to be that these people should not pay, because merging orders will still be possible and sellers can override automatic posting? Please spell this out, and it may also answer the question about variable postage rates.

    A further issue is paypal refunds – seeing as they no longer refund their fees. If it is my fault, I take that on the chin, but I am leaning to a policy in the future of charging 5% for any refunds which aren’t my fault. So merrily saying refunds are an answer does not quite cut it. I notice there is no mention of asking buyers for an additional payment when the system gets the postage wrong, so as well as not cutting it, it does not cut both ways.

    Please take the concerns about small amounts of money seriously. As dealers and collectors we have chosen a lifestyle where the pennies really matter.

  • Jul 17,2020 at 16:34

    Good afternoon, everyone! Happy Friday.
    We’ve spent the past several days reading your feedback and have posted an FAQ regarding these new shipping/payment policy implementations. This will be updated as needed.

    We hope this answers some of your concerns and questions. We appreciate your input. Should you be interested in speaking directly with our Seller/Field Marketing Lead, Christopher is taking meetings all next week: https://bit.ly/MP2020SellerMeeting

  • Jul 17,2020 at 13:15

    Buyers – so if discogs go through with this, how about we start a different selling website? It would mean listing every record,cd,cassette etc again but we’ve already done it once! Remember the database has been created by us. Discogs would not exist without our tireless input. Discogs is without doubt my most visited website ever! Way more than my email or social media sites. I fucking adore it! It is something I enjoy so very much. Please, please don’t kill it for corporate gain. It has to be the most successful site of it’s kind. It’s utterly unique and very dear to countless users and contributors. Currently discogs is a beacon of light amidst a sea of corporate shitness across not only the www but also our entire lives. Every minute of every day we are pummeled by corporate greed, and power, but discogs is an escape from that. Of course there will be occasional issues and disgruntled buyers/sellers but with honest communication we can solve these. Ok, I could go on but……let me say this. I have never in my life had such a loving/giving relationship with a flipping website before. Please change for the better but not for profits. Sincerely, Aaron xx

  • Jul 17,2020 at 12:46

    Your pointing a gun at your foot Discogs, don’t pull the trigger.

  • Jul 17,2020 at 10:40

    This seems like a totally inept decision by someone who doesn’t understand why people use discogs. If I was only interested in getting sealed new releases with clearly defined shipping times and prices across the board I would just go to Amazon or Ebay. Discogs is about finding those rarities only another collector is going to have. If Discogs makes these changes, many small to medium sized sellers are not going to be able to continue doing business. This one sized fits all approach doesn’t work when you have sellers from all over the world who have totally different postal services.

    Please heed the advice of the dozens of users who have unanimously spoken out against terrible change in policy.

  • Jul 17,2020 at 04:38

    Please stop a further integration with paypal and look for alternatives. I’m fine with supporting discogs with every item that I sell, but paypal doesn’t need my money.

    There should be plenty of alternatives, including direct transfers in the European Union or countless apps in the United States.

    I understand that some buyers want to use paypal because of their buyers protection, but please leave it optional.

  • Jul 17,2020 at 04:18

    Dreadful, DREADFUL idea!
    Corporate profit driven and far and away from what Discogs is all about!
    DiscBay on it’s way!

    Will destroy half of my sales in one fell swoop, and probably cause me to move away from Discogs and look for an alternative! Is anyone thinking of setting one up? Message me now!

    Look at the reply comments to the announcement on this blog article…I couldn’t find a single positive comment!

    This is ill-conceived and will remove all personal input and flexibility from all small and medium level sellers, i.e. the ‘Lifeblood’ and ‘Backbone’ of Discogs. It will also remove the remote ‘Record Store’ feel for all the collectors out there who are not just looking for a music vending machine!

    I am very unhappy…as are all of the regular returning customers who have I already spoken with about this so far. Two out of the Seven that I’ve spoken to have already suggested circumventing the site for payment and dealing direct. I have always refused this in the past as I have believed in Discogs since I discovered it years ago and am more than happy to support the site and pay my due commission (plus the already extortionate paypal fee).
    I am now rethinking that policy.

    No-one but the huge business sellers (and paypal) want this!
    We can already opt for set shipping policy if we wish, this does not benefit us!
    The invoice/reply system is a way to interact with and work with our customers to both parties best interest.


  • Jul 17,2020 at 03:00

    This proposed update is not needed/wanted by small and medium sellers who make up the bulk of your customers.

    Here are four things that all sellers have wanted doing for years. Easy to implement… but do you care enough?

    1. Allow sellers to send counter offers.

    2. Rename the place Postage Cost is hidden to “Postage Costs” instead of Seller Terms.

    3. Bring back the “notes to self” field.

    4. Show monthly sales totals with and without postage cost for accounting purposes.

    Are these suggestions not modern enough for 2020?

  • Jul 17,2020 at 01:16

    ‘Archie’ [speelchecker] should read ‘Appears to be’

  • Jul 17,2020 at 01:15

    Archie appears on the surface to be a thinly veiled policy that means Discogs get paid their fee at the time of the sale, rather than having to issue a monthly invoice.

    I have shipping policies set already and they work fine, users can buy and add to their order later, then pm and get a merged invoice, how will that work?
    Is the system intelligent enough to know the users have multiple orders?
    What if I want to offer a discount to a buyer? Maybe a repeat buyer or someone I know IRL?
    If you’ve thought this through then put some meat on the bones, not some flaky blog announcement, this seriously affects sellers, the lifeblood of your site

  • Jul 17,2020 at 00:44

    One more thing to add, this will really restrict sales where the weight is over 2kg – the UK weight limit for standard Royal Mail prices. I use couriers for parcels over 2kg and prices are different for every country and can change unpredictably . Outside Europe they also change by weight. So it would only be practical to set prices for a limited number of European countries. Goodbye regular buyers in Chile, Uruguay, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia and so on.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 22:46

    Sounds like a terrible change, please reconsider this. And this is coming from someone who has only bought, never sold on the Marketplace. Buying or shipping costs have never been an issue.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 21:22

    Bizarrely ill-conceived. It’s a joke, right?

