Welcome to Discogs v4

We turned on version 4 today. Here’s the highlights of what has changed:

  • We’ve switched from an absolute YES/NO voting system to a graduated system, with 5 vote options ranging from “Complete and Correct” to “Entirely Incorrect”.

  • Changes to data are now made live and are immediately visible on the site. After something is changed it is marked as “Needs Review”. Then after someone votes on it the Needs Review flag goes away. Voting can continue on forever, until someone makes an edit, then it’s marked as Needs Review and votes are reset.

  • We’ve consolidated all voting/commenting/history into one page, what used to be know as just the “history” page. I’m especially looking for feedback here about the layout. If you have ideas on how to better organize this please let me know.

  • When browsing artist and label pages there are more variations of highlighting.

  • a release that is new to the database and has no votes yet will have the entire row highlighted in yellow
  • a release that has been edited and has no votes yet will have just the title field highlighted in yellow
  • a release that has been voted “Needs Major Changes” or “Needs Minor Changes” will be highlighted in red

What we’re missing right now is an easy way to browse through all submissions. I’m envisioning a page broken into two panes, skinny on the left and wider on the right. On the left pane is a list of submissions that you arrived at from search results, or a list of user’s submissions, etc. And clicking one of those will open the history page on the right, where you can vote, comment, and view changes all at once. This will also be based on search results with more options, so you’ll be able to view submissions by genre, style, format, year, submitter, etc. The search engine is being rebuilt right now and I should have this online later this week.

There are still some Add Release and Edit Release submissions that have not been converted to the new system yet. These are being converted in the background slowly but if you just view the release page it will be converted automatically right there. Earlier there were some problems with images on these submissions not being made visible but that is fixed.

Also, some people submitted releases that weren’t visible on the home page or on artist/label pages. I fixed all that I could find and it shouldn’t happen any more. But please let me know if any of your releases aren’t visible on the artist and label pages.

If you spot any errors or have suggestions please let me know. thanks!

[b]UPDATE:[/b] the bugs with Internet Explorer are now fixed. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble. thanks

[b]UPDATE – 12-Mar:[/b] -Alerts for items changed in your collection or sales list are running properly now. And there’s a new option for your your contributions. Check [url=/users/notifications]/users/notifications[/url] -new submissions are now showing in My Contributions
-the problem with disabled images not showing is fixed
-the release submission form now lets you save draft and edit images on all of your drafts

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