We Gifted A Personalized Record. Here’s What We Learned

When a colleague leaves the company to pursue his vocation after so many years, you wish him the best on his new path. However, the bittersweet after-taste of knowing he won’t be there anymore to share new moments remains with you for a while.

Mark left us a few weeks ago and we wanted to make sure he will always remember his Discogs colleagues as fondly as we remember Mark’s times at Discogs. For that, we decided to give him a goodbye gift in which he could feel how much we appreciate him, his hard and good work, excellent output, and his talent.

One of Mark’s many talents is his passion for music and his fearless creativity. He has been creating music for some time that you can check out on Bandcamp. His experimental post-punk synth rock will leave you speechless, believe me!

Our love for vinyl brought us to Vinylify, an online service that allows you to create a unique and personalized 10″ record cut with 20 minutes of music. Do you see where this is going?

Oh boy! We had fun doing this!

Creating a custom record with Vinylify

Putting our heads together to choose which killer tracks from his crazy tunes to use, we created a cover using our 2016 Halloween picture (see Mark’s costume? Macho Mark, priceless!). Then we added them to the Vinylify form and ordered the record Mark will always keep: Magical Trash 1st edition – ReMarkable Trash.

Creating your unique record is incredibly easy. Every step – from selecting your files of 10 minutes each side, uploading the front and back cover, to uploading label for the record – was smooth and the instructions were crystal clear. We had no idea what the process would be like, but the Vinylify interface was very intuitive and user-friendly.

And that was it: we placed our ReMarkable Trash order. So freaking exciting!

Since the experience with the site was great and we knew their store was located very close by, we visited the Vinylify guys to see how they cut our record.

We meet Dave (Brand Manager) who explained Vinylify to us. The company was founded by Marcel Wortel, who came up with the Vinylify project when listening to the crackling sound of golden oldies on vinyl from the office jukebox. He thought “classics are great, but how cool would it be to put the same tracks you usually stream or the music you’ve made, on the jukebox too?”. After searching high and low, they found the machinery to make custom vinyl a reality.

To kick-start the concept they launched a temporary marketing campaign with a well-known beer brand and music label, Brand Partnership in 2014. After the campaign ended they had many requests for custom-made vinyl records. Seeing there was a clear demand for the product, they decided to launch Vinylify.com in April 2015 for the international market. They now ship custom, handmade vinyl records to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and more countries worldwide.

Vinylify focuses mainly artists/musicians needing a small quantity of unique vinyl copies for personal use, promotional purposes or limited edition releases. Anyone with the digital files of the music they want on vinyl can make their own personal 10”. You can choose the colour of the record too; black, white and a new colour, transparent:

That day, our vinyl cutter was Joey who showed us the machines they use for the process. The cutting machines date back to the eighties and were developed by a German engineer. They use high-quality PVC for cutting records with a diamond stylus. Using a combination of a Technics 1210 MK2 turntable, vinyl recorder and a mastering audio rack, they convert the digital sound into analogue.

Mark’s music started playing in the Vinylify store as the record was being cut. They did the cut right there!

Check here how it’s done:

The result was delightful. We tested the 10″ in the Technics they use for quality testing and we can say that it sounds awesome! The record was completely ready to be handed over.

The day to say goodbye already passed, but we invited him over before the Fever Ray concert we went to see with him. He wasn’t expecting this but his smile says it all.

Thanks Vinylify for such good work cutting our record. The experience with you guys has been amazing and the items you create are unique!

Thanks Mark for all these years of hard work, crazy good ideas, extreme and experimental music moments and for all the good times we shared. We’ll see you soon at all the music shows we have to come. <3

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