Random*Source Serge Modular can be sold on Gearogs with no seller fees

Zero Seller Fees In Gearogs Marketplace, Better Payment Options And Site Features

The Gearogs marketplace has been heating up, with new pieces of equipment added to the database and listed for sale daily! If you’re not already familiar with Gearogs, it’s just like Discogs, but for gear. You can add your turntable, synth, mixer, or any other gear to the database, or buy and sell from the most eager and knowledgeable community of gearheads worldwide.

Gearogs is currently in Beta, meaning we’re continuously tweaking, implementing new features and improvements to the site. The best way for us to know how to move forward and create something that best serves the community is real-time testing by real users. We’re grateful for the feedback we’ve received so far and always appreciate hearing your thoughts. Today we’re happy to announce the following new things we’re putting into practice.

Zero Seller Fees!

We’re dropping seller fees for a limited time. Sell your turntable, amp, mixer – whatever – on Gearogs and you’ll pocket 100% of the proceeds! No more excuses for unloved equipment; make quick cash and find a new home for that gear that’s not getting the attention it deserves.

More Payment Options!

You can continue using PayPal, but no longer need a Business Account in order to do so. We’re also working on increasing payment options and hope to give you even more flexibility in the future.

Better Usability!

We’ve made some usability changes to make navigating Gearogs easier than ever. You’re just one click away from discovering new gear; contributing to the database, buying, or selling in the marketplace. You can also see the top categories of gear as soon as you land on the site.

Thanks for being part of the community, testing out Gearogs, and making your contributions to the database! Keep telling us what you think and we’ll keep working to give you what you want.

Sell your gear and take advantage of no seller fees on Gearogs now!

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