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You Can Now Keep Your Friends Close on the Discogs Android App

Good friends are hard to come by. While we can’t really help you with that, we can help you manage your Friends list on Discogs. With the latest version of the Discogs Android app (2.19), you’ll be able to carry them around in your pocket.

Unlike most online interactions, which seem to center squarely around boring social media updates or hot-take political opinions from your weird uncle, adding Friends on the app keeps you up-to-date with the important stuff: what’s going on with your friends’ music collections.

The best-kept secret of the Friends feature is using it to save your favorite stores and sellers on Discogs. If you keep them in your Friends list, you can visit them any time (anyone else bad at remembering names?), get that order through on the double, check what’s new in their inventory, or ask a question via message.

Where to find your Friends on Android

Find fellow Discoggers you’ve added as friends on your profile under your Collection and Wantlist. Tap on “View More” to access the Friends page.

In this view, you can …

  • Add more friends. Type their username in the username search bar and tap “Add.” (You can also use the main site navigation to search a username. Just make sure you’ve got the exact username or it won’t work).
  • View your Friends list and tap to see their profile.

  • Remove someone from your Friends list. (You can also do this on their profile page with the “-” icon).
  • View Friends’ public activity, like what they’ve added to their Collection/Wantlist or submitted to the database. You can click through to any release from that activity.

Tell us what you think!

Please note we’re currently trialing this Discogs feature for the Android app only; it’s not available for iOS. If you’re an iPhone user and you think you’d get a kick out of using this feature in the app, please let us know in the iOS app forums or email us at

We’d also like to hear from all you Android app users who have ve used this app. Tell us what you think in the Android App forums or at

Feature image by Roman Kraft.

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