Updating the submission limits, Pt II – reducing the queue

Following on from http://www.discogs.com/forums/topic?topic_id=131584

As most regular users will have noticed, we are in the middle of bringing out a new queue management system at the moment.

We hope this will help keep the pending queue a reasonable size, and lower the time most submissions take to be accepted. We also hope the new system will help us pick new mods, help good submitters submit more, and help below average submitters raise their game.

First of all, a couple of weeks ago, we applied a percentage reduction of submissions, to prove that we can have an automated system keep things level. This worked out fine.

As it stands just now, we have turned on a new way of counting the queue and submissions, as of last Monday, 30th April. This has had the effect of lowering everyone’s submission limits, fairly radically. Although we were expecting some shift on the change over, the present level of restrictions was not altogether planned. However, as part of this change, we needed to ‘put the brakes on’ at some point anyway, so for the moment we are letting things take their course.

Over the last two weeks, the queue has been reduced by around 10,000 submissions, from nearly 45,000 to under 35,000 submissions.

At the present rate of restriction that is being experienced this week, the queue will probably be reduced enough over the next two or three weeks to be levelled out again, and submission limits will go back to a little under where they were before the changes started.

This reduction of the queue size is only a small (but important) part of the overall plan. It is appreciated that it is frustrating for enthusiastic submitters to be restricted this much, but I would like to ask that everyone stays patient over this temporary period of adjustment.

As it stands just now, because the new way of calculating the submission limits is fairly complicated, and still evolving, it is not practical to display individual submission limits. We will hopefully get some kind of new display at some point, but this has to happen once we are on level ground, and may not be as literal as the previous display. Please bear with us whilst this change over happens

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