  • Jul 16,2020 at 20:18

    How would we add the weight of the mailer to the total weight. In Australia, we can send a package for $8.95 if it is under 500g, if its 501g it is $12.20. Most Single LPs with secure packaging weigh around 450-480g, but add a gatefold sleeve, poster etc and it tips it over 500g. The LPs are close to the threshold. We need to get it right. That’s my 2 cents anyway….

  • Jul 16,2020 at 17:41

    Alright, all. We hear your issues and can assure you we are working towards the best possible marketplace option for the needs of 2020. If you need support and want to talk to a real person, Discogs Field Marketing Lead Christopher is available and would like to hear your thoughts and discuss how we can help reach a solution. Christopher will also be leading the webinar mentioned in our post, so he is up to date on the forthcoming changes. To schedule a meeting, use the following link: https://discogsrepchristophermasagatani.respond.ontraport.net/

  • Jul 16,2020 at 16:08

    For all the reasons already stated, please do NOT make these changes.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 16:06

    This is a terrible idea. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way things are set up right now. As other people have pointed out, making seller terms more visible would solve all of the supposed problems you’re trying to fix. If you’re trying to make the experience easier for buyers, there are ways you can do so without screwing over sellers.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 15:44

    that was in response to Marcipan :)

  • Jul 16,2020 at 15:43

    Couldn’t have said it any better

  • Jul 16,2020 at 15:24

    “We’re Updating the Discogs Marketplace for the 2020s”.

    We have employed a crack team of Silicon Valley E-Commerce experts (barely out of nappies, computer savvy, average number of records owned = “What’s a record?”) to overhaul our business model as it isn’t broken. Yet.

    These experts have carried out numerous studies detailing the online shopping habits of the Average Person (employed, full time, average income, average home, average car, average interests, average number of records owned – “They STILL make records?!”)

    Detailed modelling shows the Average Person values convenience above ALL. They have no interest in human interaction or communication, they just need item X to be delivered to their sofa as quickly as possible. Preferably with free returns as “it’s convenient.” They are known in the industry as the “Wall-Es”.

    The crack team have “modelled” Discog’s customer/seller interface universe and find there is enhanced scope for scalable inter-rational colonic synergies within a non-diverging partitioned business framework.

    We don’t know what it means either but the report cost a fortune so it must be good.

    We are happy that Discogs will be joining the vast ranks of bland, faceless, soulless e-commerce sites and look forward to our enhanced salaries.

    You’re welcome.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 14:26

    What a disappointment, when that effort could have been put towards things like adding pictures to listed items for sale

  • Jul 16,2020 at 13:30

    It seems you want to force us to charge postage on every item which is obviously counter productive.

    Will we still be able to offer sales incentives?

    Buy 5 items an get the cheapest free.
    FREE postage on orders over £25.
    Post 1-3 LPs for £5 or up to 25 LPs for £10

    And how do we work out postage cost for 2 CD’s a 7″ single and and a double LP or Box Set?

    How come you are so out of touch that you didn’t expect the reaction this planned update has had so far. Or do you just not care?

    There are obvious questions that you knew would be asked but have left us to stew. How very considerate of you.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 13:00

    Dear Discogs,
    You say “This direction comes as a result of countless conversations with buyers and sellers on how they want to shop and sell on Discogs”

    Well you never spoke to me or anyone commenting here. Where are your cheerleaders? Why are they not commenting on here?

    I suspect you never bothered asking small sellers and went directly to the giant sellers who have very little interest in music and who have their own websites and sell on eBay, eCrater, Bonanza and Amazon etc.

    Discogs is just another outlet for them.

    Shame that your cheerleaders are so shy. Their lack of interest in Discogs is evident by their total lack of response on this blog post yet you still pander to them and ignore the very sellers who made the site what it is today. You know they don’t care about Discogs.

    They will sell anywhere they can regardless of the postal options because they don’t want to spend time getting to know customers. They are too big to care!

    I would bet my gonads that you did not come to this conclusion by talking to collectors shops or passionate record collectors.

    There is a massive difference between buying and selling collectible items compared to new music.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 12:22

    There is nothing like Discogs on the web. Do not give up your uniqueness to please investors. Do not become an eBay clone.

    “Oh, for the wings of any bird, Other than a battery hen”.

    Stay free!

  • Jul 16,2020 at 12:17

    Terrible idea. Don’t become another eBay. Have you forgotten what it’s like to buy and sell? Discogs is the nearest you can get to going to a record shop.

    Many years ago in the 90’s I started a record shop with a business partner, he had the money & I had the knowledge… it ran for 8 years but he hated me speaking to customers about records and music. The shop became a meeting place – a social scene – people loved it and I made many friends. I explained to my partner that most customers come to chat about music and they always ended up buying or selling something. When I left the record shop it closed down within a year because he didn’t know enough about music and tried to run it alone. He couldn’t recommend anything to someone who came in the shop asking for music similar to Pink Floyd. If someone asked for Krautrock he wouldn’t know what it was. Turns out that I was the reason people kept coming back. People who love music like to talk music. Good record shops will have employees who specialize in Techno or Rock or Punk for good reason… to sell that music.

    The more automated you become the less human you become. You will be erasing the human side of Discogs selling. The very niche that made you a success. If you remove the ability to communicate before and during a sale you will be destroying the best part of a truly unique website.

    You will be the same as eBay.

    Remember that eBay sellers HATE eBay but Discogs sellers don’t hate Discogs….yet.

    I abandoned eBay when I found Discogs. I know I can sell for higher prices on eBay and can sell much faster than I can on Discogs but I chose Discogs because like so many ogger’s we refuse to jump through all the hoops and pitfalls eBay create for their sellers.

    Instead of trying to please investors think about your customers. Your sellers and their buyers. IDiscogs is doing very well for itself. There is nothing in business that says you MUST have growth.

    Be happy that you have created a wonderful community of sellers and reap the rewards for years to come. eBay never use the word COMMUNITY anymore but they used to for years. Now the seek to destroy any unity or community but censoring emails and making it a miserable chore.

