Metaxas & Sins Phonographic Perambulator turntable

Would You Cough Up $50,000 For A Turntable?

Sure, that’s £35,000, or I dunno – a car? But you’re worth it.

Netherlands-based design audio company, Metaxas & Sins‘ new turntable is the latest piece of gear to set tongues wagging. They’ve unveiled their new Phonographic Perambulator turntable model, along with its eye-watering price point. The Phonographic Perambulator is M&S’s first foray into the world of turntables, but they’re no stranger to high-end audio gear, with amps, preamps, speakers and tape recorders featuring on their product list.

The Phonographic Perambulator boasts state of the art vinyl playback. As What Hi-Fi reports, that includes a Swiss Maxon motor belt-driven system, aluminium platter base and tonearm, with pure Sapphire tubes and jewelled bearings. While details are somewhat limited, more will become clear following it’s world debut at Munich’s High End Show in May.

Metaxas & Sins Phonographic Perambulator turntable

Metaxas & Sins are known for their futuristic designs that blur the line between high-end audio equipment and art. As the company puts it, this is not the type of audio gear to be seen but not heard, but to be put proudly on display. Founded in 1981 by award-winning designer and recording engineer, Kostas Metaxas, all M&S’s products are meticulously handcrafted by Metaxas himself or his sons. They unashamedly cater to the audiophile of sufficient means, aiming to create “the finest objects money can buy” and treating audio as a well-deserved indulgence.

If you’re feeling brave, the Phonographic Perambulator is available for preorder now. Otherwise, you’ll be able to see it in person at its world debut at Munich’s High End Show.

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  • JGS
    Apr 5,2018 at 07:59

    Funny or not? Like with a lot of other blogs many of the contributions above are a mixture of cluelessness, envy, polarization and aggressiveness – obviously just to provoke.

    People judge on things they never experienced, but they have an opinion to tell.

    Real high end audio with a properly set up system can be wonderful, the best thing very close to a live performance.
    It does not matter at all whether the technology is digital or analogue (by the way: have you ever listened to a master tape on a 50 years old professional tape machine?).

    This Metaxas & Sins turntable above isn’t by far the most expensive and so far scarcely anybody has had the chance to listen to it, but the opinions are still there. Congratulations, I am very impressed!

    Best regards

  • Apr 5,2018 at 06:43

    “You gotta be kidding….Vinyl records are for folks that cannot figure out the digital world..”
    And the Digital World is for folks that are too lazy to figure out the Vinyl World.
    Havnt heard a piece of Digital kit yet that has impressed me and I was selling HiFI before CD came out.
    Metaxas is all looks, havent got the experience on how it sounds though. I’ll keep my ear’s out.

  • Apr 5,2018 at 00:37

    Well, if hasn’t got 78 rpm no choice for me, so I’d rather save the money for a car… :-)
    In fact, a Feickert Blackbird is definitely high-end, looks good, (albeit by far not that artsy as the Metaxas), has mounts for two arms (10 + 13 inch) and costs (with “basic” Jelco arms) about an eighth of this red piece of architecture…

  • Apr 4,2018 at 23:44

    No has entendido nada LarryMagoo.

  • Apr 4,2018 at 22:29

    You gotta be kidding….Vinyl records are for folks that cannot figure out the digital world….Lemme see…Surface noise…Having the clean the record each time it’s played… having a single stylus leave it’s “footprint” on your entire collection so that your next stylus, if not the exact same dimensions, will not the trace the grooves properly….cannot jump from artist to artist…track to track in milliseconds like digital can… I could go on but why bother…Digital tracks are the only way as long as you’ve got the system to properly resolve all that is there to listen to!

  • Apr 2,2018 at 22:39

    L. Skywalker: ‘It’s a piece of junk!’

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