Introducing VinylHub

by rappcats

Vinyl Hub

Today we are very excited to announce our new website VinylHub. We appreciate all of the valuable comments/feedback/submissions we have received so far from those of you who participated in the private beta. The site is now available to all Discogs users.

As explained here, the mission of Discogs is to build the biggest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace online. A site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced and an international marketplace built off of that database. With VinylHub we are extending this mission to document every physical record shop on the planet. You, our amazing community members, can help us achieve this goal by documenting your favorite local and regional shops!

VinylHub currently offers an Explorer page that displays a map of all shops submitted to our database. All shops have a page similar to a release page which will include details such as hours of operation, phone numbers, links, photos, and even directions to the shop! We are continuing to work on even more helpful features that will be added over time.

Below you will see examples of the Explorer and shop pages:


Store Page

We look forward to hearing your feedback/suggestions after visiting some of these pages, please feel welcome to discuss all of this on the VinylHub forum.

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