    Chasing investors and growth is like chasing the Dragon.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 11:47

    Most stupid thing ever. You will let sellers run away or at least not shipping to certain countries. How can we set a price on an item when shipping domestic costs 10€ and shipping to other countries costs 60€ ?

  • Jul 16,2020 at 10:33

    It’s great that discogs wants to improve the buyers experience, but this is going to make things way more difficult for sellers. Why mandatory?

    Here’s a few major problems I am encountering

    How do I make an automatic shipping policy that takes into account the Canadian postal code I’m shipping to? You can’t.

    How do I make a shipping policy that charges different prices for a digipak as opposed to a jewel case release? You can’t.

    What if I want to charge the same for 2-4 CDs? Out of luck.

    What if an item passes the weight / dimensions threshold and you have to charge an extra fee. Out of luck.

    Why do I need a shipping policy for Estonia? What’s wrong with me checking the rates every 5 years when someone from Estonia wants a quote.

    This one size fits all approach is going to sink many small to medium sized sellers.

    Why couldn’t discogs leave well enough alone? Why can’t sellers choose whether or not they want to use automatic shipping policies.

    Signed angry seller who currently contributes 2000 – 3000 USD yearly to Discogs coffers

  • Jul 16,2020 at 10:25

    I have to admit everything is good the way it is I don’t see the problem. The only reason I like Pay-pal is for the insurance if a seller screws you, intentionally or unintentionally. Right now me buying overseas is a no-go now anyhow till everything goes back to normal shipping wise. I don’t like chewing my nails off for 2 months hoping it will get here and usually my orders of overseas are the expensive ones not available in USA.Otherwise I don’t see a prbolem that needs fixing really.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 08:20

    All these 7″ ‘shapes’ will need correcting to show their actual true size at largest dimensions of course… because they will not ship as ‘large letters’ like normal 7″ records do https://www.discogs.com/sell/list?format_desc=7“&format_desc=Shape

  • Jul 16,2020 at 07:11

    Discogs Anonymous,

    It seems that you, Discogs, has caught the virus.

    Without your life giving asset – your sellers – there will be no buyers.

    Without buyers you will wither & die.

    And you are now trying to spread this virus around.

    We are human beings not automatons.

    We converse not just click.

    Your cure is not shipping policies, no invoices, more fees, etc.

    Recovery only comes from care, attention, communication, understanding, flexibility & knowledge within our music loving Discogs community – the very community that brought it to life in the first place.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 06:10

    As someone who mostly buys on discogs I thing there is no need to change anything. The only time when I’m at loss is when a seller doesn’t give any shipping costs at all. Otherwise there never were any problems. Which will now come up – how will you automate the costs for a shipment of one box, several singles and a 10 in? This will result in a much higher shipping cost and prevent the transaction.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 05:29

    Dont do it! there is no need for this and it does not work for me

  • Jul 16,2020 at 04:00

    This is exactly why I left eBay. They basically killed my sales with postage cost on multiple items. Buy 5 LP’s and pay £5 postage on every item.

    I clearly state my postage in the comments section and in my seller terms which are not easily found. You would do better to make the seller terms easier to find. Newbies cant find it and always ask for postage cost.

    On my sales I can state the following. Buy 5 LP’s and get the cheapest free or Will POST 1-3 LPs to UK at no extra cost.

    We can not offer such sales incentives if the customers have to pay postage on every item. This will lead to more cancelled sales and the loss of fees now that PayPal no longer refund fees. In which case I would go back to selling on eBay because I can sell a lot more on eBay. I only sell on Discogs because I can generate more sales with discounts.

    If you must change something start with allowing counter offers and add the option for sales discounts when a buyer wants more than one item so we don’t have to state so in the comments section.

    Pleeeease don’t become like eBay. The money you make on £5 postage will not outweigh the losses when buyers stop buying multiple items and we are all forced back to eBay.

    I know many Discogs buyer who buy on Discogs and sell on eBay. Discogs is fine the way it is.

    If you go ahead with this enforced change without a discount option I close up shop.

    More options is the key. Not enforcement. We the sellers know what we want and know what customers want.

    Ask all your customers if they want to pay postage of every item.

    Ask sellers about having to cancel a sale in order to add to another sale… we now lose the PayPal fee when we refund! This crazy money grab was introduced in March and many sellers have not found out yet.

    Sellers would prefer to bypass PayPal and offer multiple purchase discounts and postage discounts on multiple items.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 03:51

    I’m a collector and buyer only. Before discovering discogs I only purchased my records in (physical) record stores. I used online shops for ‘research’ only. And then went to my local record store to order and buy. If they couldn’t get it, tough luck. I didn’t buy online. This changed with discogs. Now, what I cannot get in my favorite stores (and only that) I buy through this site. I cherish the possibility to get in contact with the sellers, change (expand) orders and to pay by bank transfer. My experience has, with almost every transaction, been positive. Mainly I guess because I still deal with people. Questions were answered, opinions exchanged, …
    In one word it was fun.
    If I wanted – fully automatic surprise boxes – I could as well order through amazon I guess.
    But this is NOT what I want and what got me into discogs in the first place. What is the fun in click and deliver? I might as well stream my music then. Giving a share to discogs for running this platform – great but to pay pal? No, not really.
    Right now I use discogs because it is convenient. But then again many of the people I order from have their own shops and online presence.
    I know discogs has become big. But at least pretend to still be a platform for collectors and enthusiasts who don’t mind putting in a little effort obtaining what they are looking for.
    So in short: Don’t start taking away the things that make this site worthwhile for (at least) me.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 02:53

    Dear discogs,

    The shipping cost calculation grievances can be in my opinion addressed by allowing both manual and automated calculations side by side, as it is now. Just make the automated shipping pricing more prominent, and add a filter for buyers so they can filter these two options based on their preference. Sellers will slowly get accustomed to the benefits of the automated shipping pricing.

