Discogs How To: What To Do If The Seller Isn’t Responding

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So you’ve found a record you can’t live without, you’ve placed an order, paid, now all of a sudden you’re getting nothing but radio silence from the seller. Let’s talk about what to do when it feels like you’re being ghosted by a seller.

Before freaking out keep in mind that the seller could have been tied up with other things, might not have a computer handy at all times, or could have connectivity issues. Give it a few days.

how to find your order page on Discogs

If you’ve been waiting with the patience of a saint but still haven’t heard anything, check the order page. You can find this page by the Marketplace tab at the top of the Discogs page > Purchases, then click on the order number. After four days a ‘Seller Not Responding?’ link will appear on the order page. Click this link to give the seller a nudge. They’ll receive an automated ‘Buyer Awaiting Response’ notice from Discogs to prompt communication on the order page. This will give the seller another 4 days to respond. If there’s still no communication line established, we’ll be in touch with them and will also give you further instructions via private message or email on how to proceed.

Discogs seller not responding

Most of the time it’s just a case of innocent miscommunication and is quickly resolved. Hopefully, that record (or records, no judgment here) will find its way into your hands in no time.

Help is only a click away! Find a comprehensive list of Help & Support documents under Help Is Here at the foot of any page on Discogs, or create a support ticket and we’ll be on the case!

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  • […] If the seller is no longer communicating, go back to that order page and click ‘Seller Not Responding?” link under the message box. The seller will receive an automated message from us prompting them to respond. If the seller doesn’t respond to you their account will be suspended until the issue is resolved. […]

  • Jul 20,2017 at 10:06 pm

    Hi Discogs.

    Great ‘seller not responding’ information, as i’m in the middle of one right now! So I guess i’ll wait a while and try again later. Question is: If I leave an item into my cart for too long, not only do I get a ‘polite’ message informing me that the item has been sold, or is just no longer available, it seems to me, that I’ve been ‘blocked’ simply for not purchasing an item within a given time, maybe? Or whatever?.Should I just keep items I wish to buy later, in my want list instead of ‘cart’ or….?
    Been a longtime customer, never had this, feel as though I’ve got it all ‘Pete Tong’?

    Many Thanks


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