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What’s New on the Discogs App?

Christmas is still a month away (give or take), but your first gift is already in your hand: the latest version of the Discogs app is available for both iOS and Android. Download or update now to enjoy the upgraded service and functionality of Discogs on-the-go. The latest changes include more transparency around pricing history and shipping costs, a new way to sort your Collection, and several bug fixes.

:apple-icon:iOS: Version 2.5.0
:android:Android: Version 2.22

More transparency around shipping prices

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Sellers are now required to have their shipping rates entered upfront for every item listed in the Marketplace. We’ve made it easier to see these shipping rates in the app, displaying them below the cost of each listed item.

Because shipping rates depend on where you’re located, if you haven’t yet entered your address in your buyer settings, you’ll receive a prompt to enter your address or allow the app to use your location when you’re browsing so that we can serve you the correct shipping rate info for your location.

If a seller offers free shipping on orders over a certain value, you’ll see a banner at the top of the seller’s store letting you know how much you need to spend in their store to qualify.

More in-depth info on Release Pricing History

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If you’re looking for accurate pricing history for a specific version of a release, Discogs is the place to find it. Now that extends to the Discogs apps on iOS and Android.

Tap on any release in the Database, then tap on the “Sales History” section to reveal details about how much the release has recently sold for. You’ll see the 10 most recent sales of this item, including the price along, the all-important condition information, and any notes, as well as a graph for a quick overview of how pricing has fluctuated.

Sort your Collection by value

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Earlier this year we shared some new ways you can sort and filter your Collection in the Discogs Android app. We’ve now added another way to filter your Collection, this time by value. Reminisce over the gems you shelled out large for or marvel over your dollar-bin scores by using “Min” or “Max” in the Collection filters.

Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of the app to enjoy these recent updates. Stay tuned for even more in 2021!

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