    Honestly, there is still some work to do on the shipping policy editor. The drop-down selection is completely US-centered, and I have no way to set up, for example, shipper-specific shipping policies. (In Germany shippers e.g. differentiate pricing between to-door and to-parcelshop-nearby delivery.)

    What disturbs me is the “deeper integration with PayPal”. PayPal fees are extortionate, and I don´t understand why you are supporting one greedy payment processor at the expense of other options. (Bank transfers within EU are basically free, for example.)

    I really appreciate discogs, and I am fine with paying the discogs fee, but I see no reason stuffing another 5-10% down PayPals greedy throat. This decision can indeed only be caused by greed on your (investor’s) side, and the juicy kick-backs you are getting from PayPal.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 02:35

    I’ve already been on to say that the idea is crazy but I forgot another aspect where you cannot have an automatic shipping cost. When I do sell single records there is the factor of the price of the record you are sending. An ordinary album would ship at £3.50 P&P, but if that record was rare and valuable and the buyer has paid top price, postal insurance on the P&P I quoted would only be £20, therefore in the case of the more pricier records it would be under-insured, so the automatic postal is meaningless. And again, I quote issues with weight and bulk quantities.
    Don’t Do it Discogs. You do you’ll lose a lot of regular sellers..

  • Jul 16,2020 at 01:45

    …… this is only GREED, Discogs has always want us to use Automatic shipping cost, more sales they say (I wonder how they messure that?) and now we´re forced so they can earn more, I doubt that.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 01:37

    Discogs please reconsider, or let all sellers lime me be !!! This has always been perfect in all ways, several times I´ve thanked you for letting the site be as simple and easy to handle as it is, and now this !? For me it´s a DISASTER! for Vinyl sellers it´s maybe no big issue.

    First of all; About 50% of my Cd buyers want it shipped WITHOUT CASE to save a LOT in s/h, and because it´s good for the environment.

    Second: I got nearly 11 000 items, mostly Cds, on Discogs, some of them listed with a note in the description stating various ways of saving in s/h. I can´t go through all my listings changing this!?

    Third; A Cd (with jewelcase or Digipak) don´t always weigh the same, it differs from 50 gram to 150 gram, and the weight that is stated at each item on Discogs is seldom correct.

    Fourth; How about Cd-singles? Cardsleeves, Digipak, slim jewelcase, normal jewelcase, 3 inch ?

    This really brings me down and I might not ever re-list my items again.



  • Jul 16,2020 at 01:24

    Sorry Discogs ,
    Hopefully it will be seen in time that the shipping rules will leave many sellers, discogs have been made by collectors, we regularly put new items in the list (free info), and the next step …we ship in 3 country’s ( crossing border ) , belgie is the most expensive country for shipping international …we leave Ebay for the same reason …Paypal have too many power ….
    blackheads (lice) from the internet!

  • Jul 16,2020 at 00:40

    Very bad idea, for the many reasons described here already by others. There is no common weight for one or more items and thus no fixed shipping price. The shipping costs depend on the buyer’s preference (after communication between buyer and seller = personal aspect): with or without jewel case, more than one item combined (and e.g one with jewel case and another without), etc. etc.

  • Jul 16,2020 at 00:35

    if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! As a seller I always send a message to the buyer together with invoice, sometimes just a thank you but some times it is necessary to explain any particularities. E.g. possible delays at shipping due to coronavirus or other factors, different packaging/cost possibilities. The contact with the buyer is necessary, there are new buyers who sometimes buy without even reading condition descriptions or are not even aware that not all things are shipped from the US(!)

    Especially the most important point to not change the system is that the grading guidelines are incomplete. LPs play different than they look. There are visible and non-visible factors affecting the quality and actual grading of a record except scratches like dust, humidity, mold, signs of use on the labels, friction with different storage material, polymerism with plastic inner sleeves, heat affected surface (visible warps and non visible sound alteration), inferior vinyl quality… and so on. All old vinyl stored in a paper for many years will have many of these factors at some smaller or bigger degree, What someone might appreciate as an excellent record for another is only VG etc , depending to different sensitivities to different problems of out imperfect loved media. Even new records unsealed will have some wear. Most sellers get by with ‘MINT’ I don’t. I am a 100% feedback score seller without neutrals (more than 1000 sales) and I feel exposed with the change. I took pride for my direct explanatory and efficient contact that is part of my customer service but now that is not even possible. I was very happy at Discogs but already looking elsewhere to sell.

    required Shipping Policies is good but Why not let seller to provide the invoice?

  • Jul 16,2020 at 00:26

    I agree with the above criticisms of this change. My business would not work without people being able to order multiple items in multiple formats. Or to build up an order over a few weeks – dealers all over the world buy from me. And postal pricing is not simple or set up with records in mind. Neither do records all weigh the same. The invoicing system is one of Discogs top three strengths, why destroy it? The current system has got me 95,000 items sold – this new system may make trading on Discogs unviable for me. Why do this, when there are actual faults which need tackling (e.g. sellers constantly relisting stock mentioned above).

    Discogs please reconsider. Why not just insist on shipping policies being in place for single items?

  • Jul 15,2020 at 23:56

    Dear Discogs-Team,
    I am collecting music since about 4 decades and selling here for several years too now.
    As many of my colleagues mentioned before, the spirit of discogs is about to decay by following the path of giants like Amazon and Ebay…The USP of discogs is and should be in the future, to keep it userbased and – even more important – personal.
    This direct contact, negotiating, sending pics, finding ways to ship more economic… getting friends even is highly risked by choosing to make the platform more “modern”…in fact i think this is just another way to push the biggest players and to get rid of all these nasty small ones like me…very sad.
    All the points about the shipping-cost-calculation-problems are of course correct – touching us here in Germany too, but not so much because – if you do not sell 100s of Vinyl in a bunch – it is quite easy to find a shipping method that works mostly accurate but still – some problems remain – especially if you are a private or small seller.
    PLEASE!!! Keep it familiar here, don´t give all the power to PayPal and do not protect only the big sellers, but especially the tiny and small ones because for many here this is their passion, hobby or biggest part of their life.
    Frankly speaking I can imagine there will be another platform soon where many of your longtime customers -> AND ALL OF US ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS <- will move from here to somewhere else.
    I did this several years ago from Ebay because it became too professional – to me too unpersonal….do not let this happen here again.
    Cheers, Sadly,

