Webinar Resources for “Shipping Policies Demystified” (Sept. 26, 2018)

Discogs recently hosted a webinar on shipping policies for U.S. Sellers. We discussed some shipping strategies based on best practices and looked at both domestic and international shipping policies that can be used on the Discogs Marketplace. Below are resources from that webinar including a recording of the event.

Webinar Recording

Did you miss the webinar? No problem, watch the recording here!

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Resources from the webinar

Use these resources to set up both international and domestic shipping policies using rates from the Discogs Shipping label service.

  • International shipping policies
    Please note that we are currently undergoing some changes to our international shipping rates. The rates listed on the linked help doc are current as of Oct. 1, but may spike in the coming days while we update our agreement with USPS.
  • Domestic shipping policies

Webinar Feedback

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Questions and Answers

We were unable to process all questions on the webinar. Below, please find answers to your questions. Duplicate questions have been answered in one. Many of these questions are about shipping labels. We plan to host a follow-up webinar discussing labels and will let you know when registration is open!

Shipping Policy Questions

Q: It would be great to incentivize more purchases if users saw *on the cart page* that an incremental purchase might only add $x.xx (or nothing) to their shipping. If they simply decide to check out after an initial item being added to their cart, they’ll never know about those available discounts.

Q: I think from a customer point of view the flat rate looks like $5 per item. It would be better if it said $5 Flat Rate

A: We agree that we can do a better job of displaying your policies to shoppers and helping them better see the value of your pricing strategy.

Q: Is there a way to add a time-limited promotion? Like “free shipping for 1 week”?

A: You could do this by simply updating your existing policy to offer free shipping ($0.00 cost) or by creating a separate policy that you turn on for that week (while turning off your standard policy). Related to the example from the webinar where we used Standard shipping to create a “Free Shipping” policy, you could set the floor on that policy to $0.00 so that all items for sale use the Standard method and provide free shipping. In all cases, you’ll need to remember to reset your policies after one week as there is not a timing mechanism available.

Q: Is it possible to offer free shipping on individual items (for example, high-ticket items)?

A: At this time, it is not possible to set free shipping for a single item. However, you create that “Standard” policy and create a high floor (say, $500) which would be similar to offering free shipping on high ticket items. If you set that policy by quantity with a max of 1 item, the policy would only trigger for single items >= to $500.

Q: Is that table showing grams already in the shipping policies?

A: The example policy is available above under Resources from this Webinar.

Q: Is there a way to add a flat container fee in combination with weight to calculate shipping? (weight doesn’t account for added weight of mailer)

A: The Discogs estimated weights are typically heavier than an actual item. For example, 12″ vinyl is estimated at 230 grams by the system, a number higher than your average record. That said, thank you for the feedback on how we can improve that experience.

Shipping Label Questions

Q: Apologize for slightly off-topic – but I notice a disparity between shipping rates between Discogs-purchased postage vs. PayPal-purchased. In most domestic cases PayPal is less, but in others (especially international), Discogs is less?

A: There is significantly more flexibility in how we offer international rates when compared to domestic. With that said, we want to offer the best possible rates on international while being as competitive as we can be on the domestic side.

Q: I might go for (USA customers shipping) 3 cd 4 lp each additional is a penny? or each additional free?

A: You could certainly do that. The pricing is really up to you and how you want to position your store to buyers.

Q: Do we have to swim through the Discogs Shipping Labels tools to ferret out those weight rates?

A: We have now made First Class International and domestic Media Mail rates available above on this page. Otherwise, yes, rates have to be calculated through the label tool at this time.

Q: How are you doing with fixing issues with Discogs overseas shipping labelsi in a timely manner? I have had several issues.

A: It is true that we continue to have errors on some attempts to purchase labels. If you are getting an error on a label, it can often be because the size of the package doesn’t fit our available products. Unfortunately, the system is not clear on why you get the error, so if you cannot get it to work, the best bet is to contact support, tell them specifics of your label inputs and see if they can troubleshoot the issue.

Q: I think you blew through international and that is the most complicated.

A: Please use the above link for how you can set up shipping policies to international destinations. The setup follows the same process as we showed in great detail with domestic policies. The difference is just in what destinations you choose and the weight ranges for which you set your prices. Please note that our international policy guide is for First Class packages which are limited to <= 4 lbs. with a maximum total W+H+L 0f 36″.

Q: I am the poster child for adding international shipping. It increased my sales by 20% almost immediately.

A: Fantastic to hear! We may just have to put you on a poster!

Q: Are the prices listed on the USPS First Class International Shipping Rates page current, or are they just examples?

A: The rates are current as of Oct. 1. However, as noted here and on that help doc, we are currently undergoing some updates with USPS and we may see rate spikes for a couple weeks. If the rates, need to be updated as part of this process, we will be sure to do so.

Q: can you set up vendors who have their own label printer instead of having to print them out on paper.

Q: I’ve found that particularly with foreign orders (and some domestic) that we have to ask for more information or the formatting doesn’t work with the Discogs label. Could there be a form that’s more rigid and exact be mandatory? You might be surprised how many buyers don’t include their state.

A: We will reach out directly on these questions for additional follow up.

Q: Why doesn’t the shipping label import the buyer’s phone number, which is a required field?

Q: Can we make it possible for buyers to select insurance?

A: These are both features we’d like to offer in future updates.