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An Interview with Mick Weston of England’s Wired Records

Located near the Peterborough City Centre and train station in England, Wired Records (mick2105wiredrecords on Discogs) has been a long time coming. As a young teenager in the 1970s, Mick Weston dreamed about owning his own store while he helped out at his uncle’s record shop. However, it wasn’t until a motorbike trip to Copenhagen five years ago that he decided to pursue this goal.

“[While staying] in Copenhagen, I randomly decided to start rebuying vinyl. I pretty much bought the same records in the order that I did as a teenager, like The Stranglers’ Black and White and No More Heroes. After spending a good hour chatting with the owner about ‘70s punk rock, I remembered what a buzz record shops were! Big thank you to the owner who helped me on my way to collecting vinyl again,” Mick tells Discogs.

Mick’s teen dream finally come to fruition when Wired Records opened two years ago. While mainly focusing on rock, metal, punk, indie, reggae, soul, and ‘80s music, the shop also offers a wide selection of used and new vinyl and CDs in most genres. If Wired doesn’t have what you’re looking for in stock, you can always let Mick know through the store’s website.

A friendly chap, Mick tells us that he loves to chat about music with his customers, whether it about new acts or the memories and emotions that music invokes. He was kind enough to take the time to answer some of our questions.

Discogs: How long have you been selling on Discogs?

Mike Weston: Three years.

D: What is the most valuable item you’ve ever sold?

D: How do you manage your inventory on Discogs?

MW: I do it myself.

D: What values do you try to stick to when it comes to running your store?

MW: I’m a record collector myself, so I set prices that I feel are reasonable and at a level that I would be prepared to pay. I value trying to provide a good service, accurate descriptions, and variety of genres available, and I’m more than happy to help find records my customers are after.

D: What sets you apart from other sellers on Discogs?

MW: Good customer feedback. High quality and variety of items from very rare to new vinyl covering most genres of music.

D: What’s the biggest challenge of selling online vs. in person? How did you overcome it?

MW: Postage issues, especially since Brexit. All items are sent tracked and insured for peace of mind and records kept of all transactions.

wired records store door

D: Which Discogs feature helps you the most as a seller?

MW: Information provided on all items, e.g., values, matrix numbers, info regarding records.

D: What would be your #1 tip for new sellers?

MW: Keep organized, enjoy what you are doing, and be able to adapt to changes.

D: In the age of downloads and streaming, why do you think people still buy physical music?

MW: You cannot beat the aesthetic of owning and holding a vinyl record — the purity of sound and the overall package of vinyl, cover, and sleeve.

D: What’s something you wish you’d known before you got started as a music seller?

MW: I wish I didn’t sell all of my vinyl when CDs were introduced!

D: You sell all around the world on Discogs. What is your most memorable Discogs order?

MW: Selling my first copy of Bloodflowers by The Cure (one of my favorite albums), which to be honest, I did not want to part company with.

D: What are your current music recommendations? Give us 5!

D: Where’s your favorite place in the world to dig?

MW: Copenhagen, so far; specifically Sound Station.

D: What’s the next record to be crossed off your own Wantlist?

MW: The Beatles’ butcher album (AKA Yesterday and Today).

Photos courtesy of Wired Records.

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