  • Jul 15,2020 at 23:39

    It’s not only wrong, it’s downright stupid.
    Right now there are 21 (!) different ways to ship listed in the Discogs form:
    inside Germany there are “only” two – and even those TWO are NOT properly described.
    In Germany you can send your items either as a letter (tracked or untracked), which is only provided by the government (german post office) – or you can send it as a package by at least a half dozen enterprises (such as DHL, Hermes, DPD, GLS, UPS, Fed Ex).
    If you add the free shipping and the “local pick up”, you have 5 possibilities, which have all different pros and cons.
    Shipping as a letter is the cheapest & the fastest way, shipping as a package is the safest way (because the insurance is higher).
    If you have a valuable item, you might better ship it as a package (although it’s slower and more expensive).
    On the other hand the german post office is more accurate – and looses much less packages.
    What does the buyer want? Some hate specific companies – and do not want you to ship with them.
    It’s a mess – but you cannot NOT replace the communication (and negotiations) between the buyer and the seller.
    How dare you.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 21:53

    I have a strong feeling that this is NOT going to work for me.

    Is Discogs going to make it possible for me to charge my Canadian customers the correct shipping prices for each and every postal code in my country? That is how Canada Post works. Prices for shipping are based on a postal code. It can cost $10 more to ship 1x LP to a remote location the other side of the country than to ship within Toronto where I live or to Montreal, Quebec. If you cannot do the proper postage calculations for Canadian locations this is NOT going to work for me. It means I’d have to have flat rates for the entire country and I’d have to charge a lot more to my local customers (I have lots) to cover costs for shipping across the country.

    As for the USA… Canada Post has posted rates that include the entire country up to 2KG (approx. 6x single LPs). Fine. If the order weight is above that, postage cost is based on ZIP CODE. What are you going to do about THAT?

    As for 7″ singles and CDs without cases. I can charge a LETTER mail rate for up to two together, but if a CD has a jewel case, I have to charge calculated rates by postal code. Guess you cannot handle that either.

    This is going to hurt my Canadian sales and they are a big part of my business!

    Shipments outside of Canada…
    I send via the cheap Canada Post SMALL PACKET AIR for packages up to 2KG UNLESS the cost of the item(s) is over a certain value (based on specific countries), and then I ship via a tracked method which is much more expensive. How is your system going to handle THAT? On eBay, postage costs/methods can be customized for EACH and EVERY item making sure it is the CORRECT cost for the item selling. It doesn’t sound like DISCOGS will be doing that so that is another MAJOR problem.

    Has Discogs actually looked at postal costs and systems for EVERY specific country that sells here? It doesn’t seem like it.

    I could go on… but I won’t. I think you seriously need to give this a re-think. Talk to your SELLERS. Sellers in EVERY COUNTRY and what THEY need in order to use your shipping calculator BEFORE you implement a new system, because what you are offering now does NOT work for me here in Canada shipping worldwide.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 19:37

    I’m a frequent buyer here on Discogs, and was thinking of starting to sell as well, but this change would absolutely deter me from doing so. Like Richgatkow, I am also in the great white north, and when I started to investigate shipping costs for 12″ records in Canada, I discovered almost right away that there are huge variances not just from city to city or province to province, but even within many of our provinces. Canada Post domestic rates vary so much that, outside of a few select cities, I could only sell here if I had the option to send an invoice, because there is no way I could look up thousands of postal codes to create shipping rates upfront (and that’s assuming Discogs could facilitate shipping rates based on buyers’ postal codes, and not just their country or province/state). As others have said, my only option would be to inflate my shipping rates to compensate for this, which would make it that much harder to sell here. Finally, as a buyer with over 400 purchases on this site, I don’t want it to be like Amazon or E-Bay; I like the interaction with sellers, and having the option of requesting CDs or cassettes without cases to save on shipping. Bottom line, if I want the check-out “convenience” of those other online giants, I would just shop there. Discogs is a special place that operates on a much more human scale, and I hope it stays that way.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 19:05

    I’m from Brazil and all the CDs I buy here on discogs, I request that the seller send without the jewelcases to decrease shipping costs. If I can no longer negotiate the shipping cost with the seller, it will become impossible for me to keep buying here.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 18:39

    This is just wrong – on every level.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 17:58

    yup, and we should note, when ebay made changes like this 10 or so years ago, then it just became mostly a place overrun with cheap crap. I stopped selling there because of this (and the fees of course) and largely stopped buying there too.

    Discogs has a specialty market, and should treat it specially. There are definite improvements that can be made, but becoming more like ebay or amazon is not one of them.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 17:43

    Every order I receive that involves multiple items requires customization and different factors for packaging/materials used (for maximum protection of items being sent) that effects the total price of shipping for each parcel, which I attempt to keep as low as is reasonably possible. This new automated price/shipping system is guaranteed to automatically overcharge customers who order two or more items from me. Once again a company that is already making an absolute fortune each and every day just has to go and “fix” a “problem” this is guaranteed to only make things worse for the seller (and the buyer seeing overcharged shipping rates that we as sellers would never wind up charging the buyer in the end of an individually customized transaction.) The only thing that can save me (and many other sellers) from this oncoming disaster is to have an “opt out” function so that I (and others) can continue operating in the manner in which we have done so all these years (and let the customers decide whether they want to patronize us or not.)

  • Jul 15,2020 at 16:32

    It would be most helpful if Discogs could address and reply to all these considered points.

    Is there any chance of that happening?

    I agree strongly with many (most) of the points raised above, I support the idea that “There should be an ‘opt-out of automated shipping and communicate with seller’ option.” This sure won’t solve all but would feel like some sort of concession to all the wonderful collectors who helped build up this site.

