Updating the submission limits, Pt III – holding pattern

We have now taken a break in the queue reduction procedure. The new limits are set to be ‘level’, so you may notice you can submit a little more than before, but things will still feel restricted.

What has become apparent is we are not reducing the oldest submissions as fast as I had hoped. It is also clear that the age of the queue, not the size, is the most important thing for us to keep a hold of. During the next week, I would like to see if anyone has any ideas for how we can limit the length of time a submission can sit in the queue for.

I would like to try out some ideas next week to see if we can bring about this change. This may mean we reduce the submission limits again. However, I don’t want to let these restricted limits drag on for too long, so if necessary we may do something radical to bring about the change!

I apologise to keen submitters for the restrictions and uncertainty in the submission process at the moment. The plan is certainly not to make these restrictions a permanent thing, rather the plan is to make the system better, so we have a faster moving queue that is at a realistic capacity for the amount of moderation, and of course to continue to try to improve the site so that submitting and moderating is easier, more accurate, and faster.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and feedback, and please keep both coming!

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