Why We Removed Blog Comments

It’s no longer possible to log in on blog.discogs.com or to leave comments on our blog posts. If you’d like to comment or share your thoughts about anything you read in our blog, please use the Forum.

When we were upgrading our log-in service on discogs.com, we discovered that maintaining the ability to log into blog.discogs.com was another project in itself. The commenting feature on the blog also needed several improvements to make it conducive to discussion and truly fit for purpose, like being able to reply to other commenters and receive notifications of interactions. 

As comments on our blog have never been moderated, we have had little or no influence over the direction the conversation veers but may be held responsible for the content of the comments. For this reason, we’re following best practices and the example of many similar publications by removing comments from posts. 

We value the Community feedback provided through past blog comments, and although you can no longer add a comment directly to a blog post, that doesn’t mean the conversation has to end. The Discogs Forum is fertile ground for exchanging your thoughts with the Community and is much better equipped for proper discussion.

Join the conversation or start a new thread in the Forum.

Feature image by Victor He.

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