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Your Questions Answered – Part One

Last month, Discogs was featured in the new German magazine for vinyl enthusiasts, Mint Magazin. When the magazine was published, we asked German speaking followers on our social media channels what questions they would like to ask us if they were interviewing us and they came up with a lot of interesting ones! We will answer a few in this blog, and if you have any yourself, please let us know in the comments so we can incorporate them in one of our next posts!

1. Will Discogs replace record shops, or will there always be a co-existence?

We hope there will always be a co-existence. Not everybody lives close to a record shop, and we want to give people the opportunity to discover and buy new music from wherever they are. Quite a few record shops actually use Discogs: Adding their inventory to the marketplace gives them a worldwide customer base. We will continue to support record shops around the world, for example by launching VinylHub, a worldwide user built database of record shops. 

2. How was the idea for Discogs conceived?

Discogs began as a hobby to catalog obscure techno and drum n bass music. You can read more in this blog and see how it has evolved since in this video: 

3. How many records change owners on Discogs every day?

If we look of last year’s Year End Report, we see that over 6.5 million releases changed hands. That would mean more than 18,000 releases are finding new homes on a daily basis.

4. Does Discogs have a record collection and if so, how big is it?

We don’t really have a big record collection in our office. However, all our staff members are big into music, so usually they bring in their favorites or new discoveries and give them a spin.

5. What is the most expensive record on Discogs?

You can easily find the most expensive records for sale by using our Marketplace sorting option. Currently, it is Billy Nicholls – “Would You Believe” but by the time you are reading this, that may have changed!

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6. In Germany, Discogs is on the list of indexed websites of Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons. Will you do something about that, or is the integrity and completeness of the catalog more important for you?

The integrity and completeness of the catalog is why we exist! Our goal is to catalog all of the music in the world, good or bad. The database is a living, breathing time-capsule. Looking back through different years of music you can see a snapshot of the world. Similar to how people learn the history of the world in pages of books; why not in grooves of records instead?

7. Is there any volunteer work at Discogs?

Indeed! We were really happy to have several volunteers helping out at our Crate Diggers events. We’ll be looking to expand on this in 2017, keep your eyes peeled!

8. Would Discogs like to establish HQ in other countries?

We currently also have an office in the Netherlands to better support our EU community members. For the rest of the world, time and markets will tell!

9. What was the first record in the Discogs Database?

First item in the database was added on 1 September 2000 from founder Kevin Lewandowski’s own collection, The Persuader – “Stockholm”. More stats like this one can be found over on our 15th Anniversary Page.

10. Have you thought of starting your own label, for example to reissue rare releases?

That could be fun! We did collaborate on two releases earlier this year for special events (Brian Ellis / XL Middleton – “M.F.F / The Fonk Is Unfadeable” and Egyptian Lover & Hotthobo – “Modern Funk Fest LA 2016”). But we’re a database first, so no plans for now to get in line at the record pressing plants.

If you have any questions for us, please let us know in the comments below!

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