    I really do think I’ll miss the lessening interactions, that was a real cool part, a nice similarity with the socialness of record stores, ahh man such a shame if that all goes.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 16:02

    As a buyer I would contact the seller and ask them, “How much to ship to this address?” They would reply and I would say please ship it or no thank you. If it’s not broken don’t “fix it”.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 16:01

    Sorry but I have to add that I believe this to be a bad idea too.

    * Recently I had an order for 6 x CD singles to the US from UK. One parcel would have cost £15.00 shipping. Splitting it into 2 came to £10.60. Happy customer!

    * For above, see also multi-format orders where sometimes it’s just more straightforward to package separately.

    * Around a quarter of my UK customers are happy to pay me outside of Paypal. Not everyone has it and not everyone wants to use it. Some people are fundamentally against lining the pockets of the same old multi-nationals ALL the time.

    * As both parties are protected by Royal Mail’s Tracked Services I often offer a 50% discount on the extra the service costs. Happy customer!

    * Paypal no longer give credit for refunds/partial refunds. If I am pushed to receive Paypal on EVERY order and I start to incur losses due to any of the various reasons that can happen (either caused by buyer OR seller) then I will have to consider removing my entire inventory and start listing again from scratch, only listing as I get time to check each item for grade/inventory because I will need to minimise my losses to Paypal.

    * Discogs is not Amazon. Discogs customers are not the same as Amazon customers. Most Discogs customers are discerning music lovers who want a personal AND professional service. I believe they do not want to be treated like they have entered a virtual Walmart.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 15:08

    Pandora’s box, can of worms, call it what you want, this is just a terrible idea. I spent so much time an energy working on this site as a contributor and a seller. I do feel that this move is pushing me out. Is this Discogs endgame? It truly is a sad day which requires reflection…….

  • Jul 15,2020 at 15:06

    …damn – looks like discogs will take the same stupid direction as ebay did a decade earlier! Messin’ up a good and simple thing to make it fit the requirements of the commercial mega-sellers.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 15:05

    This sounds like it might work against those sellers who do not take Paypal…like us! Not happy.

    About one third of our business is made up of international sales. Paypal slugs super-high fees on international transactions as well as domestic sales (in Australia). If forced down the Paypal route we would need to increase our sales prices by 20% to 25% in order to keep the same margins. This additional cost goes directly into the pockets of a greedy corporation.

    If Paypal becomes the only payment method, we will most likely pull out of Discogs rather than capitulate to something that does not sit well with our work and community ethos.


  • Jul 15,2020 at 14:39

    I hope that Discogs is going to make adjustments to this policy as the need arises.

    My primary concern is that, I think that I have everything covered in my Shipping Policy but not 100% sure if all my box sets are covered. I don’t put a price or mark as 1 or 2 because I would ship heavier items Media Mail in US and give shipping options to international customers.

    Also, there is no way to have a one size fits all for customers that order 5 or more in the US or 3 or more items on international orders. Customers may want to ship some items without cases and trays to save on shipping. Also, all items will need to be pulled before a shipping price could be added.

    So, how about customers who do not make payment right away? Will sellers know about them and/or will order be automatically cancelled after 5-7 days?

  • Jul 15,2020 at 14:35

    I feel compelled to lend voice to the pleas you reconsider this move. Nearly every comment here more than adequately makes the case, so there’s no need to repeat. But had I a vote on these proposed changes, it would be “no.”

  • Jul 15,2020 at 14:35

    I need to speak to someone at Discogs regarding this. The current shipping options is not gonna work well in the future with your suggestions. Please hit me back Discogs so we can discuss this. I’m a seller with almost 20 000 items

  • Jul 15,2020 at 14:23

    I don’t know the weight + size of the total package before the order.
    Shipping costs from different shipping companies depending on destination and size + weight and type of order.
    .. and much much more reasons – see other users.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 14:06

    Standardisation is a poor idea for a specialist site as this. Please consider allowing choice to sellers. Most sellers are collectors. Most collectors are big buyers. Most Discogs members are both buyers and sellers so the interests of both parties are synonymous unlike ebay. Please take note of the some of the comments above because if they are in way representative of this sites member’s opinions, you are in danger of pushing business to where people might choose ebay or similar, as the advantages of the alternative have been considerably eroded.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 14:02

    I can only add to what has already been written by other sellers this is a completely wrongheaded move and completely disrupts the market place for all the reasons mentioned above. Sellers will be forced to charge the maximum possible shipping fee to allow for cancelled orders and lack of Paypal refunds, and this will result in much reduced activity and less commission for Discogs. Can’t you see that? Please re-think this.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:48

    Letting users fill the database for years and create a platform for record collectors and as USP add a human factor to buying and selling records and then suddenly it becomes and automated money factory without human contact whatsoever. I can see a new website with reference to the Discogs item number + condition of item + price and off we go! You guys are throwing away your own USP & business without seeing it.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:48

    As a buyer, I can’t pretend I’m a big spender on here (or anywhere… sigh) but I really hope there’ll be payment options besides PayPal. Those guys are the worst! I’ll use them if forced to, but it’s not ideal.

    I do appreciate Discogs trying to streamline the buying process. However, I hope you’ll listen to sellers’ concerns. I’ve found Discogs sellers to be the finest anywhere in terms of honesty, quality, and service; and I’m inclined to trust their opinions on this matter.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:37

    most stupid move ever! the list of future problems is endless:

    – you don’t know the weight of the package material
    – combined shipping unknown weight
    – discount for previous customers
    – Discount because alternative record
    – customers who pay later because of paycheck but buy now
    – shipping costs from different shipping companies depending on destination and size of order
    – because of corona there are extra charges
    – packages get lost and refund, gone paypal provision, not with bank/wire transfer
    – friends/family option paypal not available anymore
    – paypal provision is a loss after canceling of order
    – No contact with other users anymore about music
    – records gets damaged while handling or grading was not ok, gone paypal provision
    – paying with bank/wire transfer is gone
    – paypal sucks in a lot of countries
    – wrong grading, discount? no way, buyer already payed, refund, gone paypal provision

    Made this list in 3 minutes, if i work another hour on it, it will be much longer and longer and endless….



