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VENYL Venice, A Party, Not Just A Record Fair!

On the 21st and 22nd of April, the 6th VENYL Fiera Del Disco Venezia will be hosted in Venice, Italy. Discogs will be attending this record fair and we’re looking forward to meeting the record collecting community in Italy for the first time! We were curious about the story behind VENYL and about what we can expect at the fair, so we asked enthusiastic organisers Marco and Jonatha what makes their fair so special:

Can you give us a short introduction to yourself?
We are Marco and Jonatha, two Italian lads of 28 and 30 years old who have always loved music. We started to buy records when we were sixteen, when only a few people used to collect them (at least among our peers). In the beginning we looked for our favourite albums in the few shops remaining in our area. Later on we were so enthusiastic, that we used to get up really early on Sunday mornings to go and look for some real bargains in the various flea markets and record fairs held in Milan, Pordenone and Bologna.

Can you remember the first record you ever purchased? What was it and where
did you buy it?
Marco: I can’t remember the first record I bought (for sure something by Pink Floyd), but I can remember clearly the first record that was given to me as a present, The Prisoner by Herbie Hancock.
Jonatha: The first record I bought was a reissue of Singin’ The Blues by the great BB King.

What was your best find at a record fair?
At record fairs, at least here in Italy, it’s not easy to find a good deal, because usually the exhibitors know the value of what they’re selling… In the markets sometimes you can get lucky. Once Jonatha found a rare album of Progressive Italian, I Boom, for just a few euros. I (Marco) am less fortunate… I never found anything particularly rare. Perhaps the rarest one I found was in a bag full of records I bought from a chap at a record fair : it was The Beatles In Italy, the first edition red label.

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How did you get into organising record fairs?
For fun and for necessity. An event regarding the world of vinyl hadn’t been seen in our area for years. In 2014 we started selling records in flea markets and in the fairs near our city. It was a way to be in contact with music, and the profit often was used to buy other records; we were and still are crazy for music. Going to the fairs we said to each other: “why don’t we organize one too?” and since then, in October 2015, we have organized the first edition of VENYL. Now we’re at the sixth edition and the event is recognised nationwide.

What can visitors expect at the event?
Our visitors can expect a quality fair, with all kinds of music represented, in all formats and for all pockets. We try to organise a fair as heterogeneous as possible. This is our target, no genre is left out, no disc is underestimated. Our idea is to rejuvenate the climate of the record fairs. In fact since our public is on average younger with respect to the other fairs, we decided to give a lot of importance to the genre that in other fairs are snobbed, like hip-hop, funky and electronic music. As far as rap is concerned, we are the fair of Italian reference, and we’ve got the best exhibitors of the genre in circulation. All our exhibitors are chosen carefully, both private dealers and shop owners come to us to show and sell their records.

What makes VENYL unique?
As I mentioned, we visited a lot of fairs… We can affirm without any presumption that ours is worlds apart from the others, beginning with the public, for sure on average younger, but also for the atmosphere we manage to create. We organise an event with an only vinyl DJ-set all day long, starting from our friends DJ resident (The Obscure Music Club) to the exceptional guest. Last edition it was Esa. Visitors will find themselves fully immersed in their passion, and in a party atmosphere. There won’t only be stalls with records, but also shows and workshops.

In addition, in the C.S. Rivolta where we have always organised the event “VENYL” there is a bar with home-brewed beers, a pizzeria with local products and an osteria that offers organic meals of the Venetian tradition. You know how much we Italians like eating!! This edition, the fair is on for two days, with an all night long closing party. There will be an Italian hip-hop legend at the turntables: Bassi Maestro. To end the event we chose DJ Delta, an ace in Three Style. VENYL must be a party, not just a fair.

Any pro-tips for sellers and visitors?
To bring a smile and the wish to share our passion. That’s the important thing for us.

Venyl Venice Record Fair

Come say hello at VENYL Fiera Del Disco Venezia, April 21-22, 2018!

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