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What Do A Music Database & 1692 Books Have In Common?

I don’t know what happens when they walk into a bar, so don’t ask me. We’re talking about our music book submission drive, Bibliophonic.

As Discogs integrates more music data, extending to including music books on artist pages (e.g. David Bowie), Bibliophonic was an opportunity to focus on getting more music books submissions into the Bookogs Database.

Why we’re focusing on music books

For many music fans (ourselves included) music is about more than just the listening experience. It’s a fully immersive hobby that takes a 360 degree hold on our lives. There’s nothing we love more than uncovering more of the mythology behind our favorite bands and artists in books, flicking through the liner notes of records as they’re spinning on our turntables, or cracking the spine of a freshly printed music magazine. That’s why we’re extending our mission of archiving all music data to from what’s on the record to what’s on the page.

While music books naturally already make a very strong showing in the Bookogs Database, with Bibliophonic we aimed to up that number by 1000 books in over the course of a week. Turns out the Bookogs community really responds to a challenge. You didn’t just meet that goal, you eclipsed it by a considerable margin, hitting 1692 – almost double what we were aiming for. 

Special mention goes to our top contributors, porosin and tam89rds, whose efforts accounted for over half of all the music book submissions over the week with porosin submitting 636, and tam89rds submitting 394. Every contribution makes a difference and we really appreciate your help! You can see the top 10 leaderboard here.

Bibliophonic music book submission drive stats

Bands/artists with the most books added: 

  1. Eric Clapton – 16 Eric Clapton biography, Guitar Legend
  2. David Bowie – 14
  3. B.B. King – 13
  4. Patti Smith – 10
  5. Bessie Smith – 9
  6. Bérurier Noir – 8
  7. Ramones – 8
  8. Sex Pistols – 7
  9. The Clash – 7
  10. Fleetwood Mac – 7

Besides bands/artists, genres were a popular about/subject credit, with Punk Rock being a clear favorite with the Bookogs community, as well smaller subsections of punk also hitting the most contributed list, including Hungarian Punk, Polish Punk and Czechoslovak Punk. Rocksteady and Ska also made a strong showing.

We suspected music magazines would account for a large number of submissions over the week, given that over half the items in the Bookogs Database that fall within the music genre are magazines, but it was surprisingly few at just 157 of the 1692 submissions.

While not all books or magazines will have been submitted with more than one genre, of those that were, Biography was the most popular. Discography, Autobiography, Photography, and Cultural History were also popular additional genres.

It’s not all about the numbers

As well as increasing our number of music books in the Bookogs Database, it was a chance to start a conversation around music books and share why we value them so profoundly, how it contributes to our mission at Discogs, and what music books add to our lives as music fans. We talked to rock biographer, Bryan Reesman to answer everything you’ve ever wondered as your flipping through tales about your favorite bands and artists. We delved into how music books helped build the Discogs Database. We also took a look at how music magazines have help preserve music culture and serve as a time capsule to revisit music scenes past. Our most popular blog post of the week was our look at how the 33 ⅓ series revolutionised music writing and became the ultimate companion for music nerds.

Keep your music book submissions coming and help us build the biggest resource, not just of music releases and books, but music data and mythology. Books showing on Discogs pages are pulled from Bookogs – any book added to the Bookogs Database under the ‘Music’ genre with a band or artist as the subject will also be added to their Discogs artist page. We have no idea how many music books exist

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we turn our attention to music posters, including gig, tour, promotional posters and more. If you’re want to get a head start on that, head over to Posterogs and start adding your posters now.

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