  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:18

    Well, I guess I’ll be the odd man out. I for one am glad to see these changes. This is retail standard. I’ve never shopped or sold on a site that sends invoices (outside of B2B). I was stymied to learn that Discogs requires casual buyers to navigate an invoice exchange. We’ve had several new-to-Discogs customers we’ve had to walk through the process. Most of them were bewildered at the experience. Immediate payment is expected wherever you shop for consumer goods, online or off.

    However, and I’ll play the devil’s advocate here, I believe that Discogs is currently home to many collectors that are trading from their personal collection. I can see how this will add a burden to their workflow as it requires more of an upfront effort and removes flexibility. Shipping costs are constantly changing. We have to monitor these changes and update our policies two or three times a year. Allowing sellers to quote shipping prices on the fly is definitely a big convenience. However, and let me just take these horns off, it’s a convenience for the sellers not the buyers. Discogs is making the correct move towards buyer convenience. This will increase sales in both the short and long term as well as increase their market share.

    We have run our own site in the (distant) past and it’s not easy. It takes a huge commitment far above just selling stuff. Aligning yourself with industry standards is a way to survive. Thank you Discogs for looking out for our best interests by looking out for yours!

  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:18

    Ill conceived Americanism – if and when this comes about then I’m ditching Discogs for pastures new!

  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:05

    One additional point – you could provide a halfway house for sellers for the issues i previously listed

    i.e. for single orders this is done via auto calculation, however multiple combined orders are still generated on an invoice basis.

    Customer X places order #1 one item of £10 + £4.90 P&P

    Customer X then places order #2 with 10 items adding upto £40.00 + £8.90 P&P

    Before payment of each customer is presented with a combine order option – this then allows the seller to modify the order to provide the custom combined cost for shipping & ideally a % discount on order value for either return customer or bulk order.

    My 2pence

  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:04

    Joining the chorus of sellers who HATE that these changes are becoming mandatory.

    The conversations I have with buyers PRE-SALE are valuable, and contribute to my high feedback %. Instant payment makes sense when selling new items, not used, one-of-a-kind items.

    1) I get a lot of photo requests before the sale. To weed out the time-wasters, I ask that they order the record first. Then I reinspect, take photos, record audio samples, communicate with the buyer everything I can see about the record. Then, AND ONLY THEN do I ask for their money.

    2) If I can’t find a record in the warehouse, and have to cancel the order, at least I’ve not been holding on to the buyer’s money in the meantime.

    3) I have been offering free media mail shipping at $50. Easy to put in a zero. Just today I gave free shipping to a buyer of a $49.99 record. How do I do this in the new system?

    4) Whenever I ship a jewelbox CD internationally, I ask if the buyer wants to save money by shipping it flat. That option’s gone.

    5) I tell international buyers that I can ship 2LPs for the same price as one. Gone.

    Please listen to your sellers and DO NOT make these changes mandatory!

  • Jul 15,2020 at 13:02

    The automatic shipping costs are a terrible move. It removes flexibility for both buyers & sellers. For example a buyer can order 3 albums weighing 300gms each for same First Class cost in UK, if however, they order 3 (1 @ 300gms & 2 @ 400gms) this is no longer the same cost to post. The individual prices would remain the same however. Expect business to be far more difficult to complete once you remove the individuality of each transaction. Once size fits all doesn’t work with multiple album sales.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 12:59

    This will NOT work for Canadian sellers working with Canadian buyers! For example, shipping one 12″ vinyl record from Montreal to Toronto does NOT cost the same as shipping the exact same item from Montreal to Vancouver! There is close to a $5.00 difference! How will this be addressed??

  • Jul 15,2020 at 12:54

    I think this is going to cause an amount of frustration to your sellers….. you have solve a problem that does not exist for me.

    There are common issues that most sellers encounter:
    – Multi item discounts
    – Reduced postage option due to location
    – Regional variance for particular UK postcodes for certain couriers
    – Allowing pass on of shipping service discounts on the day (based on offers from couriers)
    – Custom insurance coverage
    – Discount on item without using ‘make offer’
    – Discount for a return customer without using ‘make offer’ option
    – Mixed format shipping calculation including the variable packaging costs
    – Poor want list presentation where some sellers keep modifying their price by a single penny to appear again; users should be able to filter out this ‘poor seller practice’ items from appearing in the new listing notifications
    – Non paypal payment; e.g. collection, bitcoin or other crypto
    – Customers that make many separate orders to combine into single final purchase over a period of days or weeks
    – With respects to shipping I probably only use the auto calculation 50% of the time

    I’m sure there are many more: in summary I do not see this as a beneficial update on the face of it as it addresses non of the usability issues I have experienced and will add a new depth of shipping complications which doesnt suggest there is an override option,

    I’m guessing this will slow my listings and probably cause lower sales by hiking shipping costs to take ‘worst case costs’ to avoid making a shipping cost loss from errors.

    Thanks for not addressing any single issue I have raised RFEs regarding to smooth the seller process.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 12:52

    Very bad updates.
    1. What about combined shipping?
    2. From July 2020 paypal cancel payment from russian buyers to russian sellers, the payment will available only to the foreighn sellers. And how buyers from Russia will purchase from sellers from Russia via discogs?
    Were you thinking or not?

  • Jul 15,2020 at 12:40

    Really BAD move. In certain countries like mine, shipping costs are not linear to weight, but they have step increases, so you can play with stiffeners and packaging and save real money to buyers. We can say goodbye to that using your shipping policies.
    Also, what about bank transfer payments? Also goodbye to them? We all have to go through Paypal?
    Shipping policies and automatic payments may be the right move on your book, certainly not in mine.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 12:37

    In my opinion this is not a good idea. Especially for little seller who treat shipment case by case.
    I agree with the common negative opinion here in the comments.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 12:37

    Oh yeah, any news on ability to do storewide discounts?

