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Your Questions Answered: Part Two

We have answered a few of the questions that came up last month in this previous blog, and now it’s time for part two! If there is anything you have been wondering about, just let us know in the comments and we’ll try to answer them in our next post.

1.Where does the name Discogs come from and will there be a Marketplace for gear?

Discogs is short for Discography. We’re currently evaluating the marketplace side of things for Gear. Make sure you’re signed up over on Gearogs to get notified when we’re up and running!

2. What record should not be missing from any collection?

That is, of course, a matter of taste and opinion, but let’s look at our database to answer this one: Looking at Discogs users’ Most Wanted and Most Collected releases, the answer would have to be Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon.

3. Do you prefer to buy your records online or in shops?

For most of the Discogs staff the answer is both. Sometimes it is really hard to find that one item you’re looking for in a record store, and it can be very rewarding to finally score it online from somewhere around the world. However, the experience of digging in a record store or at a record fair remains unique!

4. Do you think streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music or YouTube have a positive effect on the vinyl sales by giving customers easy access to music and music discovery?

Streaming services definitely are a huge piece to music discovery. Hearing something really impactful on a stream, will definitely urge people to look into it further. It’s about that tangible experience, owning that piece instead of just renting it. Using the YouTube links on the Discogs release pages is also an easy way to discover different versions of releases or different artists. 

5. What can we expect in the future? Will the site be developed further?

We’re constantly updating the site whether its bug fixes or new features. Check out our Engineering Updates to stay up to date on the latest. As for the future, we will continue to take feedback from the community and develop the best possible Discogs we can.

6. Could one imagine Discogs creating a new branch of Discogs dealing with merchandising or other collectibles, such as concert posters, T-shirts or autograph cards?

Thats a great idea! Have you seen our other “Ogs” sites? Gearogs, Bibliogs, Comicogs, and Filmogs? Merchogs has a nice kind of ring to it…

7. What does a job interview at Discogs look like? And where can I apply?

Check out our Jobs Page for the latest greatest positions. If we told you what the interview process was like, it would give you an unfair advantage over other candidates, so we’ll refrain from doing that.

8. Has Discogs planned to open their own store/warehouse?

Not on our agenda: we live to catalog all the music in the world. Besides, there’s plenty of folks selling music already!

9. What is the yearly turnover at Discogs?

Check out the 2015 Year End Report, it has all the information about last year’s Database and Marketplace results.

10. What records would you use as projectiles during a Zombie Apocalypse?

Solid Question. Dollar Bin 45s, they provide less drag than a 12″. Combined with the speed and amount which can be carried as ammunition, we should be able impact Zombie skulls at alarming speed!

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