  • Jul 15,2020 at 12:33

    First you launched a less functional app (still no link to discogs.com – which was heavily used by sellers). And now a deeper connection to PP which is a service I avoid rather than embrace!

    How will we know about sales when no invoices are sent? From a PP email message alone?

    This is poorly designed. I’m really bummed as I think DC is a great service and sell exclusively on here!!

  • Jul 15,2020 at 10:44

    Ok…i can understand the continued development needed to make the site better BUT…. i worry about the closer relationship with Paypal…. which is OWNED by flea-bay… if flea-bay don’t already own Discogs…. they soon will… as this site takes more and more of their market share of online music sales.
    I have mentioned this before to the people who run this site… they should ring-fence this business and set up their OWN payment system and currency… call it Discogs dollars.. whatever… bin Paypal.

    Everybody looking forward to being told what to charge and do?… i total understand the need for all cost being upfront and clearly shown…. but just let the marketplace decide.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 10:27

    Please change whatever is necessary to stop certain sellers from listing everything as New to spam my want list notice, every single day. Sedona Antiques – you are annoying!

  • Jul 15,2020 at 09:27

    I don’t believe that this is a good move, except for discogs & paypal. Similar thing was done on ebay and I don’t like it at all. It leads you like a blind person to do what ebay/paypal want, not what I want. Furthermore, I hope that discogs is taking into account that the shipping costs vary from country to country, from shipping company to shipping company, and from the amount of records ordered. How is discogs planning to deal with this issue? I doubt that that’s even possible. I have trouble figuring the correct shipping costs as it is. I have to do it individually for each order – depending on the country and the number of records ordered…
    I hope that discogs is taking all this into account. I also hope that someone who can make executive decisions is reading these comments, and thinking about what we are writing here. Lastly, I sincerely hope that everything will work out as it’s supposed to, but honestly I doubt it, and I believe that this decision is not made for the benefit of us as community members and customers, but for the benefit of discogs and paypal. Sorry … I hope you’ll prove me wrong.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 08:47

    As with most discogs updates, totally unwanted and ill conceived and most likely to be poorly implemented as well.

    No doubt discogs be refunding sellers paypal fees when buyers have second thoughts?

    Only way to cover yourself as seller is to hike shipping prices massively. Then link to your own site telling buyers that far cheaper shipping deals can be found there…

  • Jul 15,2020 at 08:42

    Big problem when making updates is that only customers that are dissatisfied make contact and suggest improvements. For me, those updates adds nothing, and removes quite a lot.

    As a buyer, I really would like to place an order and browse through the seller inventory to find additional stuff. As a seller, I want the same for my customers.

    Also, it’s great to have the ability to let customers wait with payment until for example payday. Now there most probably will be a surge in orders around the end of the month.

    And what about not using paypal? I have customers that dont want to use it, for good reasons. Will they still be able to shop?

    So to summarise, this is not good.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 08:06

    the other features we actually need are the ability to have a sale, give a discount, counter offers, etc.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 08:06

    We need the integration with paypal shipping addresses for sure, and the splitting of payments/fees will be nice. but the mandatory shipping policies wil lbe a drag and probably reduce international sales by a lot.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 07:37

    from the buyer side; you need to allow for a two tiered wantlist.: where you can identify and sort out your priority wants in the incoming “mail’: a red check mark box that will be flagged in incoming mail.or,better, the ability to pull some items out of the notification list without deleting from the master list. (switch items in and out)
    another idea: a tab for maximum price willing to pay

  • Jul 15,2020 at 07:33

    I buy tons of music on Discogs to take advantage of my favorite sellers’ combined shipping policies and put together orders over the course of days or weeks (as the sellers allow). If those functionalities are removed, I won’t be buying anything on Discogs anymore, plain and simple.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 06:52

    Yea, this policy is something of a disaster. Rethink needed. Nice photo of someone logging the Bernadette Bascom released that I desiged and pressed though. Ha.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 05:14

    I must agree with the general concensus. I like to opffer discounted postage rates for buyers who purchase more than one item, and there is also an issue for the packing element which is unknown, in the case of multiple purchases, what level of P&P is required. I currently state P&P rates for UK only and add that I can reduce for multiple buys, but how if the invoice procedure disappears. This looks like a solution that sadly benefits Discogs only and not the seller, or even the buyer for that matter if sellers move to other formats. An ill thought out move.

  • Jul 15,2020 at 02:50

    Sactracks makes a very good point about the cost of shipping for an order containing multiple formats. There should be an ‘opt-out of automated shipping and communicate with seller’ option on the order page.

  • Jul 14,2020 at 19:47

    Can you please explain how this will work when a buyer is purchasing multiple items? What about multiple formats? Say the shipping (including packaging) on a single LP is $10 and the shipping (including packaging) on a single CD is $4. If I sent them separately I would charge $14; however if I sent them together in one package, it may only cost $10 or $11. Will Discogs automatically add all the shipping amounts together? Will it add all the weights together if only using the weight method? Please advise how the system will address this.

  • Jul 14,2020 at 19:28

    Not only that, so now I am NOT able to over customers cheaper rates for NOT having the jewel cases shipped with CDs etc. etc. As a platinum seller I would have really appreciated if you’ll had contacted me about this as to why I don’t have shipping policies enabled before enabling this policy. I get it, you’ll are tired of the new users complaining about how the site is confusing but the shipping policies suck for overseas shipping. There is NO way to account for packaging and I have to enter each bracket manually. Why can’t you’ll let me set a weight for the mailer as well as a handling fee and then just use the USPS API’s like everybody else to generate the prices for overseas customers. Why do I have to spend 4+ hours figuring this crap out?

  • Jul 14,2020 at 11:42

    RE: “Shipping Policies will be required for every item listed in the marketplace by October 1, 2020”

    You guys are aware that in times of all the, you know, COVID-19 (has been in the news recently) related LIMITATIONS of AVAILABLE SHIPPING DESTINATIONS by postal companies all over the world, setting up mandatory “Shipping Policies” will be a frickin’ MOVING TARGET for every other day?!
    Thank you for NOTHING!

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